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Chapter 203
hapter 203: Generousity .

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"I repeat, let her go!" Xiao Luo's voice was cold .

"Yo-ho, young man, do you even know how to write the word 'death'?"

Scarface squinted at Xiao Luo, the scar on his face like a centipede, added fierceness to his face .

At the same time, one of his men blew a whistle . The whistle had the flavor of 'an arrow through a cloud and a horde of troops coming to meet each other' . Immediately, one big fellow after another rushed out of the buildings on both sides of the alley, holding steel pipes and poles in hand . The whistle surged up like a flood . The moment was dark, and Xiao Luo and Sun Haoze were surrounded .

Sun haoze's face suddenly changed . He quickly smiled and said, "Brother scar, today is his first day at work . He doesn't know the rules yet . "

"Hao Ge, we are JC . It is our bounden duty to crack down on crimes . " Xiao Luo grunted .

"Xiao Luo, do you really know or don't you? We are only auxiliary police, and we don't even have a guy who weighs hands . Dealing with civil disputes is our business . Such matters do not fall under our supervision . "

Sun Haoze kept making eye contact with him . The other side was so numerous and there were only two of them . It must be them who will suffer from the aggravation of the contradiction . Even if they had to manage it, they had to leave here first . Then they can call the office and ask the office to send someone to deal with it . As to whether they could save the woman in front of them, it was unclear .

"Auxiliary police are also JC . They forced the woman to engage in prostitution in front of us . How many dirty deals are there behind them?"

Xiao Luo's face sank and he shouted at Scarface, "Let her go for the last time, or I'll take you all back!"

"Take us all back . Can you even take one of these big guys l back?" A playboy whistled to amuse himself .

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Everyone else laughed .

"Ohhh, little auxiliary police, if you can take me away, I will take your surname . " Scarface looked up and said .

"Well, take my surname then, Xiao!" Xiao Luo lightly said .

His words just fell, then a punch greeted scarface's face, it directly brought his nasal bone to fracture .

Scarface fell to the ground and touched the blood flowing from his nostrils . He thundered, "Damn, kill him!"

The horn of battle sounded . . .

Xiao Luo had a cruel smile, let alone in the face of 40 or 50 people, even in the face of hundreds of people he is fearless .

Any guy touched by his fist or feet, elbows, joints and other places all felt a strong sense of pain and fell to the ground one by one miserably . When he sees people they're served with his fist . It's simple and rough, but dealing with these dirty gangsters, he don't need to be luxuriant . This kind of beating continued in the alley accompanied by shrieks .

Sun Haoze was horrified, forget moving his feet, even believing that Xiao Luo would be so tough is hard . With a pair of hands and feet, he unexpectedly put the 40 or 50 dragon gang members to the ground, he is like a humanoid beast .

Xiao Luo now has Yi Jin Jing . He doesn't even need to rest . He just rampaged through the area like a bull, making five or six people fly .

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Completely crushed, no suspense!

Ten minutes later, the whole alley no longer have a gang member standing .

Xiao Luo stretched out his hand and grabbed scarface by the collar .

Scarface was scared to death and said, "Don't forget you are JC, JC can't hit people casually . "

"Look at the scar on your face . I thought you were so vicious but turns out you were rubbish!" Xiao Luo let him go, said coldly .

This sentence touched scarface's heart, when Xiao Luo turned and walked towards the woman, he gritted his teeth and took out a knife from his pocket .

"Boy, die!"

With a loud roar, he boldly stabbed towards Xiao Luo's back .

However, Xiao Luo looks like he has eyes at the back of his head . Just as Scarface rushed to the front, Xiao Luo took his left leg as the axis and threw his right foot out strongly, hitting Scarface's chest .

"Peng ~"

The power of terror spread rapidly around the contact node . Scarface only felt his insides quiver and his mouth spurted blood, just like a broken kite flying backwards .

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Sun Haoze was dumbfounded and shocked . He couldn't believe what his eyes saw .

Xiao Luo nonchalantly, walked to the woman's side, asked the woman's name, age, native place, and why is she here, * * * * * * although the woman is in panic, but the uniform of an auxiliary police, Xiao Luo, gave her a strong sense of security, she answered these questions one by one .

She came from Shaanxi Province and came out to look for a job after graduating from high school without taking any examinations . She was introduced to Jiangcheng City through an intermediary . However, she did not expect that it was a black intermediary . After she came to Jiangcheng, she was controlled by people . In order to make her yield to obedience and destroy her resistance will, five or six men raped and defiled her day and night in turn . She was even beaten by electric batons, and then she was taken to this dirty alley to receive guests .

"Brother Hao, don't you feel anything when you hear this?" Xiao Luo twisted his head and bluntly asked Sun Haoze .

Sun haoze had a wry smile, the woman's experience is so sad, it is enough to make a person feel angry
But he also has a family, as an auxiliary police, how dare he go against dragon gang that's such a monster .

Xiao Luo turned his eyes back on the woman: "Apart from you, is there any coercion here?"

"No one wants to be a plaything for men . They were coerced at the beginning . After experiencing despair and struggle, many of them did not resist and accepted the current life . " The woman said with tears of horror .



The next day, the whole Li Ren police station was boiling .

Because Xiao Luo captured 20 prostitutes and customers, 35 criminals who controlled women's selling and prostitution, and 40 or 50 sex and working women who were coerced and whose will to resist had not completely disappeared .

"Brother, you are going against the weather!" Liu Tieguo swallowed saliva and was startled by Xiao Luo's big gesture .

Xiao Luo waved his hand, quite helpless, and then he was led down to director Feng Yuqi's office .

Feng Yuqi didn't speak, the instructor was livid with a face of reprimanded .

"Xiao Luo, what the hell are you doing? Who told you to move that area? "

"Instructor, can you answer me a question before I answer this question?"


"What is our JC's responsibility?" Asked Xiao Luo .

The instructor snorted: "JC's duty is to maintain social order, protect citizens' personal safety, personal freedom and legal property, and prevent, stop and punish illegal and criminal activities . "

"Well, last night I met the case of forced prostitution . As JC, do you think it shouldn't be handled?" Xiao Luo cold, although he is dealing with dragon gang, but he didn't think he did something wrong last night .

"You . . . "

The instructor was extremely angry . "You are an auxiliary police officer, not a criminal police officer, and you are not officially a compiling JC . If you notify the institute, the institute will send someone to handle these matters . "

"By the time someone is sent from the office, the day lily will already be cold . The woman who asked for help did not know where she was imprisoned . " Xiao Luo gave tit for tat .

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