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Chapter 218

A vigorous campaign against pornography and illegal publications has made the name Xiao Luo widely known in all major police stations, regional bureaus and even the general administration . Many JC's are eager to see Xiao Luo and see if Xiao Luo has superhuman powers . It is simply unbelievable that only four people can arrest more than 200 people .

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In a villa in Guangming District, in the antique study, there are rows of bookshelves and expensive rare tea sets on the table .

No one would have thought that such a unique place, like a place for scholars to study, would be owned by Long Sankui, the leader of the Dragon Gang .

At this moment, Long Sankui is standing in front of the desk, holding a writing brush and writing the word "endure" in earnest . However, the news brought by cold face made his face more and more ugly . At last, he threw the writing brush on the ground and smashed the desk . He shouted angrily: "Son of a b*tch, that little rotten boy became a JC and took over all your industry?"

Dressed in a suit and spotless, cold face gives a person a particularly clean appearance but currently he's revealing a bit of uneasiness and lowers his voice to say: "Yes . . . "

"Motherf*cker, in this case, that's no wonder I don't give Chu YunXiong face, you immediately bring someone tonight, kill that little sh*t . "  Long Sankui loudly scolded .

"Long Ye, this is not right . Xiao Luo is a JC now . If we openly killed a JC . The consequences could be very serious . "  Black wolf, who has always been quiet, said with a straight face . His black suit made him look extremely cold .

"Can't openly, can't you do it quietly?"

Long Sankui shouted grimly at cold face, "Put a mask on, I'll give you a hundred elite . Bring the little rotten boy's head to me tonight . "

"Yes, Long Ye!"

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Cold face affirmed, he turned to leave .

Black Wolf feel some things are wrong, after all, they haven't really grasp the strength of Xiao Luo clearly . But now that Long Ye has said so, he is not in the position to say anything .

In fact, Long Sankui was enraged . Xiao Luo not only destroyed his gambling house, but also eliminated his yellow industry . In addition, he also had the business of children begging . What saddened him most was his taste buds, which were the springboard he used to wash white . However, he failed before the springboard could play its role . All of these were related to Xiao Luo .

So, Xiao Luo is a thorn in his side, he's very anxious to pull it out immediately, naturally unbearable!



Feng Yuqi sat in the office seat with a long face, he could not even drink tea .

The instructor sighed, "this is too much for the district board . Is it not obvious they're robbing people?!"

"When in the position say so, we have to obey . "

Feng yuqi sighed lightly, "alas . . . . . . It's my miscalculation . Before, I only wanted to face them with a long face, and neglected the quarrel they would have with us . It was quite unpleasant to think about it . Xiao Luo is a sharp sword and can still shine and heat in our institute . Now I wish I could run to the district board and become the trump card for some people to render meritorious service . "

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As if about to lose a treasure, his mood is depressed .

"Go ahead and call those four boys in . There's nothing you can do about it . "

The Instructor in accordance with the words, went out . Not long after, Xiao Luo, Liu Tieguo, Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu; the four people came in .

Feng yuqi cleared his throat and said: "listen, you four, there will be a car from the regional bureau to pick you up this afternoon . From now on, you will be the members of the regional bureau . "


Liu Tieguo, Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu all thought that they had heard voices . They're going the district board?  From the police station's auxiliary police to the district board, this . . . . . . this progress is too fast?

Xiao Luo was just slightly startled, but did not had much mood change .

"Director, when we get to the district board, are we still auxiliary police?"  Liu Tieguo hurriedly asked .

"There is no auxiliary police in the district board . You will all become full members . "  Feng Yuqi said impatiently .

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Hearing this, Liu Tieguo and Wang Lihu cheered . This is a confirmation, which means that they are officially police from now on . How can this make people not excited or happy?

"Can we not go?"

Just as they were immersed in joy, Xiao Luo suddenly asked .

Liu Tieguo immediately froze, confused, looked at him .

"Chief, this is a good thing . Why don't you go?"

"Yes, it is my dream to work in the district board . "

Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu frowned and expressed their deep incomprehension .

Xiao Luo didn't answer them, but in his mind he's always a little upset, he feels he's being targeted by a big shot in the police station, especially after he made such a big noise, but Gu QianLin incredibly didn't even come to ask, this is too abnormal, this very not conform to the woman's temperament .

Feng yuqi looked at him for a while and answered his question: "no, this is a direct order from the district bureau chief . Unless you quit, you can only follow the order and report to the district bureau . "

"Everyone in the police station wants to go there, Xiao Luo . Can you tell me why you don't want to go?" The Instructor dribbling .

Xiao Luo thought for a moment and found a reason casually . He smiled, "Because I have all my feelings for us and going to a strange environment, I'm afraid I can't adapt to it . "

"You boy go to the district board . The four of you, just add another one more member and form a special task force to deal with the drug trade in the interior of Guangming District . "  Feng Yuqi said .

Xiao Luo's nerves were very sensitive and he asked, "Why us?  Is there no more suitable person in the district board for this job? "

"Chief, do you still need to say this? It must be because the Regional Bureau saw that we could capture more than 200 people and affirmed our ability to work . That was the reason for the exceptional support . "  Wang lihu laughed .

Feng yuqi said to Xiao Luo, "sometimes I think you boy is quite smart, sometimes I think you have something in your head . Look, even Wang lihu knows the reason, but you still have to ask why, isn't this stupid?"

"Because I firmly believe that if pie falls from the sky, there will be traps on the ground . "  Xiao Luo said seriously .

"Where do you get so many dark thoughts in your heart!"

Feng Yuqi scolded, then earnestly said, "Pat your chest, I loudly tell you, you can relax your heart . There will be no trap .   Besides, I'm the one in the district board's pit this time . You are all our talents . As a result, they all dug it out, leaving behind some crooked melon and cracked jujube . In the future, I don't want to come up with any big things . I can only deal with some trivial civil disputes . "

These words can satisfy Liu Tieguo, Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu's vanity . They are also talented people in the eyes of the director . Unconsciously, they held their chests high .

Xiao Luo didn't say a word, he can only pay more attention as he walks .

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