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Chapter 179
hapter 179: The Battle of the Net .

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Xiao Luo took two eggs out of the refrigerator and fried them in a pan . Breakfast was finished .

To deal with the dragon gang, he can't do it alone, he must use his power .

China's greatest potential is ZF, which is the most effective and direct way to suppress the black power of the dragon gang . He went through the official website of the police station in each district of the river . What a coincidence . A small police station in Guangming district is recruiting auxiliary police for the society .

Age, educational background, background, etc . all the conditions are met, and XiaoLuo immediately threw a resume to it, ready to put on a skin for himself .

After delivering the resume, Xiao Luo immediately noticed that there was something wrong with the network . After entering a series of codes into a black virtual space, he couldn't help but look slightly stunned, because China's network was under the crazy attack of several invisible hackers .

At the same time, in the headquarters of the NSA(National Security Agency) National Security Agency in China, everyone is busy with nervousness, pounding on the keyboard desperately, and sometimes there will be one or two hard reports, but each report makes everyone present feel a bit tight .

"Report, the first firewall has been breached!"

"Report, the second firewall is lost!"

"The southern cyber front is tight, so we need reinforcements . "

This is a war without gunpowder smoke . China has never lacked enemies . Hostile countries dare not challenge the majesty of China on the face of it . However, in this virtual network world, senior hackers are constantly trained to destroy and attack China . Now it is the era of information explosion . Once the gateway is breached by hostile countries, China's banking system, transportation system, national defense system, etc . will be hit fatally .

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The final result is chaos in the whole country . Imagine that the bank accounts of all the people had suddenly changed to zero, the traffic lights of the city changed randomly, and countless missiles started to fire . . . This is absolutely devastating .

While everyone is struggling for tomorrow and sticking to their dreams, they are not even aware that a huge threat is brewing and is quietly coming . . .

NSA executives looked heavy and sweaty on their foreheads .

All of a sudden, a loud cry rang out: "Lark has appeared!"

Lark? !

Hearing this name, NSA executives breathed a long sigh of relief, and some tears filled their eyes with excitement . Who is the lark? Three years ago, it suddenly appeared to help them NSA resist foreign aggression . For three years, whenever foreign hostile forces attacked China's network, Lark always appeared at the right time, then repelled the invaders and was praised by their NSA as the protector of China .

Lark appeared, which shows that the end of the hostile forces is coming and the whole NSA's fighting spirit is high .



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[I literally forgot their names cuz how long they're gone]

Jiang Cheng, Hua Ye University .

Bai Xeiwen was sitting in the library study room seat, her fingers in front of the notebook keyboard ws like a fast percussion, her mouth peep out one silk ponder smile, like a nifty little girl found something interesting .

Her white fingers are like a dragon dancing, like a snake slithering, like a worm climbing, sometimes as fast as a tiger down the mountain, sometimes as slow as walking in the court .

A brand-new firewall has been built to intercept foreign hostile forces .

"Bai Xeiwen, what are you doing?"

Chu Yue, who was reading a book, leaned her head out of curiosity, only to see that the computer screen of Bai Xeiwen was like the first few seconds when the computer was turned on . It was full of codes, and with the input of Bai Xeiwen, more and more codes were brushed out on the computer screen like printers .

"I'm programming . " Bai Xeiwen twisted her head and smiled at her .


Chu Yue pouted and said with a grain of salt, "Then make it up, I will continue to curse the swindler . "

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She picked up the plush doll in front of her again, pasted a note with the name of Xiao Luo on the chest of the plush doll, and then said bitterly, "Swindler, I curse you that you will never find a girlfriend, run into traffic jam while in a hurry, and let all your bad luck haunt you . . . "

Hearing these words, Bai Xeiwen was distressed, since Xiao Luo took his leave, she found her best friend has become abnormal, in addition to her often dreaming and shouting "pack to make", she even quit the habit of eating sugar, also from time to time with a plush doll she curses Xiao Luo .

But she can't distract her attention now . Foreign hostile forces are carrying out crazy attacks on China's network . If she can't keep it, it will be very troublesome .

"It seems that these people have made sufficient preparations this time!"

Bai Xeiwen expression increased somewhat dignified, her face looks red, delicate like a porcelain doll .

She keeps creating new firewalls, but the other side has a large number of people, and the offensive is swift and violent . The speed of her creation cannot match the speed of the other side's attack . In addition, the other side is all some top hackers, with a clear division of labor . NSA people simply cannot get in and can only rely on her to resist the offensive of these people .



NSA headquarters .

All the computer experts have lost the battle . Their computers have been breached . They are completely unable to participate in the war and can only watch helplessly as the war changes .

As the elite of computers, all of them were killed under the attack of foreign hostile forces . It is indeed shameful and blushing to let China alone, the secretive hacker' Lark', fight against enemies like wolves, tigers and leopards .

But at the moment, they are not concerned with shame at all . This war without smoke is directly related to the stability of the social and national foundation . They silently cheered for "lark" .

The actual situation is developing at the worst . The firewall created by Lark has been wildly breached by foreign hostile forces . The speed of its creation has been far behind the speed of the breach . At this rate of development, it is only a matter of time before Lark is defeated .

NSA executives finally relaxed nerves suddenly tightened again . Although Lark is not a member of their NSA, he is recognized as a computer genius . If even Lark cannot resist this cyber attack, they really cannot imagine who else can do it .

Is the beginning of chaos coming soon?

Many people have prepared for the worst . The foundation of the country lies in the people . If people's lives are seriously damaged, the foundation of the country will be shaken, which is more serious than the sky falling .



Xiao Luo put down his drink and said, "Let me help you!"

His words just fell, and his ten fingers like playing the piano on the keyboard was like a clever percussion, a string of code was injected into the dark virtual battlefield .

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