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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:15:47 AM
Chapter 170
hapter 170: Losing Sense .

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When Gu QianLin arrived, XiaoLuo just finished drinking the water in the cup .

Fresh and beautiful appearance, spirited figure, neat short hair and elegant eyes as pure as water, Gu Qianlin is an eye-catching scenery wherever she goes .

"Officer Gu, what do you want to do with all this fanfare?" Xiao Luo put the empty paper cup into the trash basket beside him, turned around and said faintly to Gu QianLin .

Gu Qianlin sneered: "Xiao Luo, you don't have to pretend any more . You were the one who killed He Ruanliang in the underground parking garage near Lishui River an hour ago . "


He Ruanliang was killed?

Xiao Ruyi, Tang Ren and Hu Shuirong were shocked and stared at Xiao Luo, unable to accept the fact that Xiao Luo killed He Ruanliang .

Xiao Ruyi, in particular, in her eyes, her brother has always been honest and dutiful, treating his family with great filial piety . How could he become a murderer? The previous uneasiness was magnified to the extreme at this moment, feeling that the sky was falling .

Xiao Luo smiled and said: "Officer Gu, as JC, you have to be responsible for what you say . If there is no evidence, if you call me a murderer . I can accuse you of slander . "

"Threatening me?"

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Gu Qianlin became angry from embarrassment . "You want proof, right? Well, do you dare to take off your clothes and let's look at your back?"

The gunshot wound on the back is irrefutable proof . As long as the wound is confirmed, then Xiao Luo is 100% the murderer of He Ruanliang . Compared with losing a chance to wipe out the drug interest chain in the river, arresting Xiao Luo gave her a sense of accomplishment .

Xiao Luo didn't speak, his complexion is like frost, silently staring at her .

At that time, the air in the corridor seemed to be frozen, and everyone present felt a great deal of pressure from the bottom of their hearts .

The pressure dissipated in a flash after Xiao Luo smiled .

"Why not?"

Xiao Luo lightly responded to GuQianLin, unbuttoning one by one, and then turned his back to Gu QianLin and her line of people . His whole back is exposed to JC's line of sight .

All JC froze when they saw that Xiao Luo's back was intact and there was no gunshot wound at all .

"There was no injury, this . . . how is that possible!"

Speaking is Gu QianLin's deputy Wang Hanxuan, his tone with full of disbelief, "It clearly hit him, it is impossible for him not be hurt . . . "

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Gu QianLin just stood in the same place, her beautiful eyes had big unspeakable shock and doubt, she even blinked hard several times, she wants to make sure whether her eyesight is good or bad . But the result is still the same, Xiao Luo has no gunshot wounds on his back .

"Impossible, It clearly . . . is it a ghost?"

She muttered to herself and walked toward Xiao Luo . She couldn't help reaching out to touch Xiao Luo's back . Finally, she carefully checked Xiao Luo . Not to mention the gunshot wound, even a slight scar was not found . His every skin was intact and smooth as a beautiful artwork .

Xiao Luo put on his clothes, buttoned them up one by one: "I'm sorry to tell you that I'm not the murderer you're looking for . " After fastening the buttons, he adjusted his collar a little and snorted softly, "This is a hospital . You need to keep quiet . You'd better take these people at your disposal and leave quickly!"

Saying that, he bypassed Gu QianLin, and headed for Xiao Ruyi .

Gu QianLin can't believe in her heart, how could it not be Xiao Luo?

Her brain has become a mess now, as JC's intuition told her, the cold-blooded killer is Xiao Luo undoubtedly, but if it is Xiao Luo, then why didn't he have his own bullet wound?

Can't think of it, can't explain!

"Ma'am, it seems that we made a mistake . He didn't do it . "

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Wang Hanxuan came up and whispered to her, at the same time also quietly relieved, because he didn't see Xiao Luo's back injury, they can rule out that Xiao Luo isn't the murderer of He Ruanliang .

Not him? How could it not be him!

Gu Qianlin was nearly mad . She has been working in JC for eight years . Not once did the facts deviate from her speculation . This time not only it severely dampened her long-term confidence, but also made her begin to doubt her handling ability .

Thinking of He Ruanliang, the only person who can dig out the drug benefit chain of the river, who is dead, and now even the direction of the murderer seems to be wrong . . . Looking at Xiao Luo's calm back, as if it's laughing at her . Gu QianLin only felt the blood in her body constantly upwelling . Her anger gradually replaced reason, her fist tightly holding, the next second, her feminine body like a shell flew toward Xiao Luo .

"Xiao Luo! ! !”

A sharp shout came from her throat, its just oure fist wrapped withvigorous surging power with fancy moves .

Xiao Luo turned, his body instinctively reacted shaking his right foot wrapped with biting momentum .

"Peng ~"

His leg and hr fist brazenly collided, like two roaring torrents suddenly hitting, surging terrible as pentium flood swept toward both sides .

Xiao Luo's whole right leg slightly hemp, his body became imbalanced as he helplessly fell to the ground .

Gu QianLin was forced back four or five steps, with he right foot on the ground strong steadying her body . She is now like an angry female leopard, angry, her silver teeth biting, her right foot stepped on a plastic chair on a corner .

"thud ~"

The plastic chair that was originally fixed on the iron frame with screws flew out into the air like a bean curd residue project under her strong force . Gu Qianlin let out a sharp voice from her mouth . Her right foot swung out, pouring all her strength onto her right leg, and then kicked on the plastic chair .

Crazy fierce power instantly turned into speed, the plastic chair with its high-speed rotation roared with the wind towards Xiao Luo .

The speed, strength, momentum and the outburst of Gu Qianlin's anger have shocked some people in the place, especially Wang Hanxuan and a bunch of JC . It is hard to imagine that this would be a woman's strength .

Xiao Luo was slightly cold, his leg kicked high . . .

Gorgeous, agile, not sloppy!

Like a beast, the plastic chair came .

At the same time, Gu QianLin rushed like crazy, such as swallow wings, her right knee carrying mountain tsunami power toward Xiao Luo .

"Enough is ENOUGH!"

Xiao Luo was provoked, his momentum suddenly climbed, he stretched out his left arm like a cold iron sweeping to Gu QianLin's neck .

Fierce, incomparable!

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