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Chapter 219: 219
hapter 219: Another Person .

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In the afternoon, I packed my things and got on the car to the district board .

The four people were directly summoned by the district bureau chief, it was a short, fat man, about 45 years old . An army man, naturally revealing military power .

"The four of you actually took all the peach trade dens in Li Ren Town, not to mention the gangsters and hooligans on the border of the river, who are famous in the police station of the river . Well done, I admire young people like you, I'm Hou Zhijie . " Hou Zhijie said with a smile .

Hearing so, Liu Tieguo, Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu felt proud and high, like they came from the clouds . You know, this is the director of the regional bureau . And receiving the director's praise, this is better than hundreds of thousands of dollars on their body .

Xiao Luo is very calm, if he can, he doesn't want to deal with these operatives . If one can sit in the position of district bureau chief, then he's definitely an old fox, shrewd, and one cannot see through him .

"The only purpose of transferring you to the regional bureau is to let you destroy the underground drug network in Guangming District . "

Hou Zhijie cut to the chase and said, "Before that, I'd like to introduce you to a person who will join you and work with you on the case . "

"Knock knock ~"

At this moment, the office door was knocked and then pushed open . A man with a firm face and bright eyes came in .

"Speak of the devil, here he is . Let me introduce you . "

Hou Zhijie came out from behind his desk and pointed his palm at the man who came in . "He is Wang Yongjia, the head of the narcotics squad of our district bureau . He has been tracking and attacking the underground drug network in Guangming District, so he knows the situation in Guangming District very well, and guiding you with him is definitely getting twice the result with half the effort . "

"Yong Jia, they are the four courageous and knowledgeable young people who took over the peach trade dens in Li Ren Town; Xiao Luo, Liu Tieguo, Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu!"

"Hello, welcome to the district board!"

Wang Yongjia smiled and said hello to Xiao Luo .

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Liu Tieguo immediately kowtowed to him and said, "Hello, Wang Yongjia . We heard about your name when we were in Li Ren Police Station . Today, when we saw you, you are indeed a talented person with a grand appearance . "

"Right, right, upright, extraordinary!" Wang Lihu echoed aloud .

"Not only is he extraordinary, he is simply amazing . A man of indomitable spirit . " Ye Qiu said .

Although they are not as good at flattery as Ma Bijin, proper flattery is more or less necessary .

Wang Yongjia just shook his head and smiled at their words, somewhat helpless .

Xiao Luo is quietly watching him, from Hou Zhijie's words, he recognized a layer of meaning . The task force of five people, this Wang Yongjia is in absolute leadership position, and yet this is not the most important, the most important is, this Wang Yongjia will be sent to monitor him, he doesn't believe Gu QianLin won't have any action, if Wang Yongjia is to collect evidence of his illegal crime, it would have to be prevented .



Leaving the director's office, Xiao Luo ran into an acquaintance .

Dressed in police uniform . Smart eyes, cold expression, a beautiful face, skin that's jade-like white, and delicate face, it's none other than, Gu QianXue .

"Why are you here? Are you a JC here?"

Xiao Luo was slightly surprised, this simple girl is like a blank sheet of paper that left a deep impression in his mind .

Gu Qianxue nodded: "My sister asked me to be here . "


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Xiao Luo suddenly realized . After all her sister is a JC so it makes sense that she can transfer at will .

"Xiao Gu, do you know each other?" Wang Yongjia asked curiously .

"Wang Yongjia, we came from the same training camp, of course we know each other . "

Liu Tieguo looked at Gu Qianxue and said, "Gu Xiaomei, we will be colleagues in the future . "

Gu QianXue just glanced at him lightly, then looked away and her eyes fell on Xiao Luo again .

"Why do you always stare at me?" Xiao Luo was uncomfortable .

"Because you look good . " Gu QianXue said seriously .


Wang Yongjia felt that the relationship between the two people was very subtle . You know, Gu Qianxue basically did not take the initiative to talk to people since she came here . She was as cold as an iceberg . Yet she changed completely when she saw Xiao Luo . He gave a dry cough with a good sense: "You talk first . We'll go out for a dinner together at night and get familiar with each other!"

Saying so, and he patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder, smiled and walked away .

"Chief, we'll wait for you outside . "

The three people also smiled quite profoundly and left with a word .

Xiao Luo was in distress, he felt he had been misunderstood .

"I'll go too . " Gu Qianxue suddenly spoke .

"Where to?"

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"Dinner at night . "

Xiao Luo shook his head: "it's not my treat, it's not very good, why don't you ask captain Wang?"

"I'm going . "

Gu QianXue's tone was firm, he clever eyes unblinkingly looked at Xiao Luo . Since she came to the district board, she doesn't even have a real friend, being here is very strange to her .

Xiao Luo's arrival made her feel more secure, just like when she was in training camp . She was initially insecure until she met Xiao Luo . It was like a little girl would depend on an adult who trusted her . She was dependent on Xiao Luo .



The night wind is very cold, after all, it is already winter .

Wang Yongjia ordered a mid-range restaurant for dinner . The environment was not bad and the style was western .

Sitting down in the box, Wang Yongjia warmly called Xiao Luo as the host and ordered their dishes . He didn't have any dignity as the captain of the anti-drug team . It made people feel he's very kind and had no sense of distance .

"Let Gu Xiaomei do it, ladies first . " Liu Tieguo was a gentlemanly person and handed the task of ordering dishes to Gu Qianxue .

Gu QianXue won't be polite to him, he bring the menu, and read up one by one .

"This, this, this, I also want this!"

As soon as she saw the picture of meat, she ordered nine dishes in the blink of an eye .

Wang Yongjia looked embarrassed . He could see clearly that the nine dishes were all specialty dishes of this restaurant . They were very expensive . The total cost had exceeded 400 . He was a little worried that he would not have enough money to pay the bill because Gu Qianxue had no tendency to stop at all . The thick menu was only halfway through .

"This I also want this, and this . . . "

GU QianXue know so much worldly wisdom, besides, she never lack money to spend, naturally she has no habit of considering the price .

"Almost enough, enough to eat!"

Xiao Luo coughed to remind her, he was really afraid that Gu Qianxue would order all the meat dishes .

Gu Qianxue raised her head and looked at him with bitterness: "Not enough . "

"That's enough . "

Xiao Luo made eyes at her, which meant that it was not his treat today and she can't order so many . Doesn't it look like he deliberately came to kill Wang Yongjia?

"Not enough!" Gu Qianxue still insisted .

Xiao Luo earnestly urged, "That's enough . "

"Not enough!" Gu Qianxue replied .

The two people looked actually looked like a sketch staged by Uncle Zhao, "Not Bad for Money . "

"It's okay . It's okay . Xiao Gu can order whatever else she wants . "

In order to show his generosity, Wang Yongjia said cheerfully . However, when he saw Gu Qianxue burying her head in the list like a child playing with a reading machine, the smile on his face immediately turned into a wry smile .

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