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Chapter 177
hapter 177: Geng QiuXing's fate .

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When 80 million yuan arrived, Xiao Luo threw the knife away and said to Geng Qiuxing, "take a message for me to Long Sankui and tell him that the black color of the river city will have to change owner . "

He patted Geng QiuXing on the shoulder, turned and walked towards Gu QianLin, leaving only Geng QiuXing in cold sweat, his eyes full of horror .

Gu Qianlin was scarred . Seeing Xiao Luo approaching, she said coldly, "You devil!"

"I saved you, shouldn't you say thank you?" Xiao Luo smiled slightly .

Then squatted down, stretched out his hand to help her, Gu Qianlin looked at him warily: "What are you doing?"

"Take you to the hospital, you are the only witness, can prove that I was forced to fight back when facing death threats, and I also saved your JC police officer, so I must ensure that you are safe, otherwise I will have a lot of trouble . " Xiao Luo said lightly .

He ignored her and helped her up from the ground .

Gu Qianlin was ashamed and angered . She glared at Xiao Luo maliciously: "I will definitely bring you to justice!"

"I'll wait . "

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Xiao Luo gave this sentence .



"Boss, Xiao Luo fought in Huangtian Gambling City of Long Sankui last night . Fifty-three disciples of the inner circle of the Dragon Gang were all cut off with one hand . Geng Qiuxing, head of Huangtian Gambling City, fled with 10 million dollars to escape Long Sankui's accusation . "

InbChongshan Pavilion, Leng Zuo is reporting the situation to Chu Yunxiong who is sitting on the chair and playing Weiqi with Ge Zhongtian .

This information startled Ge Zhongtian: "Cut off 53 people's hands, will JC let him go? What is Xiao Luo thinking? He is ruining his future! "

Chu Yunxiong gave birth to a son and said cheerfully, "Don't underestimate Xiao Luo . If he dares to do so, he is naturally well prepared . "

Leng Zuo nodded: "Last night, Xiao Luo was accompanied by Gu Qianlin, the criminal investigation chief of Jiangcheng General Administration . She proved that Xiao Luo was in self-defense, and the surveillance video of Las Vegas also proved that a group of dragon gang members hacked and killed gamblers wantonly and finally threatened Gu Qianlin's life . The key time was for Xiao Luo to come forward . Jiangcheng General Administration also issued Xiao Luo with a banner for this and thanked him for saving a person of JC . "

When it comes to the end, his face was in distress, in his heart, he really admired Xiao Luo . The dragon gang smashed several stores of Luo Fang, and Xiao Luo directly smashed Long Sankui's profitable casino in return, he even cut off the hands of 53 dragon gang members . This iron means to Long Sankuivs demonstrations .

"Ha, ha, ha . . . pretty . If Xiao Luo had been born in the 1930s, he would have been a fierce man in troubled times . He was courageous, resourceful and more powerful . "

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Chu YunXiong was not stingy in praising Xiao Luo, then put up a smile, with a long sigh, "Just sharpness is too dew, and one can easily stumble . The small Luo Fang has not many masters that can be used, with small strength, it is difficult to compete with Long Sankui, but smashing yellow day casino is a job well done .

But I don't agree with this kind of practice, Long Sankui has a violent temper, Yellow Day Casino is his pride, his revenge will be as fierce as a tsunami, the small Luo Fang simply can't stand it . It's not very easy to stand up and Luo Fang are likely to be hit and collapse . "

"Yes, Long Sankui is not easy to handle . He never kills people by himself . But in river city, he is the living King of Hell . King of Hell needs him to die in the middle of the night and cannot be kept until the 5th watch . Xiao Luo angered him, he will not live long . " Ge Zhongtian said with some regret .

Chu YunXiong didn't speak .

Ge Zhongtian looked at the chessboard surprised and said: "Three robberies cycle? We have made peace . "

"Yes, then make peace . "

Chu Yunxiong said cheerfully, "I'll be a peacemaker once . "

Hearing this, Ge Zhongtian opened his eyes wide, Chu Yunxiong's remarks, its saying to give Xiao Luo backing? How is it possible to quell Long Sankui's anger?



The night was shrouded, and a suburb outside the river fell into a deathly silence .

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At this time, three black cars came from a distance, breaking the silence here . The harsh lights reflected the vegetation here . The reflection of the vegetation dropped on the ground, looking like a devil with teeth and claws .

"Long Ye, I dare not, I dare not, you spare this dog!"

A middle-aged man was tied with a thick rope and dragged out of the first car by several big fellow . His hair was fluffy and his body was covered with bruises after being beaten . It was Geng Qiuxing, head of the casino . At this time, he had no high-spirited spirit of the day, just like a Reservoir Dogs after being beaten up . He was flustered .

He kept kowtowing to the black car in the middle of the court, knocking the ground "banging" on his forehead, smearing a lot of dirt, grinding his skin, and dripping blood on it . He didn't care at all .

Beside him, the two big fellow was deadpan, holding a shovel and digging a hole .

"I said Geng QiuXing, Long Ye didn't treat you thin ah, the yellow day casino was given to you to take care of, but as a result, you, carrying ten million escaped, your bravery is really fat!" A man about 30 years old, wearing a white coat and trousers, with a yellow hair, bent over and said to Geng QiuXing, his eyes were so wide that the meat on his forehead was wrinkled like a rag .

"Great ape, for the sake of our former friendship, please help me beg Long Ye, help me beg Long Ye!" Geng QiuXing said holding his thigh .

The great ape smiled, then his face suddenly cooled and he scolded, "I beg your mother!"

A foot kicked GengbQiuXing open, his foot is very fierce, Geng QiuXing's one tooth was kicked out directly, blood poured, a large number of saliva from his mouth fell to the ground .

Geng Qiuxing fell at the foot of another man like a rubber ball . The man was dressed in black, with an inch of hair and an aquiline nose .

"Black . . . Wolf . . . "

Geng Qiuxing looked at the black man with pleading eyes and shouted out his name huskily .

The black wolf glanced at him indifferently, snorted softly, and kicked him in front of the next man like the previous great ape .

The man wore glasses and kept them separately . The glasses could not stop the malice and chill emanating from his eyes . They were as frightening as the eyes of poisonous snakes .

He stretched out his hand and grabbed Geng Qiuxing by the hair . He said coldly, "What I hate most about Leng Bao is those who betray Long Ye . "

With another kick, Geng QiuXing was sent away .

A man with glossy hair and a straight suit came up, tidied up his tie, and then spit on Geng Qiuxing: "Rubbish!"

Stretched out his hand, from the next hand to a short knife, and then relentlessly toward Geng QiuXing's face, the short knife from Geng QiuXing's left side of the face, and then from the right side of the face, like wearing a kebab pierced Geng QiuXing's face .

"Ah ~"

Geng QiuXing squealed, he can't even say a word, his mouth is full of blood, he has a painful expression on his whole face .

"I said cold noodles, I feel painful when I look at your knife . " The yellow-headed ape quipped .

The man in a suit and tie wiped his hands with a handkerchief and said dismissively, "Garbage should be punished like this . "

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