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Chapter 186

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In a room with slightly darker light, great ape lay upright on the floor with no color in his face, and he could not live any more . Cold snake and black wolf stood aside, with heavy complexion, even anger, gnashing anger in fact .

Compared with them, Leng Bao appears relatively calm . But, he has not recovered from the fact that the great ape was kicked to death by Xiao Luo . Moreover, when recalling Xiao Luo’s fanatical and combative eyes at that time, he has a kind of unspeakable fear .

Long Sankui was sitting on the plush chair, leaning on the leading crutch in his right hand, playing with two health balls in his left hand, and glancing at cold leopard with a pair of old eyes scattered with cold stars: “Was he kicked to death by that rotten boy?”

Cold leopard would like to answer no, but the fact is .

Nodding: “Yes . ”

“Damn, that rotten son of a b*tch is so weird?”

When Long Sankui squeezed his left hand hard, the two health balls made of metal immediately shriveled and deformed, like two lumps of plasticine squeezed together .

Leng Bao helped his glasses and said, “We hit him with a big truck and even his car broke up . But he himself has nothing . Long Ye, I suspect he is also a martial arts expert and has internal force . ”

“Bullsh*t, even if his internal force is strong, he will certainly be hit hard under such circumstances . The reason why he killed the great ape quickly is to subdue you . If you were not frightened at that time, it would be a piece of cake to kill him . ” Long Sankui penetrated Xiao Luo’s thoughts at a glance .

Cold leopard was slightly startled, if its really what Long Ye said so, wouldn’t he have missed a good chance to kill Xiao Luo?

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Carefully recalling he really found a clue . Xiao Luo’s fighting spirit was very strong at that time, but his whole body was covered with blood and he was obviously in poor condition . 80% to 90% of him were already at the end of a spent force . thinking of this, he immediately knelt down on one knee: “Lord Long, pardon me!”

“Forgive me, I don’t care . You should immediately select a dozen capable disciples and go to various hospitals for investigation . The dead and rotten boy must be recovering in the hospital . If you find him, you can directly unload him into eight pieces . ”

Long Sankui took a crutch and leaned on the ground . “This is your chance to make a success of your crime . Take good care of it!”


Cold leopard nodded his head, hidden under the glasses, his eyes blossom like poisonous snakes of cold mountain .



Xiao Luo’s whole body was wrapped in bandages, this is the fourth day he was admitted to hospital, Yi jinjing was in endless operation, his wounds are accelerating in healing, his Mercenary King’s constitution is also very tough, under the superposition of double effect, his injury is all right .

Zhang Dashan didn’t listen to his words to stay in the company, this day he came . Just pushed open the door of the ward, his whole person was startled to death, he saw an incredible picture, lying on the bed was wrapped Xiao Luo but his covered body started “clacking” and the white bandage began to crack, as if a butterfly has completed its evolution, and is breaking through the cocoon .

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When Xiao Luo jumped up from his sickbed and all the bandages on his body turned into pieces floating like goose feathers, Zhang Dashan sat down on the ground with a fright . For him, there is nothing in the world that cannot be described by “what the ACTUAL f*ck” .

Xiao Luo stood on the sickbed, naked, every inch of his skin is as white as a baby under the baptism of Yi Jin Jing, leaving no scars and clear lines, just like a carefully carved artwork .

“I wipe your sister am I not so keen to my girlfriend, can you stop pointing your penis at me!”

Zhang Dashan calmed down the shocked mood and clapped his ass and stood up . Now he is almost immune to the shocking events that happened to Xiao Luo . Let alone the fact that his whole body wound healed for three or four days without leaving any scars, he also felt acceptable even if he shot down the plane in the sky . He cannot speculate his brother Xiao Luo with common sense .

Xiao Luo unhurriedly jumped out of the bed, took out a set of medical clothes from the cupboard .

“Why are you here again? Didn’t I tell you to hide in the company these days when I was dealing with the Dragon Gang?”

“Your sister . You don’t know what’s good for you . ” Zhang Dashan spit .

Xiao Luo buckled the buttons one by one and glanced at him . “Have you ever had a girlfriend?”

This suddenly hit Zhang Dashan’s pain, and his face turned red at once: “F*ck you, which pot can’t be opened and which pot can’t be mentioned, all right, I won’t come again, so I’ll hide in the company and soak my subordinates, grass!”

He left swearing .

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As night fell, the bright neon lights turned Jiangcheng into a city that never sleeps .

Cold leopard is very depressed, this four days he let those people to check every hospital in the river, be he didn’t find a patient named Xiao Luo, because he didn’t think of, Xiao Luo registered name is Liu Tieguo .

He sat in the car, anxious as if he was on drugs . When the people at hand reported to him that there was no Xiao Luo in the hospital he had just checked, he could no longer control himself and blew the window glass to pieces with one blow .

Just then, the cell phone rang, a strange number .

He lifted his glasses, forced himself to calm down, picked up his cell phone and answered, “Who?”

“I am Xiao Luo!” At the other end of the phone, there was a cold voice .

Cold leopard immediately sat down, “Where did you learn my contact information?”

“It doesn’t matter, does it? You’ve been looking for me and want to know where I am?” Xiao Luo coldly asked .

“Where are you?”

“Look up . ”

Cold leopard subconsciously looked up, this one look, and his pupil immediately enlarged, through the panoramic skylight, he saw on the roof of the more than ten floors, a car rolled out from the top, then slowly accelerated falling, faster and faster, the momentum is getting more and more fierce .

“Damn it!”

Cold sweat poured out of his body instantly, and the smell of death came on his face . The cold leopard turned pale with fear . After the reaction, he rushed out as soon as possible, but it was already late . As soon as his hand touched the handle of the car door, the car falling from more than ten stories hit his roof with thunderous force .

“boom ~”

One only heard a loud noise, like meteorites falling to the ground . The black car instantly withered and deformed, all four tires burst, and the car was mushed .

The inside of the car, cold leopard was instantly squeezed into a pool of minced meat, blood trickling down the gap in the door to the ground .

All the dragon gang members around were dumbfounded when they saw this scene . They looked at it with horror one by one . Then they got through to Long Sankui’s phone and warbled back, “Long Ye, cold … cold leopard … dead …”

At the same time, Xiao Luo on the roof clapped the dust on his hands and turned away like he had done something unimportant .

A tooth for a tooth, blood for blood!

[should’ve just gave me the car…]

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