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Chapter 199
hapter 199: Eligibility .

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Liu Tieguo was kicked several times by Yan Wang . Farts and stocks blossomed . Tears of pain swirled in his eyes . He was quite unconvinced in his heart . He thought to himself: In the movies of special forces, it was said that blocking the muzzle with a finger can make the enemy's pistol explode .

Xiao Luo to Liu Tieguo was also really speechless, fingers can't completely block the muzzle . Even sealing is a big problem, secondly, the recoil force of shooting is very big, even if your sealing performance of the fingers is up to standard, but it also can't do anything after shooting . It's not possible even in theory .



"Many people have an inexplicable fear of shooting, but as auxiliary police, you must overcome this fear . "

Yan Wang said to the crowd, "Now, you come one by one to test your guns!"

Although the male auxiliary police officer was somewhat frightened when he fired his first shot, he survived by biting his teeth . When he fired his first shot, he naturally would not be afraid again .

The female auxiliary police are different . They are so scared that when someone picked up the gun, their hands started shaking . Fortunately, with Gu Qianxue's help and guidance, they finally fired the first shot .

"Don't you just shoot? What's to be afraid of? Look at me . "

It was Liu Tieguo's turn . He strode up and picked up the gun with one hand . He took aim at the distant target and was ready to pull the trigger .

However, Yan Wang immediately came up and took the gun from his hand, then kicked him and thundered, "Motherf*cker! Who let you hold a gun with one hand, didn't I just say it clearly enough? The recoil force of the shooting is too strong, so you must hold the gun tightly with both hands . You f*cking took my words to one ear and turned deaf? "

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"Yan instructor, I . . . "

"You what you, are you a tiger? Is it a tiger? Is it a tiger? "

Yan Wang was very angry, scolding while kicking . Liu tieguo running for his life, he was chased .

"Bang ~" a shrill shot .

Liu Tieguo, who was chased by Yan Wang, seemed to see the dawn of hope . Pointing to Gu Qianxue, he shouted, "Yan Instructor, look, she also fired with one hand . "

"She is her, you are you, you haven't even learned to walk yet you want to learn to run, are you a tiger? I can't wait to shove your head into the toilet if you block the muzzle with your finger! " Yan Wang said .

"Bang ~" is a shrill shot .

Liu Tieguo was ecstatic and pointed to Xiao Luo . "Yan Instructor, look, Xiao Luo also fired with one hand . . . "

Being poor and an undead friend, in order not to be kicked by Yan Wang, he sold Xiao Luo quite decisively, thinking: You Yan Wang hated Xiao Luo very much . Now that he violated the shooting principle . You can just seize the opportunity to attack him .

Sure enough, Yan Wang's face showed a touch of joy, he let go of Liu Tieguo and headed for Xiao Luo .

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"Xiao Luo, I just said to shoot with both hands, didn't you hear? One-handed shooting, who do you think you are, Stallone in the death squads? "

He rushed up and kicked Xiao Luo's farts and stocks, but how could Xiao Luo accept such punishment? With one side, his thigh blocked Yan Wang's kick .

"Yan Instructor, Gu Qianxue got a blind eye when shooting with one hand . But, Liu Tieguo and I will be punished if we shoot with one hand . Is it too obvious that you treat this differently?" Xiao Luo said .

He had to draw Yan Wang's attention to himself by shooting with one hand, but he couldn't accept being kicked by Yan Wang . That's why he moved to Gu Qianxue ll .

"Have I treated yiu differently?"

Yan Wang sneered at the crowd and asked, "Have I treated them differently?"

Under his power, a group of auxiliary police officers shook their heads subconsciously . One man took a step forward and said righteously, "Report, Yan Instructor treats us all equally, without any distinction!"

"Did you hear that?" Yan Wang looked proudly at Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo turned his head and asked, "You didn't see Gu Qianxue shoot with one hand?"

"Gu Qianxue did not shoot with one hand . She shot with both hands . " the man added .

The other auxiliary reserve officers shook their heads, meaning they didn't see it .

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"What a flatterer!"

Liu Tieguo mumbled to himself, and then thought about it, this person is called Ma Bijin, a homophonic flatterer, indeed as expected he just kind of person .

"Ma Bijin, come back!" Yan Wang shouted at the man .


Ma Bijin responded with a loud and clear voice . He withdrew one step backward and returned to the team . Then he held his hands behind his back and maintained a standing posture .

"Xiao Luo, do you have anything else to say?" Yan Wang pondered and laughed .

Xiao Luo helplessly shook his head, he have nothing to say, he now know what is called open nonsense .

At this moment, Gu Qianxue came up: "Report, I just shot with one hand . "

When this was said, Yan Wang's expression froze .

In the distance, Feng zi Xiao lifted his forehead and said, "old Yan is going to be disgraced . "

Yan Wang took off his dark glasses and stared, "Gu Qianxue, are you sure you didn't speak nonsense?"

Gu Qianxue nodded: "I really shot with one hand . "

She can't be observant . One is one, the other is two . She also wondered why everyone said she shot with both hands . She obviously shot with one hand .

Xiao Luo smiled: "Instructor Yan, did you hear that?"

"You wrangled with me, isn't it, Gu QianXue influenced by her sister, her mastery of the gun is no less than me, I allow her to shoot with one hand, you Xiao Luo what thing, with what you dare shoot with one hand, do you have the capital?"

Yan Wang shouted at Gu Qianxue . For Gu Qianlin's sake and Gu Qianxue's beauty's sake, he wouldn't dispute with Gu Qianxue much, but this Xiao Luo . . .

"I think I have . "

Xiao Luo had to say so, his pride does not allow him to be kicked by Yan Wang .

Yan Wang smiled angrily: "I've seen a boaster before, but I've never seen such a boaster!"

"That is, Xiao Luo, don't talk big here, quickly recognize a mistake to Yan Instructor and ask Yan Instructor's forgiveness . " At this time, Ma Bijin once again developed his specialty .

Xiao Luo ignored him, looked at Yan Wang and asked, "I don't know what to do . Yan instructor thinks I have the qualification?"

"Xiao Luo, you are also a tiger, do you feel invincible just because you have some skills?"

Yan Wang said, "Well, aren't you qualified, then I'll give you this opportunity . "

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