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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:15:07 AM
Chapter 202
hapter 202: Call for Help .

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"Yes, they are all good prospects . You should work hard and build up achievements . When the time comes, I'll apply for confirmation for you!"

In the Li Ren police station, a man in his 30s was cheerfully talking to Xiao Luo, Liu Tieguo and Ma Bijin, who were reported to be coming . He was Feng Yuqi, director of the Li Ren police station . He was a tall man with a resolute face and a noble spirit all over his body .

The police station, plus him, there are more than 20 people, though the official JC are less than five, and the rest are all auxiliary police . The official JC's here are older, they have no desire to climb, and are ready to spend the last few days of their JC career here, and then retire and lay-off, enjoying their twilight years .

"Director, report, we are at loggerheads with evil and will definitely fight against crimes to the end!" Ma Bijin's voice clearly expressed his determination .

Not to be outdone, Liu Tieguo also added: "Yes, we'll resolutely fight against illegal crimes to the end!"

Xiao Luo didn't speak, he didn't bother to say such cliches, now he is an auxiliary police, all that matters is that he can now launch a blow to the dragon gang .

"It is very good that you have such a determination, but if you want to crack down on crime, as JC, you shouldn't be afraid of things first . As long as you meet with those who break the law, you should catch them, and you should never forget that the country is our strongest backing . No one can surpass the country . " Feng Yuqi gratified .


Ma Bijin responded loudly .

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As a newcomer, there is a senior auxiliary police officer taking care of him .

The auxiliary police who arranged to take Xiao Luo is a big brother of about 30 years old, whose name is Sun Haoze . He has been here for six or seven years . It can be said that he knows all about the distribution of forces and people in this area .

When night came, Sun Haoze and Xiao Luo rode motorcycles in parallel to patrol the responsible area . he earnestly told Xiao Luo: "the biggest black force in the bright area is the dragon gang . Their industries are almost all over the bright area; casinos, hotels, entertainment cities, red light areas . . . etc . the area we are responsible for is mainly the red light area of the dragon gang, which is managed by the custodian of the dragon gang, cold face!"

"Selling and prostitution should be forbidden by the state . Since we know that there is a red-light district, why not take it out directly?" Xiao Luo asked with a frown .

Sun haoze sighed: "there is light and there is darkness in this world . if there is no darkness, how can there be light? for example, the relationship between JC and these black forces, justice and evil are everlasting . There is not a single corner in the world that is pure justice and there is not a single place that is pure evil . As JC, we probably shouldn't say such words, but this is the reality .

Therefore, don't try to eliminate evil . Personally, I think JC's duty is to maintain the balance between justice and evil . As long as we or the other party break this balance, they will be punished . "

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"I don't understand . " Xiao Luo didn't expect an auxiliary police had so much knowledge .

Sun Haoze smiled, patted him on the shoulder and said: "you just have to remember that these red-light areas can't move so you turn a blind eye . Only in this way can the auxiliary police eat their bowl of rice safely . "

"I see!"

Xiao Luo nodded . In fact, he didn't listen at all . His purpose when he decided to be an auxiliary police was to destroy the dragon gang's industry . Since the dragon gang's industry in this area is a red-light district, he naturally won't let it go .

In order to keep the newcomer Xiao Luo out of trouble, Sun Haoze also took him to a red light block where the dragon gang is located .

The so-called red light block is not really lit in red light, on the contrary, it has a dim lighting . It's a hundreds of meters long alley, the environment is dirty and messy . It is full of abandoned life, stolen goods, and on both sides of the alley, every other distance stood a dressed waist flower show girl . Showing their thighs despite the cold weather; wearing short skirts, the concave and convex of their figures makes people infinite daydream .

"This is only one of them . I'll show you the other two . Our small auxiliary police will not go to these three places and let those JC with formal establishment handle it . " Sun Haoze told .

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and followed him to the next red-light district .

But at this moment, he suddenly heard a shrill scream behind him, and then with a "bang", ran out of the street a woman, although with thick makeup on her face, but everybody knew at a glance that her age is not big, up to 20 years old .

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She fell to the ground, with a big footprint on her back . Apparently she was knocked to the ground by a kick . Her pretty face twisted painfully . Three to five big fellow stormed up and set her up from the ground .

One of them had a ferocious face, punched her in the stomach, and then severely grabbed her by the hair and shouted, "You dare to run away, do you know what place this is . When you come here, you have to give this boss a good chance to make money!"

The woman howled in pain and shouted "help", which is a desperate cry that stings people's souls .

"Let's go, stop looking . " Sun Haoze sighed, helpless .

Xiao Luo said: "that woman was obviously forced . Forced prostitution had severe punishment even in ancient times . Hao ge, are you sure you don't care?"

Sun haoze stared: "Care? How? If we get involved in this matter . Maybe our family will suffer next . "

"Somebody has to help!"

Xiao Luo got off the motorcycle . From controlling the children to beg, deliberately torturing the children to be inhuman to gain sympathy, to the present situation of forced prostitution . What the dragon gang has done is outrageous, he never thinks he is a good man, but with Sun Yu's experience, it let him completely rooted to the dragon gang, he does not believe that this evil force cannot be destroyed .

"Xiao Luo . . . "

Sun Haoze wanted to shout but is too late, he had to keep up with him, and prevent Xiao Luo make things out of control .

Xiao Luo shouted directly at the five big fellow, "let her go!"

They turned and looked at him in surprise .

The woman seemed to see the dawn of hope and cried for help .

One of the big fellow with a scar on his face said coldly, "Dead cop, there is nothing for you to do here, stop messing around!" When it became clear that Xiao Luo was wearing an auxiliary police uniform, he laughed scornfully . "It was just an auxiliary police, boy, looks like you're new here, didn't the guy who brought you here tell you that you have to turn a blind eye?"

"Excuse me, I am a JC . You are suspected of forcing women to sell their or commit adultery . I arrest you according to the law . You have the right to remain silent, but everything you say will be used as evidence in court!" Xiao Luo took out handcuffs .

Hearing this, the five burst into laughter .

Scarface laughed mockingly: "Boy, you've watched too many TV plays . 'You have the right to remain silent . ' Idiot, you're making movies for this boss!"

"Ha, ha, ha, ha . . . "

The others laughed heartily .

[at this point the MC probably have PTSD from what happened to Sun Yu]

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