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Chapter 216
hapter 216: You Let Go .

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Feng Zhiqiang knows how to play psychological warfare, but Xiao Luo knows the field even better .

He pointed his pistol at Feng Zhiqiang and shouted, "Feng Zhiqiang, have the courage to stand up and don't just call up irrelevant men to die!"

Feng Zhiqiang bit his teeth and suddenly kicked one of his men, attracting Xiao Luo's attention . Then he took out the pistol behind him with a "whoosh" and pointed the gun at Xiao Luo .

"Go to hell, you brain-dead thing!"

"Bang Bang ~"

Two shots were fired in an instant, and the bullets roared and tore through the space .

Xiao Luo's martial arts although high, he can't be faster than the speed of the bullet . Besides, Wang Lihu and the others is behind him, even if he can dodge he can't do such a thing, otherwise the ones behind would be the one killed . At the same time when Feng zhiqiang shot, he also fired two shots .

"Bang Bang ~"

Xiao Luo's two bullets incredibly hit Feng Zhiqiang's bullets and accurately intercepted it in the air . The collision resulted to the four bullets instantly collapsing into powder .

"Bang ~"

Xiao Luo took the lead in the third shot, the chamber of the bullet tore through the heavy space, hitting Zhiqiang's chest, specifically his heart . For him, this is what in the f*ck, he is naturally unwilling to end up like this .

"Poof ~"

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Feng Zhiqiang's nose and mouth spurted blood, his gun fell to the ground, his fat body fell two or three meters back and stood up under the help of several of his men .

"Not dead?"

Xiao Luo's eyes narrowed slightly, and he looked puzzled . Then he saw the black vest in Feng Zhiqiang's torn clothes and suddenly realized, "it turned out that he was wearing a bulletproof vest, he was fully prepared . "

Feng Zhiqiang cried out in pain: "He is out of bullets, chop him to death, chop him to death quickly! ! !”

His eyes shone maliciously, he's very anxious to swallow Xiao Luo whole .


More than two hundred people heard this sentence, likewise more than two hundred hungry wolves rushed towards Xiao Luo, without the fear of bullets, they have no scruples .

The long been ready Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu burst up with a roar, Wang Lihu took a man's bat, he shook it off the man's hand and with brute force he swung, the man immediately fell on the ground after being hit .

Ye Qiu does not need weapons . His hands are enough to kill .

The iron hand of the eagle claw was fiercely dancing, and his fingers were tearing with terror at this group of dragon gang members, dancing up a bloody track all over the sky . One member after another screamed and fell to the ground . The wound torn apart by the fingers was extremely painful, and their shrieks were extremely shrill .

Xiao Luo crazily rushed, shaking his right hand as it spun out, he suddenly bombarded to the front of a person's chest . The impact like angry waves surging, collapsed the man's ribs . The fresh heart under the action of strength had bone stubble moments making it burst .

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"Poof ~"

Thick blood gushed out from the mouth . The poor guy, as if hit by a locomotive, flew upside down directly and severely hit his five companions who rushed up behind him .

His body heavily bombarded on them, in a series of "crack" and shrieks, their arms broken, blood shot, then all were littered to the ground .

The outbreak of terror shook the whole place!

Feng Zhiqiang's men changed faces, the impact of the momentum is also strong .

Liu Tieguo's strength is the worst, but Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu and Xiao Luo have attracted most of the firepower . He still has the ability to protect himself, and he wants to go further . Taking advantage of his weak sense of existence, he carefully grabbed the pistol that Feng Zhiqiang dropped to the ground . However soft his fist was, he had to control this deadly hot weapon in his own hands to be safe .

The dragon gang members holding Zhang Zhiwuang in their arms were horrified . Looking at the figures of the three, their eyes trembled violently, and their heart said: are they human beings or monsters?

Feng Zhiqiang was seriously injured . Although he was wearing a bulletproof vest, the huge impact of the bullet acted on him, causing his insides to shake as painfully as he moved .

He shouted out with difficulty: "Quick . . . quick find my gun . . . get it back, quick!"


When one of the men heard this, his eyes searched the ground .

Liu Tieguo, however, was one step ahead of them . He picked up the gun that had fallen in the corner of the street and rushed over quickly . He looked closely at Feng Zhiqiang and announced loudly: "Feng Zhiqiang, you are under arrest!"

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As soon as he finished speaking, he fired a shot into the air .

"Bang ~"

The deterrent effect of gunfire will never be out of date . Originally, a group of people in atrix stopped in a flash .

"Put down your arms and crouch down with your heads, you are all under arrest!" Liu Tieguo shouted in a forceful voice .

They have long been with Xiao Luo, Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu's skill scared silly . After seeing Feng Zhiqiang control the situation, all the resistance dispersed, they've even discarded their weapons .


Wang Lihu applauded Liu Tieguo, who was cut several times and bleeding .

Ye Qiu also laughed . His fingers were full of flesh and blood of the dragon gang members, he was good at tearing people apart . He was also injured . His back and shoulders were all cut with machetes .

However, Xiao Luo did not suffer any injuries . Although his police uniform was stained with blood, it was all blood from the dragon gang members .



More than 200 people plus Feng Zhiqiang were all arrested and returned to the police station . There were not so many handcuffs so they were tied with ropes .

That night, all the members of the institute were working overtime and began to detain more than 200 people .

The four of them took Feng Zhiqiang's peach trade to the pan with one shot, which shocked a bunch of people in the Li Ren police station . You know, criminals of this grade, theoretically only the regional bureau can chew their meat . But the regional bureau couldn't even get it done, but they got it done . It's unbelievable!

"I'll see if those guys dare to bury us again . "

Feng Yuqi was very happy . He felt that this time he had finally breathed a sigh of relief . He not only attacked the dragon gang forces in their jurisdiction, but also made a big contribution to the regional bureau and the general administration, earning enough face .

The Instructor didn't speak, as he's immersed in shock to the event .



Xiao Luo returned to the institute, only to find that Feng Zhiqiang's wife was no longer in the detention room . Only after asking did he know that she had been released by Ma Bijin .

"Did you let her go?"

Xiao Luo walked to the front of him, a pair of eyes staring at him coldly .

Looking at Xiao Luo's whole body covered with blood, like a bloody shura, Ma Bijjn involuntarily shivered: "you . . . what are you doing? You . . . You - don't fool around . . . This is the police station . . . "

"Let me ask you again, did you let the woman go?" Xiao Luo's tone increased .

"Yes . . . I let her go . She just gathered a crowd to make trouble and there was no major bloodshed . One day's detention is enough . I let her go in accordance with the regulations, I have a clear conscience!" Ma Bijin tried to calm down and defend himself .

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