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Chapter 200
hapter 200: One Hundred Rings .

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Yan Wang disassembled a pistol into parts, then looked at Xiao Luo and said, "Gun assembly is the basic skill . If you can assemble this gun well, I will admit that you are qualified to shoot with one hand . "


A bunch of reserve auxiliary police opened their eyes wide . They were all recruited by the society . They knew very little about firearms . Moreover, they had never touched a real gun with their own hands . It was ok to set up a toy gun but to set up a real gun . That was an international joke . It was absolutely impossible .

"Is there a time limit?" Asked Xiao Luo .

After hearing what he said, the crowd was surprised, thinking: this guy really wants to challenge? His heart is too big!

Ma Bijin gave a dry cough and said, "Xiao Luo, what are you messing around with? You should quickly admit to Yan Instructor . Don't make a fool of yourself . This is a real gun . You think it's a toy gun for children . How can you just assemble it casually?"

"Can you stop talking!"

The one speaking is Gu QianXue, this Ma Jin made her very uncomfortable, even her fiber eyebrows were puckering up .

The strength of G uQianXue is obvious to all . This is a great beauty, and has the majesty of Yan Wang . Ma Bijin closed his mouth wryly .

"Do you really want to challenge?" Yan Wang asked Xiao Luo with his eyes slightly narrowed .

"I accept . "

Xiao Luo nodded . He had no other choice but not to be kicked by Yan Wang .

"Well, let's start now . There is no time limit . As long as you can put the guns together, I will not hold you responsible for shooting with one hand . "

Yan Wang's face was disdainful, and he checked it over and over again . Xiao Luo was a child from a rural family in the western province . His tough skill may have been inherited by a hermit expert, but he did not know anything about firearms . Two hundred percent, he could not reassemble the pistol .

Without further ado, Xiao Luo grabbed the split parts of the gun with both hands and began to assemble them . The barrel, the bolt, the barrel case . . . These parts were assembled at a fast speed .

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Yan Wang's pupil was dilated, because he found that Xiao Luo took three parts in his hands and assembled them perfectly in the process of assembling the gun . If it were him, the conventional assembling method would be three steps, that is to say, Xiao Luo's one step would be equivalent to his three steps .

"Shua ~"

He haven't had much reaction yet . When the last part of the magazine was beautifully and smoothly assembled, and a complete pistol was placed on the front panel . The total time spent was no more than 10 seconds . The whole action was flowing, so fast that the eyes couldn't keep up with it .

A bunch of preparatory auxiliary police dumbfounded, their brain stup*d, He . . . Actually set it up, how is that possible?

Ma Bijin's face was burning and he felt a slap in the face .


Feng Zi Xiao spoke first, he can't believe Xiao Luo really understand guns, and his speed is so amazing .

Yan Wang was even more dumbfounded . He said, "It's really my mother who pulled a monkey out of me . "

"What did you do before?" He looked at Xiao Luo and unwillingly asked .

"My information should have been clearly written . As a vagrant, being an auxiliary police officer is to ensure stability . " Xiao Luo said lightly .


Yan Wang couldn't help doubting his identity .

"Xiao Luo, I want to compare guns with you . " Gu QianXue suddenly said .

She is determined to take the first place, and Xiao Luo is undoubtedly her resistance to this goal .

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Xiao Luo gave her a look and said earnestly, "This is not the test for special training results . "

He has long known the mind of Gu QianXue, in all aspects, she wants to take first .

Gu Qianxue thought for a moment and felt that he was right . Then she added, "Then who's better at shooting . "


Xiao Luo flatly refused, he don't want to mess with the little girl .

At this time, Yan Wang added a foot: "Xiao Luo, I want you to shoot with Gu Qianxue . This is an order!"

Xiao Luo really wants to swear at the moment .

The somebody else is a military instructor, but . . .



"Each person fires ten shots, and the one with more rings is the winner . "

Yan Wang announced the competition rules, "In addition, since this is a competition, of course, there must be rewards and punishments . The loser, the public toilet in the dormitory, he/she's responsible for cleaning it for a week!"

In order to be able to severely bruise Xiao Luo, he is also doing everything possible .

Feng Zixiao whispered in his ear: "It is less than a week since the end of the special training . "

"Then sweep until the special training is over . " Yan Wang compromised .

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This kind of reward and punishment measures, let Xiao Luo want to drain, because he can't stand the punishment of cleaning the toilet .

"This Yan Wang clearly wants to punish Xiao Luo . " Liu Tieguo sighed and expressed deep sympathy for Xiao Luo .

Gu Qianxue went to the shooting area, picked up the 92nd pistol and fired directly at ten targets 30 meters away . "bang bang" even firing ten shots . Her action was clean and neat, with no sloppiness and internal force . She shot with one hand and did not need two hands to hold a gun at all .

After Feng Zi Xiao checked the target, although he had prepared for it, his eyes widened in shock .

"A total of 100 rings!"

As soon as the result was announced, the uproar came to an abrupt end . What is the concept of the 100th ring, that is, every bullet hit the bull's-eye and got the result of ten ring . They looked at Gu Qianxue and were really impressed from the bottom of their hearts .

Even Yan Wang couldn't help wiping his sweat . It's no exaggeration, Gu QianXue has this strength .

Gu Qianxue's nimble eyes blinked and looked toward Xiao Luo . "It's your turn . "

This is more than a ghost!

Liu Tieguo wailed for Xiao Luo in his heart, saying that every shot was fired by ten ring and Gu Qianxue was already in an invincible position, okay?

The same was true of the others . Ma Bijin became active again: "Xiao Luo, you'd better throw in the towel . There's no need . . . "

His voice came to an abrupt end, because Xiao Luo raised his gun at the moment, the dark muzzle glanced at him .

"Xiao Luo, what are you doing?"

"Motherf*cker, put the gun down!"

Yan Wang and Feng zi Xiao broke out in a cold sweat . If there was an accident in the training camp, they would have to face the consequences .

Xiao Luo laughed coldly like a devil, and then turned the gun around and fired ten consecutive shots at the relocated target directly in front, just like Gu QianXue he used one-handed operation, but it is more than Gu QianXue as it got a sharp murderous look .

"Bang Bang Bang ~"

After ten shots, he pulled up the safety of the pistol and put it down smoothly .

"Instructor Feng, report your results . " Xiao Luo said lightly .

Feng Zi Xiao ran over to check the target with a hint of uneasiness . The sight was overwhelming, and he almost stare out his eyeballs, because every shot of Xiao Luo also hit the bull's-eye, and none of them missed .

"Xiao Luo's results . . . Xiao Luo's results . . . "

"Are you a repeater? Report your results quickly!" Yan Wang said impatiently .

"Xiao Luo's score is also 100 points . " Feng Zi Xiao finally breathed out .


Also a hundred rings?

Yan Wang thought his ears were hearing voices . Gu QianXue could be excused for having achieved a score of 100 rings . But what about this Xiao Luo? How could a guy from an ordinary family in the western province could do so?

Not only he, but also all the auxiliary policemen suspected that there was something wrong with their ears .

"Old Feng, have you made any mistake?" Asked Yan Wang .

"I checked it again . Xiao Luo's score was indeed 100 rings . Every shot hit the bull's-eye without any mistake . " Feng Zi Xiao said surely .

At this moment, the large shooting range only had the wind sounding, everyone looked at Xiao Luo like a monster .

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