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Chapter 187
: He is my brother Xiao Luo .

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On the evening of the fifth day, Xiao Luo received a phone call from the Li Ren village police station in Guangming district, informing him to arrive at Guangming district branch office at 8 o’clock the next morning to take part in physical examination and special training together with other admitted auxiliary police officers . The special training will last for half a month, and within half a month it was militarized management . Food, clothing and accommodation were conducted in the branch training base, isolating all communication with the outside world .

What trouble!

Xiao Luo frowned, he thought he could take office after the medical examination, he seems to be thinking much .

However, there is no way to deal with the Dragon Gang without killung all its members . But that will only make him become the number one target of China’s police . Still he needs to completely destroy the Dragon Gang’s industry .

One night without words …

At five o’clock in the morning, he got up and tidied up several sets of clothes . Xiao Luo set foot on the trip to Guangming District Branch .

It was already seven o’clock when he arrived at Guangming District Branch . He ate breakfast at a roadside stall and entered the police station . In the police compound, Xiao Luo saw many auxiliary police officers, both men and women, who took part in medical examinations and received special training like him . The number was about 20 . When he arrived, he signed his name and handed in his com and personal belongings .

Two JC dressed in police uniforms stood on the steps, looking at their watches from time to time and the number of people arriving .

“How many are still missing?”

“One more . ”

“Is it nearly eight o’clock?”

“Well, soon . ”

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“After eight o’clock, the one who didn’t arrive will be eliminated, even without the most basic concept of time . This kind of person is not suitable to be included in the auxiliary police team . ”

The two men were having a serious conversation, and all of them heard clearly and expressed their sympathy for the unlucky man one after another . With so many procedures coming along, they would lose their qualification as auxiliary police because they were late . They would surely regret that their intestines were all green .

“Brother, where are you from and what’s your name?”

“Belle, are you together? Let’s get to know each other . I mean, we’ll all be colleagues in the future . ”


Taking advantage of this opportunity, extroverts became active one after another to let everyone know each other from their names .

“Ahem … okay, time is up, stand in two columns, with me …”

At eight o’clock, the middle-aged JC with a dry cough raised his voice and shouted, but was interrupted by a loud voice like a male duck .

“Wait, there’s another one!”

A round head, round face, medium height, face meat, and a big man rushed in from the police station door finally, wearing a large white shirt, his lower body wearing bigfoot jeans . He was panting, sweat was on his face .

Liu Tieguo? !

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Xiao Luo froze, this man renowned however is the Liu Tieguo that sent him to the hospital the other day, it seems that Jiang is really quite small, small enough for to two people to meet again so soon, he originally planned to get through some relationship to find Liu Tieguo, but now there seems to be no need .

“Who are you?”

The JC looked him up and down and asked .

Liu Tieguo saluted him: “Report to the police officer, my name is Liu Tieguo . I am a reserve auxiliary police officer who has come to take part in medical examination and special training . ”

“Is he really here to recruit auxiliary police?”

The JC pointed to Liu Tieguo and looked suspiciously at the other JC .

The man looked at the roster carefully and then nodded: “There is such a person . ”

He took out Liu Tieguo’s resume and handed it . After comparing the photo on the resume with the real person, JC immediately frowned: “You don’t look like yourself?”

“No, oh yes, that’s because I didn’t laugh . I laughed just like in the photo . ”

Liu Tieguo immediately laughed, his eyes narrowed into two slits, like a Maitreya Buddha .

“But this is not right either . The people in the photo are not as mature as you . ” The JC still does not believe it .

Liu Tieguo explained hastily: “I did grow a little worried, but my information is true, especially the photos, 200% of which are myself . Just before putting them on, I took Meitu Xiu Xiu to beautify myself, polished my skin and added some pink to make me look more in line with my real age . ”

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“Pfffttt ~”

A girl could no longer refrain from laughing out loud: “Uncle, are you sure you came to be an auxiliary police, not a comedian?”

This sentence immediately amused everyone and made them laugh .

Liu Tieguo was anxious and would be treated like this every time . This has always annoyed him . He took out his ID card and solemnly said to the big guy, “I am only 22 years old . I am not an uncle but a little fresh meat . ”

The big guy laughed even more joyfully . Even JC, who had a serious face, did not refrain from laughing . Then he immediately calmed down and shouted to everyone, “All right, all right, don’t laugh . You are all colleagues in the future . It’s not a noble thing to laugh at your colleagues . ”

Liu Tieguo was so moved that he almost cried . He thought to himself: Not the kui is a public servant of the people, but he knows the truth!

“Liu Tieguo, enter the column!” The JC shouted at him .


Liu Tieguo came to the end of the first row .

As soon as he stood still, he gave a cry of surprise and then pulled Xiao Luo’s arm in front of him: “big brother, why are you here? No, why did you leave the hospital so soon? The other day you were dressed up as a mummy . ”

“Do you know about my brother’s hospitalization?” Xiao Luo turned around and asked, pretending to be surprised .

“Your brother?” Liu Tieguo was stunned and thought: Isn’t this the same person?

“Yes, my brother Shawnee is hospitalized . I am his brother Xiao Luo . ” Xiao Luo smiled .

Liu Tieguo shook his head flatly: “No, when JC asked him last time, he called himself Xiao Luo, not Shawnee . ”

Xiao Luo sighed, pointed to his head, and said in a small voice: “There was a car accident . He was confused here . His name and mine are not clearly distinguished . ”

I see!

Liu Tieguo nodded and felt suddenly enlighted . It turned out to be brothers . This explains why they look so similar . Then he asked with concern, “Is your brother okay?”

“It’s okay . It’s okay . He’s been transferred to hospitals in other cities for treatment . He should be able to recover in less than two months . ” Xiao Luo said .

“That’s good . That’s good . ” Liu Tieguo was relieved .

Xiao Luo reached out his hand: “Brother Liu, my name is Xiao Luo and I am 20 years old this year . ”

This Liu Tieguo looks like a middle-aged uncle . He really can’t call his name directly . Besides, this guy also saved his life . It’s only natural that he should call him “Brother Liu” . However, he specially emphasized that he is 20 years old so as to save Liu Tieguo from being tender in front of him .

“Hello, hello . ” Liu Tieguo walked over .

“By the way, the elder brother of the pot, how do you know my brother was hospitalized in a car accident? Do you know my brother? ” Asked Xiao Luo .

“Because it’s me …”

Liu Tieguo was about to tell the truth, but his voice stopped suddenly, because he thought of a word’ do good deeds without leaving a name’, and assumed the appearance of a real master . “Buddha said, do not say, do not say, hey hey …”

Xiao Luo almost couldn’t resist laughing out, he could only endure a smile but his two shoulders still stirred up .

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