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Chapter 178
hapter 178: New Beginnings .

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If people in the right way were here at this time, they would recognize that the four men were the four protectors of the dragon gang, namely, the great ape, the black wolf, the cold leopard and the cold snake . They were the right-hand men under Long Sankui . They had made great contributions to the rise of the dragon gang in the early years and had extraordinary fighting power .

Geng QiuXing has been tortured to not recognize him as a human being anymore, his throat constantly have a painful stuffy hum .

When a pit two meters deep and one meter wide was dug, the great ape kicked him directly into the pit .

At this time, the car door in the middle opened, and a man dressed a little like Shanghai beach in the 1930s walked down, with a pocket watch hanging on his chest, his age was similar to Chu Yunxiong . At first glance, he did not look like the top man who killed and traded goods, but rather like a successful tycoon with black and white hair, mostly white hair and a plump fat man .

The man, leaning on a leading crutch and wearing an antique ring made of jadeite jade on his left index finger, came up accompanied by a young woman .

The four protectors of the dragon gang saluted him one after another, respectfully shouting "Long Ye" .

Seeing Long Sankui alighting from the car, Geng Qiuxing in the pit was very excited . He cried out in his eyes, and his mouth kept making a "yum-yum" sound, pleading with Long Sankui to let him live .

Long Sankui frowned, just like the older generation expressed regret for the younger generation, sighing, "Geng Qiuxing, I am very disappointed with you!"

Hearing this, Geng Qiuxing's face grew desperate and cried like a child . He knew that he could not live any longer .

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Long Sankui reached out his thick hand and touched his head . Then he gave a cold smile: "Don't blame me . Die well . Don't worry . I'll send your family to see you soon . Let your family get together and save you from being too lonely . " Then he stood up and waved to the two men with shovels . He spit out two words lightly: "Bury him!"

"Yes . "

The two men nodded in response, then filled the pit and buried Geng Qiuxing alive .

As a shovel of soil was filled in, Geng Qiuxing's struggles grew louder and louder . After the soil covered his nose and mouth, the sound stopped abruptly until his whole person was buried under the soil, forming a small mound on the surface . The two big fellow of the dragon gang took a shovel to pat them firmly, like a small grave .

The four protectors did not even knit their brows except the ordinary disciples of the dragon sect . On the contrary, they also showed excited cruel smiles on their faces .

"Long Ye, give me the boy named Xiao, and I'll cut off his head tonight!" Big ape pleaded .

Long Sankui motioned with his hand: "Can't touch him for the time being . "

The four were all slightly stunned, and the great ape hurriedly asked, "Why?" After a little respite, he went on to say, "After investigation, he is most likely the black hand that caused the death of the law enforcement cousin in JC's hands . Even the shack where the bald head controls the kid to beg seems to have something to do with him . This man is our sworn enemy . "

"What you said is just bullshit!"

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Long Sankui leans fiercely on his crutch and drinks, "He smashed my Huangtian gambling city . I wish I could have cut the boy to pieces, but I never thought Chu Yunxiong would protect him . "

Chu Yunxiong?

Hearing this, the four protectors changed color slightly . As the representative of white, Chu Yunxiong's weight is not insignificant .

In * city, Chu YunXiong is a well-deserved overlord!

Now Chu YunXiong actually stepped in, they feel something is bad .

"Chu Yunxiong is in charge of his land . It's not good to meddle in the affairs of our dragon gang . It seems to be against the rules . " Cold leopard lightly said .

Long Sankui snorted softly: "His fist is big . He can say anything . " After thinking for a moment, he continued, "Tomorrow night, he will set up a banquet at Maple Leaf Hotel and invited me to the banquet . It seems that he wants me to make peace with that boy . Great ape and cold leopard, you two will go with me tomorrow . Remember, my face depends on it . "


The great ape and the cold leopard bowed slightly .

"Even Chu YunXiong cannot change the fate of the person I want to kill . " Long Sankui maliciously narrowed his eyes .

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The rising sun awaken the city of * from a deep sleep .

Zhang Dashan put on a suit to go to work in Luo Fang . He has now taken over the job of Xiao Luo and taken over the decision-making work of Luo Fang . Of course, he will still consult the real boss of Luo Fang, Xiao Luo, when meeting some important decisions .

"Try not to go out for a while, eat, drink, pull, scatter and sleep in the company . I'm afraid the dragon gang might come after you . " Xiao Luo was sitting on the sofa playing with the computer .

"Mom, don't care about me . You should pay more attention to your safety . "

Xiao Luo looked up at him . "Don't worry, I dare to provoke Long Sankui, so I will be sure to protect myself . The most important thing is the safety of you, Ruyi and Tang Ren . Long Sankui can't cope with me, so he will try every means to deal with the people around me . That's why you'd better listen to me, don't come back these days, and stay in the company . "

"I really don't know where you got your courage and confidence, but I believe you and I am waiting for you to step on Long Sankui . " Zhang Dashan now feels a bit like a burden to Xiao Luo . He can't help anything but hide like a mouse .

Xiao Luo nodded and smiled at him .

"I went to work, by the way, my broken car has been temporarily opened to you, and you can drive it at will . It is best to scrap it . I cannot ask too much . But then you can buy me another sports car . " Zhang Dashan said with wishful thinking .

Xiao Luo's face was covered with black lines and he said, "Get out!"

"Hey hey . . . " Zhang Dashan ran away .

At this time, the mobile phone prompts to receive a new message .

Xiao Luo picked it up and saw a video from Sun Jiannan . The video showed the balcony of a ward . In front of the balcony, Sun Yu, who had already sobered up, was sitting in a wheelchair and bathed in mild sunlight . She was wearing a hospital gown . When the sunlight poured on her, she was as beautiful as an angel, with a bright smile on her face and a beautiful smile .

Xiao Luo laughed in relief and looked at Sun Yu on the video and muttered to himself, "Start your new life . Although I am no longer in your world, as long as you can live happily, it is the best return for me . goodbye, Sun Yu!"


The last voice was full of precious tone, then he turned off the video and put down the phone .

All the past with Sun Yu will be sealed in his best memory .

Today is her fresh journey, but for him, it is the beginning of another journey . He can now fight the dragon gang to the end with no distractions .

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