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Chapter 180
hapter 180

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Hua Ye, in the study hall of the library .

Bai Xeiwen's forehead and nose formed a layer of fine sweat, her fingers in the fast percussion, this state lasted for ten minutes, she has felt very tired, her fingers are like going to lose consciousness . They're aching .

Her facial expression is very focused, any slack can't happen, otherwise it's the result of failure .

Although she has been very hard to stop, but hostile forces this menacing, four top hackers joint attack is like a tsunami fierce, unstoppable . Bai Xeiwen was losing, and she look more and more ugly, she clenched her lips, and her tender lips were bitten like a drop of blood .



"Finished, Lark lost!"

At NSA headquarters, everyone's eyes widened with horror, and they did not dare to accept the fact that China's protector was defeated .



Hua Ye library study hall, Bai Xeieen self-effacing stopped, her whole person is like a soul was drawn away from the body, pale, callous on the spot .

Lost, she actually lost!

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Over the past three years, she has continuously studied and made progress in order to be able to resist foreign hostile forces invading China's network .

From an early age, her family's education told her to love her motherland . She heard it, so when she realized her talent in computers, she took part in the protection of China without hesitation . In reality, no one knew that even her best friend Chu Yue did not know that she had resisted more than ten crises for China . Each crisis would bring disastrous consequences to China .

She silently enjoyed the glory, which was the secret she held to herself .

Only she took the secret too seriously, so when she failed this time, she felt not only deep frustration, but also-the disillusionment of her dream!



"The lark of China has finally been defeated by us . From today on, China's network will become our back garden . We can go in whenever we want, hey hey . . . "

Somewhere abroad, a group of blue-eyed men are crying with excitement, and even some people have opened champagne to celebrate . China's network has been breached, and all information will be destroyed by them . Then the losses brought to China will not be as simple as tens of billions .

However, just at this moment, the newly opened network gate is closing quietly . A firewall appears without warning, like a natural barrier, blocking their progress .

"What is going on?"

A group of people were dumbfounded, then stopped celebrating and immediately attacked the firewall .

Commands bombarded the suddenly appeared firewall . What they couldn't believe was that the code of the firewall was different . They attacked frantically for half a minute and only tore a corner . When they finally conquered it, another firewall appeared in front of them, sounding a red alarm to stop them from advancing .

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"Sh* t, what the hell?"

These people opened their eyes in astonishment, but they were not discouraged and continued to grind their teeth to attack .



The NSA headquarters in China was originally depressed . Everyone bowed their heads in gloom, but suddenly an exciting cry exploded in the silent hall .

"We haven't been breached yet, and a new firewall has appeared, blocking those bastards out of the country!"

The excited voice instantly ignited the whole hall . Everyone raised his head and looked at the computer in front of him . Then one by one, he lost his voice in shock and looked at the black virtual space in astonishment .

NSA executives also swept to the computer, one by one excited incoherent .

"ha, ha, ha . . . god bless my country, god bless my country!"

A middle-aged man in a suit and tie excitedly said, "Do you think those bastards, like the zombies who met wall-nut in the zombie wars?"

This remark, surrounded by laughter, is really the case, this description is too appropriate!

However, the hall was soon immersed, because the foreign bastards did not give up . They were still like zombies eager to gnaw on their brains, chewing on the firewall blocking them like wall-nut .

"It seems that this is not Lark's firewall . "

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"Yes, Lark's firewall is characterized by rapid reconstruction, while the current firewall reconstruction is relatively slow . It is characterized by being very firm and not easy to break . "

"This is clearly another person who went to war . "

The computer experts in the hall immediately discovered something unusual and exchanged their opinions and opinions one after another . Finally, they came to the conclusion that it was not Lark but another person who was fighting against foreign hostile forces .

What? Another person?

The news reached NSA executives and immediately caused quite a stir . Is there another computer genius hidden in China besides Lark?

Some people were shocked, some were excited, and others blamed themselves for not digging out such talents . This thought suddenly made them feel extremely sad . How many talents have been buried in China?

At this moment, NSA senior officials reached a highly unified opinion, that is, they must dig out these talents submerged in the vast sea of people .

Five minutes later, warm cheers and applause came from the hall .

"Retreat, they retreated!"

"We won, and those bastards found that they couldn't go any further after breaking through the third firewall . "

"Well done, that's awesome . "



In the study hall of the Hua Ye Library, Bai Xeiwen opened her eyes wide and looked at the screen in front of her with disbelief . All the codes of aggression disappeared . A firewall formed by the new code combination stood there like the Great Wall, impeccable . At least she looked all the way down and found no loopholes in it .

"Who is this man?"

Bai Xeiwen had a frenzy of shock, only three firewalls to stop the menacing enemy, she just saw clearly, the second firewall is upgraded on the basis of the first, and the third firewall is upgraded on the basis of the second, reinforcement content where the enemy breached holes .

In such a short period of time to come up with a solution to the loopholes and use instructions in the form of a firewall, is this still a human brain?

In addition to the shock, the hacker's pride was also hit . She couldn't wait to send a message to the other party .

"Who are you?"



Xiao Luo received such a question, he jokingly asked, "Who are you?"

"Lark . "


Xiao Luo hissed, thought for a moment, then hit the keyboard and answered, "Destroy!"

The reason why he called himself "Destroy" is that this word is his generation . Their generation in the Shore family tree is his generation, which is just in the "Mie" word meaning destroy .

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