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Chapter 217: 217
hapter 217: Mr X .

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Xiao Luo without words, struck a foot to MA Bijin with monarch-like strength .

Ma Bijin rolled to the ground like a ball, his teeth gnawed his tongue, blood flowed through his mouth quickly, and a spate of blood ran down the corners of his mouth .

"Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu, cuff him!" Xiao Luo pointed to him .


Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu, like two iron soldiers, went up to help Ma Bijin up and handcuffed him .

"Xiao Luo, what are you doing?"

Ma Bijin shouted loudly with his eyes wide open, "why cuff me? What makes you handcuff me? "

"Feng Zhiqiang confessed that his wife, Ms . Xin, also took part in the activities of coercing women to sell or engage in prostitution . You released a criminal suspect . Now, what do you think I am doing?" Xiao Luo sneered .

Hearing this, Ma Bijin was struck by lightning . He just didn't like Xiao Luo's strength in the institute . His heart was even more unbalanced to Xiao Luo's turn . He stood up and fought against Xiao Luo . Besides, he let Ms . Xin go in accordance with the regulations and was reasonable . Therefore, he was not afraid of Xiao Luo . He was even confident enough to see Xiao Luo beaten . But as a result, he dug a hole for himself .

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He didn't expect that woman was a criminal!

He poured out a cold sweat all over his body and lowered his posture to compensate with a smile: "Mistake . . . misunderstanding, Xiao Xiong, I didn't know she was involved in the activities of coercing . If I knew, I wouldn't . . . "

Xiao Luo waved his hand and interrupted: "Go to the court and talk to the presiding judge . Lock him up!"

Wang Lihu took the order and gave Ma Bijin a push . He said with a smile: "Ma Bijin, why are you still standing there? Let's go . You should know the way . You don't need us do you?"

"Jumping about in peacetime, my head is too lazy to take a reason from you . " Ye Qiu cast aside coldly .

"Two hundred and fifty!" Wang Lihu cold .

Ma Bijin wasn't calm at this time . His heart was frantic and his cold sweat poured down like a waterfall . He rushed to Xiao Luo and said, "I am innocent . I really didn't know that Ms . Xin was also involved in the illegal activities . . . "

Wang Lihu hit him on the neck with a knife hand and immediately knocked him out .

"He's really noisy . It seems I can only use force . "

With a one-handed grasp, he directly pulled up Ma Bijin towards the direction of the detention center, he don't need the help of Ye Qiu, Wang Lihu is enough .

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Hiss ~

The rest of the people in the room gasped, looking at Xiao Luo with eyes full of awe . While those with relationship with Ma Bijin is scared and trembling, they have deep fear that they will be involved .



"What? All the peach trading dens in Li Ren town have been taken away? Li Ren police station did it . When did Feng Yuqi have such an ability? "

"It is said that it was a police, and with three auxiliary police officers, he arrested over 200 illegal personnel who forced women to sell and commit prostitution . The leader is Feng Zhiqiang, a hall owner of the Dragon Gang . "

"Well done, this can be said to be a heavy blow to the black forces of Jiang city, by the way, what is the name of the police? What position? "

"This . . . is not clear . "

"Check, I want to see his details in half an hour . "

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After hearing the news that Feng Zhiqiang, a huge criminal gang leader, was taken away, the head of the district bureau of Guangming District was so excited that he started spitting . You know, the district bureau of Li Ren Town has been watching the peach trade for more than days . It's almost two years now . He had been dreaming of wiping out these dirty things .

However, the water was too deep, and the bureau had hidden spies from the other side . Each time the police were deployed to carry out the crackdown, the other side always got the news in advance . Therefore, he had long characterized this as a protracted war, but he did not expect victory to come so suddenly .



In Jiang administration office, a middle-aged man in uniform with both hands standing in front of the balcony, temples pale, posture straight as a mountain giving a person integrity . He is Jiang administration director, Fan Changlong, concurrently vice mayor of Jiang, a high position .

For a long time, he suddenly turned around and smiled at Gu Qianlin standing in front of his desk . "This Xiao Luo is quite interesting . He is a good fighter against crimes and is a rare talent . If it weren't for your previous report, I would have been kept in the dark . Who can believe that a high-flying company boss would commit himself to JC?"

Gu Qianlin nodded slightly: "His purpose is already obvious, that is, to use JC's identity to crack down on Long Sankui's black industry . "

"Your report said that he first collided with the dragon gang three months ago . He saved a little girl who was controlled by the dragon gang to beg . After that, he had a series of conflicts with the dragon gang . Even in the September 11 and February 2 incidents, he was seriously suspected, followed by Fang Changlei; the taste buds, and finally a girl named Sun Yu . Am I right?" Fan Changlong said .

"Yes, all of these, Xiao Luo is a major suspect, but I can't find any evidence pointing to him every time . Sometimes, some things are so clear and we can be sure that he did so, but the result always proves that it has nothing to do with him . but my intuition tells me that he is the leader of this series of events . Even the demise of the" red scorpion mercenary group "is very likely to be done by him . He must be the" Mr X "we have been looking for . " Gu QianLin said surely .

The so-called "Mr . X" refers to the mysterious criminal who led to the demise of the "Red Scorpion Mercenary Group" and the September 11 and February 2 incidents . Gu Qianlin has been searching for it . In the process of searching, Xiao Luo gradually stepped into her field of vision .

"I know that before there is no evidence, I should not use subjective judgment to confirm the identity of' Mr x', but I will definitely find out eventually . "

"Of course, this Mr . X has to be found out, but it's not that Xiao Luo is in no hurry to come to a conclusion at this time . He dares to challenge the biggest black power in the river city just for the sake of a girl . This Xiao Luo is a kind man . "

Fan Changlong said in a loud voice, "Didn't he want to attack the Dragon Gang? I'll give him this stage to see if he has this ability . "

"Director, you . . . "

Gu QianLin got a fright, thinking Fan Changlong was crazy . Xiao Luo is likely to be Mr . X, but he incredibly still gave more power to Mr . X, is he not afraid of the situation to the point of unmanageable?

Fan Changlong interrupted with a wave of his hand and sat back on the soft chair: "If you want to find evidence to prove that he is Mr . X . You have to let him do what he wants . If you can erase the dragon gang and find this Mr . X, this is killing two birds with one stone . In addition, you should have seen old K . Old K let him do what he wants . This Xiao Luo will be the bane of Long Sankui . "

Gu Qianlin calmed down slowly: "Old K, will his life be in danger?"

"it is impossible to be a secret agent without danger, let alone lurking around Mr X" Fan Changlong shook his head, quite helpless .

In Gu QianLin's mind, she's suddenly reminded of the underground parking lot where He Ruanliang, the hospital director, was killed . Mr X is cruel and cold-blooded, the thought of this picture, she involuntarily shivered .

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