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Chapter 169
hapter 169: Class A Dangerous Person .

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"Ding, it is detected that the host is seriously injured and vitality is dropping sharply, the system will automatically deduct 100,000 points to cure the host!" In his mind there was the sound of the system's tone without any emotion .

Xiao Luo, who nearly fainted, only felt a burning sensation emerging from the wound on his back . On the contrary, he was very comfortable, like a gentle hand touched him, soothing the originally painful wound .

"Deduct 100,000 points to cure?"

Xiao Luo had a bitter smile, the system can also be forced to deduct points without his permission, which made him have an impulse to swear, but on second thought, treatment of gunshot wounds only need to spend hundreds of points, this is also worth it .

At this moment it is early morning, the mountain in the park is deserted, and even the street lamps set up on the mountain road are all extinguished because of the need to save electricity .

Xiao Luo was prone on the stone bench of the pavilion, with his eyes closed, letting the healing ability of the system play a role .

Far away in the city, there were loud sirens, a police car roared past, this did not create any psychological threat to him, he had thought about the evacuation route before the action, the route was in the monitoring dead angle of skynet system, JC could not find any clues from the monitoring, his only worry was gunshot wounds on the back .

Gu Qianlin already suspects him . Apart from preventing him from killing He Ruanliang, this shot should have a more important reason . That is to leave inexcusable evidence . Otherwise, Gu Qianlin would not have shot away from his lungs and heart, obviously leaving his life behind .

"Will it leave traces?" Asked Xiao Luo .

The object of the question is naturally the system integrated with his body .

"Ding, when the host suffers from wounds including but not limited to gunshot wounds, knife wounds and burns, and any injury that endangers life but does not really kill, the healing ability can be activated by itself, and points can be deducted to heal the wound for the host, and the wound can be cured permanently without leaving any trace . "

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Permanent cure, leaving no trace?

Xiao Luo couldn't help joking: "You sound like an advertisement . "

The system did not reply and seemed unable to respond to such instructions .

"What if the points are less than 100,000?"

"Ding, the healing power will not start!"

It was so!

Xiao Luo stopped talking and was too lazy to talk nonsense with such a system without independent consciousness .

Half an hour later, the healing process was over .

Xiao Luo's mental energy was restored . He moved his arms and felt no pain . He reached out to touch his back . The place where there was a blood hole . Even if he did not need to look with his eyes, he could be sure that there was not even a trace of scar left .


Xiao Luo gave the system a highly recognized evaluation .

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Just as he was about to leave, a man took a woman and ran up the mountain . Then he walked halfway up the road and broke into the dense forest nearby . Soon there was a burst of carefree groans and chants . Obviously, this was a pair of wild mandarin ducks, seeking temporary happiness here while the dark wind was high and no one was there .

Xiao Luo didn't run close to see, but his eyes has already adapted to the dark and just saw two glistening body intertwined, with the day as the quilt, the ground as the bed, taking off their clothes very clean . They seem not afraid of the cold temperature .

Xiao Luo is not peeping tom, so he turned to leave, before leaving, he conveniently put the man's clothes whilst his busy whit his love in his own body, while his original sweater, was thrown in the trash can on the mountain .



"Gu Dui, we have found Xiao Luo . He is in the People's Hospital in Guangming District . " The intercom rang with the voice of those reporting .

In the hospital?

Gu Qianlin was stunned and ordered: "Watch him and don't let him escape, otherwise you won't have to come to work tomorrow . "


JC police in the intercom obviously shuddered and said loudly .

"Drive to the People's Hospital!" Gu QianLin hastened .

The man took the order, threw the half-eaten instant noodles into the garbage bin outside the car, started the car and headed for the people's hospital .

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"Gudui, this is not right . Why is Xiao Luo in the hospital? Is he going to turn himself in?"

Wang Hanxuan frowned and couldn't think of the reason . After all, apart from searching for a common village, the other place that they would pay attention to in the first place was the hospital .

"Only he knows what cold-blooded killer is thinking like that . However, he must be arrested this time . " Gu QianLin was clutching her fist grinding it in a way .

Wang Hanxuan nodded approvingly . He couldn't help shuddering at the thought of the killing of He Ruanliang, an underground parking garage near Lishui Riverside . If the assailant is really Xiao Luo, then Xiao Luo is an extremely dangerous person, like a beast wandering in the city, which may endanger other people's lives at any time .



In the Hospital, Sun Yu is still in the emergency room .

Outside the emergency room, seven or eight JC police were aiming their guns at the front, their backs wet with cold sweat, and their spirits were in a state of high tension at the moment .

Xiao Luo holding a paper cup, lightly looked at them, without any panic, his face calm .

However, Xiao Ruyi, Tang Ren and Hu Shuirong were stunned and did not dare to breathe .

What the hell happened?

Why do these JCs pull their guns at Xiao Luo?

Why does JC look so nervous?

This series of problems have sprung up in the minds of Xiao Ruyi, Tang Ren and Hu Shuirong, making them feel more and more mysterious about this straight man standing like a pine tree with too many unknown stories behind .

Xiao Luo shook his head and smiled, ready to move in one direction .

"Don't move!"

JC, the leader of the team, was sensitive and shouted at Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo lifted the paper cup in his hand: "Don't be so nervous, I'll just pour a glass of water . It's in that corner and won't leave your sight . "

Saying that, before these JC could do anything, he already took his steps toward the corner where the water dispenser is .

JC's gun moved with his movement . Bead-sized sweat had fallen from their foreheads . They learned from the data that Xiao Luo was a Class A dangerous person . Even armed criminals robbing banks could only be ranked Class B . Class A was above Class B . They couldn't imagine how dangerous this guy was .

Xiao Luo put the paper cup under the hot water faucet, press the switch, the steaming hot water flowed vertically into the paper cup, sweet dripping sound, filled with half a cup, he drank it and felt a little hot in his mouth, then he added some cold water, when the temperature is adjusted to the appropriate level, he then continued to take a sip and drink .

Seeing these, the JCvs also unconsciously swallowed their saliva, they also seems to feel thirsty .

The leader's heart was filled with horror . He was able to drink so calmly under the aim of their seven or eight guns . This was an incredible psychological quality . He suddenly felt an invisible pressure coming from Xiao Luo .

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