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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:15:50 AM
Chapter 168
hapter 168: Cold Blood .

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He Ruanliang was suddenly stunned by Xiao Luo's insane smile, because from the point of Xiao Luo this short four words and facial expression, Xiao Luo seems to have long involved with their dragon gang and in conflict, he suddenly remembered the night of September 12, when the law enforcement open fired and many members died .

According to his brother in JC police, a man shot a black gun and killed all the people in the law enforcement hall by JC's hand .

It's not related to this person, is it?

This speculation emerged from his mind without warning, and immediately scared him pale and his eyes widened .

Xiao Luo stretched out his hand and pulled the knife out of his left shoulder . "Long Sankui boasts 3,000 members, then he'd better prepare 3,000 graves!" He said coldly .

His words just fell and the bloody knife fell and pierced He Ruanliang's palm like a nail, nailing He Ruanliang's palm to the floor .

"Ah ~" His shrill shrieks intensified .

Xiao Luo with a cruel smile on his face, pulled up the knife again, and then like a scalpel in He Ruanliang it pierced everywhere, the sound of sharp blade cutting flesh and He Ruanliang's shrieks in the empty underground garage seeping to people echoed up .

Only a moment's time, He Ruanliang body is a bloody, the blood dyed red blue shirt he was wearing, the most shocking was the wound on the face, its cut out by the blade, from the left side of the forehead, left from the right side of the chin, and it made his dense bone visible .

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He Ruanliang's whole body was twitching, dying, his mouth and nose are bleeding out, he didn't even have the strength to cry out again, he's so frightened looking at Xiao Luo . His face crying, he wanted to beg for mercy, but as his mouth had blood and it is uncontrolled into his trachea he couldn't, he never thought he would have such an end today .

Xiao Luo stood up, just like enjoying a work of art, looked at him coldly with his head down .

He didn't prepare a knife and ended his life . He just wanted to watch him enjoy the endless pain quietly and then gradually became desperate until he died .

"Bang ~"

At this moment, a sharp gunfire thundered .

A bullet tore through the heavy space, with unparalleled ferocity, one end of the bullet went into Xiao Luo's defenseless left back . Thee huge impact force was like a speeding car slamming into his back . Xiao Luo suffered from pain and almost fell to the ground .

In 0 . 01 seconds, he immediately judged the position of the shooter, and then, driven by instinct, He Ruanliang on the ground was arrested and held in his hand, taking He Ruanliang as a shelter, turned to face the direction of the bullet .

"Let him go!"

Gu Qianlin, who arrived in a hurry, was holding a gun and frowning with a loud warning .

Wang Hanxuan and the other two JC police on both sides of her, when the other side put the knife rest on He Ruanliang neck turned to face them, they sincerely feel a pungent cold murderous look, their palms could not help but sweat, this is a kind of unspeakable feeling, as if they were in a confrontation with a terrible beast .

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"Help . . . help me . . . "

The moment he saw JC police, He Ruanliang's survival instinct prompted him to shout for help, but his voice was hoarse and low, like a duck with its throat cut .

"Let him go, do you hear me?"

Gu QianLin rapped out, she is not 100% sure if it is Xiao Luo, but in her mind she id seventy or eighty percent sure, the other party is really Xiao Luo, then now should be the real face of Xiao Luo .

Looking at the bloody, already can't tell He Ruanliang, she felt a chill from the bottom of her hearf, the other party can respond in such a short time, directly coercing He Ruanliang, this is really a wise, cold-blooded, calm killing machine, even her, it let her whole body had a layer of goose bumps .

Xiao Luo hid behind He Ruanliang and his face was as cold as frost . The arrival of Gu Qianlin disrupted his plan . He could only afford He Ruanliang as a bargain .

Without saying a word, he was like a wild animal, carrying He Ruanliang to another entrance of the underground parking garage . from beginning to end, he was hidden in the darkness, with only the short knife in his hand tightly sticking to He Ruanliang's neck and a gleaming cold awn scattered .

Gu QianLin pressed up steadily, waiting for an opportunity, an opportunity to strike .

But even after Xiao Luo took He Ruanliang to another exit, this opportunity did not appear, and the two sides once again entered a state of confrontation .

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He Ruanliang felt the knife slowly moving around his neck . He knew that Xiao Luo was going to kill him . He was shocked and cried hoarsely, "No . . . No . . . "

"Stop, stop! Do you hear me?"

Gu Qianlin shouted loudly that her nerves were strained to the extreme . She could not accept someone brutally killing a life in front of her .

But all her warnings were in vain . The knife still cut He Ruanliang's throat without mercy, and "poof" hot blood spattered out from He Ruanliang's throat .


Gu Qianlin lost control of her emotions and immediately fired .

"Bang Bang Bang ~"

Several bullets burst out in flames, but when Xiao Luo slit He Ruanliang's throat, he ran into the entrance and left . All these deadly bullets hit the wall of the underground garage .

When she calmed down and ran with Wang Hanxuan, He Ruanliang had fallen into a pool of blood, his eyes were wide open and he died unsatisfied .

"Killed with one knife, this guy is even more cruel than cold-blooded killers!" Wang Hanxuan's back had straight chill .

Gu Qianlin was furious and ordered with gnashing teeth: "Apply to the headquarters at once and find out the suspect Xiao Luo! ! !”

Killing someone in front of her is contempt for her and for the dignity of the law . Such people must be arrested and brought to justice .

"Yes" Wang Hanxuan nodded in response .



Xiao Luo endured the pain and came to the pavilion on the mountain of Guangming Park . Although Gu Qianlin's shot did not kill him, the bullet was deeply embedded in the skin and bled so much that his mental state was very poor .

The hand slowly touched the wound on the back, gnawed his teeth, closed his eyes at last, and his heart was horizontal . He put his finger in and tried to dig out the bullet embedded in it .

The sharp pain of heart-rending and lung-splitting poured into the brain at the moment when his fingers reached in, causing his facial expression to distort and his throat to groan uncontrollably, but finally he dug out the somewhat withered bullet .

He is like the soul was suddenly drawn away from the body, he fell down, pale as paper, sweat poured out of his forehead .

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