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Chapter 201
hapter 201: He is a demon .

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Since the shooting match between Xiao Luo and Gu Qian Xue, the following events such as obstacle race, rock climbing, etc . also started a competition . Not to mention the preparation of auxiliary police, even Yan Wang and Feng zi Xiao were deeply shocked by the strength shown by these two guys .

The obstacle race is as fast as flying, and the rock climbing seven or eight meters high is just as easy as climbing stairs . They're simply monsters . It is polite to say that Xiao Luo and Gu Qianxue are the most horrible students they have ever taken .

The half-month special training is actually not long, strictly speaking, it is very short . After the final examination, a group of people will bid farewell to this place full of soil and sweat . Although people hates this place extremely, a kind of inexplicable sadness arises when they really leave .

"After going out, don't bear grudges against me and the old Feng . Strict training is also for you to walk more stably on the road of auxiliary police . After all, life is only one thing for everyone and is especially precious . You went out from here . Then I don't want to hear who became martyrs later . Martyrs are glorious, but living is the most important thing!"

Yan Wang's iron-law voice sounded . For the first time, everyone felt that the voice was so pleasant, not harsh at all, and even friendly .

"Yan Instructor, I'm so sorry!"

Liu Tieguo went up to say goodbye to Yan Wang .

Yan Wang kicked him out of the way without hesitation, scolding him: "Liu tieguo, in the result of the examination you were the last one . This boss disliked you most . So, roll as far as you can . "

"Ha, ha, ha, ha . . . "

Looking at Liu Tieguo, who fell like a fart and like a wild goose in the sand, a bunch of auxiliary policemen couldn't help laughing .

After laughing, their mood became very heavy . They did not give up on this training camp like Liu Tieguo . They did not give up on Yan Wang and Feng Zi . They did not give up on everyone .

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A female auxiliary police officer blushed and finally choked up . She said, "Yan Instructor and Feng Instructor, we will come back to see you later . "

"Yes, we will come back here as soon as we have time . "

"This will always be our home . "

"Yan instructor, you must take good care of yourself!"

The others echoed it aloud .

Xiao Luo also had inexplicable irritability at this time, twisting his head to see . He found Gu QianXue m with her clever eyes unblinkingly staring at himself, out of politeness, he replied with a smile, and Gu QianXue, change the usual cold posture, she bulged her cheeks like puffer fish, and made a face .

"Well, don't be too melodramatic, get out of here and report back to your respective police stations!" Yan Wang gave the marching orders and went on being melodramatic with these people . He was afraid that he would lose his appearance .

Let's go!

A bunch of reserve auxiliary police officers are walking towards the gate of the training camp at a neat pace . With longing for the future and nostalgia for the training camp, they are about to begin their career as auxiliary police officers .


Just as they walked to the front of the gate, behind them came a loud and penetrating voice from Yan Wang .

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When they looked back, they saw Yan Wang and feng zi Xiao standing upright and giving them a standard police salute . In the sun, they were like two benchmarks, standing up against the wind, indescribably spirited .

"Go ahead and fight crime; Never back down, uphold justice! " Everyone subconsciously shouted out the slogan of the training camp .



Xiao Luo and Liu Tieguo were both assigned to the Li Ren police station, as was another extremely annoying guy, Ma Bijin .

When leaving the training camp, a black SUV drove up and stopped in front of Gu Qianxue . The car door opened and Gu Qianlin, dressed in police uniform, came down .

"Elder sister . . . "

Gu Qianxue, like a child who has done something wrong, bowed her head and did not dare to look straight into Gu Qianlin's eyes .

"Get on the car!"

Gu Qianlin's face was sullen . Obviously, she was quite displeased with her sister's recruitment of auxiliary police .

"I will go with you after I say hello to someone . "

"Well, I'll give you three minutes . " Gu QianLin said lightly .

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Gu QianXue nodded, turned and ran towards Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo thought he could avoid Gu Qianlin . But when he saw Gu Qianxue running, he knew he couldn't .

Sure enough, Gu QianLin looked at him, she was stunned .

"Xiao Luo, why are you here?" She spoke one step ahead of Gu QianXue, with a questioning tone in her words .

Gu Qianxue blinked her beautiful eyes: "Do you know each other?"

"I have known your sister for a long time . "

Xiao Luo smiled and said hello to Gu Qianlin . "Long time no see, Officer Gu!"

Looking at his harmless smile, Gu QianLin really wanted to get angry . In Huangtian Las Vegas, this guy treated her like a monkey, and also hurt her to recuperate in hospital for a while . It was absolutely impossible for her not to hate .

"What are you doing here?" Gu QianLin couldn't wait to see through Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo smiled and said: "You should see that your sister and I are wearing the same uniform, which means I am also an auxiliary . "

"You want to be an auxiliary?"

Gu QianLin sneered, as Luo Fang's big boss, worth six or seven hundred million, you committed to be an auxiliary police, are you telling jokes?

Xiao Luo nodded: "Yes, I am suddenly very interested in fighting crime . "

Finished saying that, he chatted with Gu QianXue, then left with Liu Tieguo, there is no need to tangle with Gu QianLin here .

Gu QianLin somewhat(?) understand, this Xiao Luo wants to deal with the dragon gang, black forces such as dragon gang is the goal of their administration . But the dragon gang's crime is very secretive, and the core members of the dragon gang never personally involved in the crime . Even the crime itself, the technique is quite clever, they don't leave any evidence .

And she also learned from the news, half a month ago, the two dharma protectors of the dragon gang, cold leopard and great ape, died . The cause of the death of great ape was unknown, while cold leopard was killed by a car falling from the roof of more than ten floors . What is puzzling is that there was no passage for a car to drive up the roof . So on how the car that killed cold leopard got up is still an unsolved mystery .

The most suspicious person is Xiao Luo, but she can't imagine how this guy did it .

"Xiao Luo, I will find you when I have time . " Gu Qianxue cried towards Xiao Luo's figure .

"Don't go looking for him!" Gu Qianlin warned .

Gu Qianxue blinked her beautiful eyes and asked puzzled, "Why?"

"He is a demon who kills people without blinking an eye . Maybe now there is no evidence . But once there is evidence, I will arrest him immediately . I don't care what kind of interaction you had with him in training camp, but from now on, you must draw a clear line with him . " Gu QianLin said seriously, she didn't want her naive sister to get in contact with Xiao Luo .

"But he doesn't look like a bad person . . . "

Gu QianXue want to speak off a few words for Xiao Luo, but under the gaze of Gu QianLin, her voice became more and more small, until it finally isn't audible .

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