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Chapter 198
hapter 198: Tiger .

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The sun shines on the earth through the clouds, bringing infinite warmth to the world .

In the auxiliary police special training camp, Xiao Luo and his team are now standing in two horizontal lines, maintaining a standing posture . Yan Wang and Feng Zi Xiao are standing in front of the team . The former is wearing sunglasses, with a straight face, while the latter is looking at the special training team members in front with soft eyes .

"This will always be the death of Temo!" Liu Tieguo murmured in a low voice .

Xiao Luo nodded with a smile and answered with deep approval: "Indeed . "

"What are you whispering about there? Repeat it aloud! " Yan Wang looked up and snapped at him .

Liu Tieguo was slightly surprised, then held his head high and said, "Report, I just said Yan Instructor and Feng Instructor are very handsome!"

"Xiao Luo, how about you?"

"Report, I replied that they were really handsome!" Xiao Luo followed .

"Don't think that if you tell the truth, I will not punish you . Go, run five laps and come back . " Yan Wang ordered with a straight face .

Liu Tieguo wanted to cry, he shouldn't have been so short-mouthed . He looked at Xiao Luo with a frown, meaning sorry, brother, for dragging you down . Then he ran around the huge track and field .

It doesn't matter to Xiao Luo, it doesn't matter to him to run five laps .

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Other auxiliary police officers could not help secretly laughing, thinking that Liu Tieguo and Xiao Luo deserved it .

Yan Wang gave another order at this moment: "All have it, turn right, five laps of physical training, run!"

A bunch of reserve auxiliary police were stunned and puzzled . Why do they have to run?

"What are you doing? If you don't exercise your muscles and bones, how can you start today's study? Run, or else I'll kick your feet!" Yan Wang shouted sullenly .

A group of people had to run with reluctance .

After they left, Yan Wang took out his cell phone from his pocket, took a picture of himself and touched his chin with his hand . he said to himself, "Damn, why am I so handsome? Isn't it always like this?"

Feng Zi Xiao beside him almost fainted .



When a row of guns was brought up, the reserve auxiliary policemen were excited . Both men and women were all curious and looking forward to this deadly hot weapon .

Of course, Gu Qianxue and Xiao Luo are not among them .

Gu QianXue because of her sister, she have long been in contact with guns, and Xiao Luo is with the king of mercenaries constitution, not only he has the strength of the king of mercenaries, but he also know a thing or two about guns .

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"As you probably guessed, what you are going to learn today is, yes, firearms . "

Yan Wang's iron voice sounded loud and clear, "When you are on duty, you will be issued guns . If you don't even know how to use guns, it would be too laughable . "

He picked up a black pistol, swept the eyes of the auxiliary police and asked, "Does anyone know what kind of gun this is?"

Everyone, looked at each other but no one can answer, after all, they are all looking for a stable and decent job and do not know much about firearms .

"Type 92 pistol, with a frame made of polymer material, has a cartridge capacity of 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition and 20 rounds of 5 . 8mm ammunition, with an effective range of 50 meters . " Gu QianXue lightly said .

Yan Wang gave her a admiring look and nodded: "Yes, this is a type 92 pistol . It was demonstrated in 1987, formally approved in 1994 and handed over to the industrial department for development . In 2000, the design of the 5 . 8mm pistol and its cartridge was finalized . Most JC in our country use this gun . "

Putting down the type 92 pistol, he changed to a gun with a shorter barrel, looking directly at Xiao Luo and ask: "Xiao Luo, do you know what it is called?"

Xiao Luo shook his head: "Report, I don't know!"

In his eyes, they were the same in use anyway .

"Hum, you are ignorant . "

Yan Wang was very relieved to reprimand, then looked at Gu Qianxue, "Gu Qianxue, tell me about it . "

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Gu Qianxue's nimble eyes glanced at the gun and said with a straight face: "Type 77 pistol adopts free shooting automatic mode, inertia locking, needle translation firing mechanism, the safety mechanism has manual safety and in-place safety, the cartridge capacity is 9 rounds, and the effective range is 50 meters . "

After hearing this, they secretly licked their tongues, thinking that this Gu QianXue is too good . She not only know the category of each pistol, but also can tell its structure and characteristics, just like the Baidu Encyclopedia .

"Have you heard clearly? That's right, this is the 77-type pistol, which, like the 92-type pistol, is a common police weapon in our country . "

Yan Wang put down his gun and walked to the front of a pile of submachine guns . "Having said these two types of pistols, now let's talk about this 79-type light submachine gun . It was designed and finalized in 79 and put into production in 83 . Its firing rate is as high as 1,000 rounds per minute . What does that mean? Is to be able to fire 1,000 rounds a minute . "

"If this shuttle goes down, will it not be able to sieve people into meat?"

"Yes, 1,000 rounds a minute, that's terrible . "

"The lethality is simply unimaginable . "

Everyone kept gasping, and it was hard to believe that weapons originally seen only on TV could be observed so closely in reality .

Yan Wang was very satisfied with being able to subdue this group of specially trained personnel . He looked at Xiao Luo and asked solemnly, "Xiao Luo, tell me about other parameters of this submachine gun . "

"Report, I don't know . " Xiao Luo answered .

"Hum, you are illiterate and have no ink on your chest . Can you be a little promising?" Yan Wang reprimanded like an ancient gentleman .

Xiao Luo was speechless . He was convinced that Yan Wang hated him because he scared his face to death with a blow in the fitness room that day . Otherwise, he would not have been so embarrassed .

Liu Tieguo expressed sympathy on the sidelines .

"Gu QianXue, you answer!" Yan Wang swept to Gu Qianxue .

"Type 79 lucky submachine gun has a caliber of 7 . 62mm, an empty gun weighs 1 . 75 kg, a cartridge capacity of 20 rounds, and an effective range of 200 meters . " Gu QianXue knew the information and clearly said out .

"Look, look, even a girl is not as bad as you, Xiao Lup . You have let me down . "

Xiao Luo didn't talk, it doesn't matter anyway, you can say what you like .



After introducing some firearms, Yan Wang raised another big question: "What if the enemy points the gun at close range?"

Liu Tieguo immediately raised his hand excitedly: "I know, I know, that if the enemy is pointing at us with a gun, we will quickly block the muzzle with our fingers, so that the bullet will not come out and will explode in the barrel, which in turn will hurt the enemy . "

After hearing this, all the people couldn't help laughing . If this were all right, the sow would be on the tree .

Feng Zi Xiao was also amused . He could not keep his serious expression and laughed .

Yan Wang's face was black with iron and shouted at him, "Motherf*cker, Liu Tieguo . Are you a tiger or not, blocking the muzzle with your fingers? Is there excrement in your head?"

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