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Chapter 188
: Gu QianXue .

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After the physical examination, Xiao Luo and his party were sent to the training base of Guangming District Branch Bureau, which is located at the foot of a remote mountain in Guangming District . Although JC is the training ground for improving its own strength, it looks like a military camp .

“Wow, that’s cool, look, there’s a shooting range!”

“Yes, there are training facilities for crossing obstacles . It’s absolutely cool . ”

“This training ground will cost at least tens of millions to build . ”

As soon as they entered the training camp, the reserve auxiliary policemen who participated in the special training were filled with curiosity about the things here, such as mud, sand pits, running fields, etc . They felt excited . The training pictures of special forces in TV plays came to mind . The excitement was so exciting that people were looking forward to it .

“I feel like taking off a layer of skin here . ”

Liu Tieguo murmured in a low voice, he is the only one who holds a negative attitude towards this .



Xiao Luo changed into uniform training clothes in the dormitory of the training camp, and then came to the training ground to gather again .

At this time, there were already two men in black vests, camouflage pants and black army boots standing at the training ground . The two men were tall and strong, more than one meter and eight meters tall, with dark skin, and blazing with anger but he was not angry with himself . One of them was wearing sunglasses and was extremely cold .

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The man wearing sunglasses was holding a toothpick in his mouth and holding his hands in a standing position . He said to the crowd, “First of all, let me introduce myself . My surname is Yan and I am Wang . From today on, I will be your instructor and be responsible for your 15-day special training . ”

Yan Wang? Death?

All whispered, curious about the name of the instructor .

“Shut up, everyone!”

Yan Wang said with a drink, “You should shout the report before you speak . You can only speak with my permission . Do you hear me?”

“Yes sir!”

The crowd responded in unison .

“You can only use” yes “and” no “to answer later . I don’t want to hear other voices . ” Yan Wang’s voice is full of vigour .

“Yes, sir!” The crowd replied in unison .

“Very well, I think we will have a very happy life . ”

Yan Wang looked at everyone with intense eyes, serious and cold, and refused to allow people to travel thousands of miles away . “Deputy Instructor?”

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The other man stepped forward, held his head high and answered with a loud cry from the pressure of his abdomen .

“Let them exercise their muscles and bones . ” Yan Wang said .

“Yes . ”

The deputy instructor turned to face the crowd . “Everyone . Turn right, and run around the training ground . Don’t stop until you are told to!”

Everyone obeyed the order and turned to run .

After they ran away, Yan Wang couldn’t help shaking his head: “the requirements of the auxiliary police are getting lower and lower . Look at these, they are all crooked melons and cracked dates . There is no one who comes from the army and doesn’t develop iron discipline . Yet with just some ordinary people, just them, can they really maintain social order after half a month of hasty training? This is not funny! ”

Vice Instructor Feng Zixiao said helplessly: “At present, all police stations are short of police officers who can be mobilized . Coupled with the continuous development and construction around River city, the urban area is getting larger and larger . Naturally, more police officers are needed . It is also necessary to recruit talents from the society . ”

“Even if it is necessary to recruit talents, it is not such a recruitment method . The low requirements of the auxiliary police will directly lower the overall quality of the auxiliary police team . It is easy to find cases of improper law enforcement . Have you learned enough lessons in recent years?” Yan Wang was very dissatisfied with the above measures .

Feng Zi Xiao sighed, “Yes, but …” He took out a woman’s resume from the information kit and handed it to Yan Wang . “I don’t know about others . This girl is absolutely qualified in all aspects!”

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“Gu QianXue?” Yan Wang looked at the name on the resume .

Feng Zi Xiao nodded and explained: “She is the sister of Gu Qianlin, the battalion chief of Jiangcheng District . Influenced by her sister, she also aspires to be a people’s JC . Different from her sister, when she was ten years old, she became an apprentice to the old man Dugu in Tianshan mountain . She developed all kinds of skills . after she went down the mountain, she followed her sister Gu Qianlin to and from the large training ground frequently . she is a first-class marksman . ”

“After hearing what you said, how do I feel the police have found the treasure?”

“It is true that we have found a treasure . Her future achievements in the police field will definitely be higher than that of her sister . ”

Yan Wang smiled and looked away, falling on the simple and elegant girl who ran in front of the team .

Cold air, a beautiful face that can let a person hard to close to the cold meaning . Her skin jade-like stone white, slender, cold color delicate face, and there is a pair of beautiful and deep eyes . Although like other people, she’s wearing training camouflage, but that extraordinary temperament has let her away from the crowd, just like a white swan among ducks . They can only be seen from a distance otherwise it’s blasphemy .



“When is this going to end? My legs are already broken . ”

“Yes, yes, it’s hard to live with such high-intensity training . ”

“Indeed, all the TV plays are deceitful . I’ll collapse if I run any longer . ”

After running five laps in a row, the novelty and expectation of these people were suddenly lost . Everyone squealed .

Of course, Xiao Luo didn’t feel any discomfort, in order not to be too conspicuous, he has been unhurried to run beside Liu Tieguo . Though Liu Tieguo now is tired like a panting prosperous wealth, tongue outstretched .

“Run, run, look at your virtue one by one, even a girl can run to the front of you, you big masters will not feel shame? Run fast, don’t stop, who dare to stop, I will immediately cancel the qualification as auxiliary police! ” Yan Wang shouted and urged .

On hearing this, everyone found out that the person running in front was a girl . Many men with male chauvinism gnashed their teeth and shouted to surpass her .

However, whenever they are going to surpass her, she could always accelerate at the right time, distanced herself again . After trying several more times, everyone was discouraged and had to give up . At the same time, they were extremely puzzled: who is this girl? Why does she have such good physical fitness?

Xiao Luo was also slightly surprised . After careful observation, he found that her breathing was very smooth even after she ran five or six rounds . She only took a slight sweat on her body . She didn’t sweat like other people and soaked the training clothes thoroughly .

“It seems that she have practiced and her strength is not low!” Xiao Luo evaluated in his heart .

“No … no … I really can’t run …”

Liu Tieguo’s lips turned pale and his speed gradually slowed down . This is a sign of quick release .

Without further ado, Xiao Luo helped him to run together: “Brother Liu, stay up a little later . Staying up late is not good for your health . ”

When he first saw Liu Tieguo, Xiao Luo saw it . This guy’s body is very weak and his face is so old . It is probably caused by staying up late frequently . It is hard to see at ordinary times . This specially “trained” body will be completely exposed . For example, now, other girls can still grind their teeth and insist, but he cannot insist anymore .

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