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Chapter 165

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Sun Yu was wearing a red hoodie and was sitting on the roof of the hotel, looking at the night view of the city with dim lights underneath .

The night wind was strong and cold, but she did not feel cold at all . Or, her heart was already cold . Tears poured out from the corner of her eyes and ran down her cheeks, marking two tears on her delicate face .

She sat on the parapet with her left hand clasping her curled legs and her right hand clinging to her ear, crying like a lost child .

Hearing her crying, Xiao Luo's anger vanished in a flash .

He asked, "What's wrong with you?"

Sun Yu cried and said: "Xiao Luo Ge, when you announced to everyone that I was your woman that day, how I wanted to say loudly that I liked you too . I was deeply attracted by your temperament when we met for the first time . I liked your smile, looked at you quietly and enjoyed staying with you . "

Crying and laughing, her delicate face is a bit more bleak .

"How I wish time I could stay forever on the night when we ate roasted sweet potatoes together . You said to me that when were a child, it was the best, no worries, fishing in the river, digging rat holes in the fields, folding planes, rubbing mud … I was really happy at that time . I still remember a nursery rhyme, Xiao Luo, can I sing it to you?"

Before Xiao Luo could answer, she began to sing softly, with a sweet voice .

"You take a, I take a, often take a bath to often change clothes . You take two and I take two . Remember to bring handkerchiefs every day . You take three, I take three, don't spit everywhere . You beat four and I beat four, killing flies and mosquitoes . You take five, I take five, eliminate bugs and mice . . . "

Singing the song, tears was pouring down, tears already blurred her line of sight .

At this moment, Xiao Luo has already arrived at the door of the hotel . as soon as the taxi stopped, he pushed open the door and rushed out, shouting at the cell phone: "Where are you?"

"I am at home!"

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Sun Yu smiled mournfully and then brought her mobile phone near, "Xiao Luo Ge, these days, I have always wanted to tell you, in fact, I love you . . . "

"Du . . . Du . . . Du . . . "

There was a blind sound from Xiao Luo's cell phone .

At this moment, the crowd as under a commotion

"Look, someone is about to jump down from above!" Harsh screams rang around .

Xiao Luo raised his head in the direction they were looking at, his pupil shrank suddenly, and a girl dressed in a red hoodie jumped down from the top of the hotel, like a fiery red rose, falling to the ground with a deep sense of death .

Sun Yu!

This is a strong intuition, there is no reason, even he didn't see the face clearly, Xiao Luo can be sure .

A close call!

He rushed away like a cheetah, his feet glared at the ground after running for a dozen paces . His whole body rushed high into the sky with a strong momentum and held out his arms to intercept her accurately . However, Sun Yu's falling momentum was too swift and violent . The amount was that his constitution, the king of mercenaries, lost its balance immediately and tumbled down in the air when he suffered such great strength in an instant .

"Crack ~" dislocated arm, pain poured into the brain, his whole left arm made him almost lost consciousness .

Sun Yu fell on the other side and fainted on the spot . Blood slowly flowed out of her body and quickly dyed the surrounding ground red .

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Xiao Luo got up, ran past recklessly, then endured the pain of his left arm and picked her up and returned to the taxi before .

Looking at Sun Yu covered in blood, the driver turned pale with fear: "You . . . your friend?"


Xiao Luo's mood again had a difficulty keeping his calm, such as a mad beast ferociously growling at the driver .

The driver did not dare to say anything more . He quickly fastened his seat belt and drove his car to the People's Hospital . He arrived in a few minutes .



There is a strong smell of disinfectant in the air .

Xiao Luo sitting outside the emergency room, all looked at the blood flowing from Sun Yu on the ground, his dislocated left arm has been he forced to correct back, as long as he don't force it, temporarily it's no big deal, resting for a while then will be fine .

His brows furrowed and his brain worked fast .

From Hu Shuirong's reminder, from Sun Yu's refusal . . . everything shows that there is a huge story, an unutterable hardship of Sun Yu, but what kind of hardship is it that would make a girl completely disheartened to the world and choose to jump off a building to end her life?

Xiao Luo don't understand, he only know that this seems to have something to do with He Ruanliang .


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After receiving the news, Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren rushed up in the first place, panting and out of breath .

"Elder brother, what happened? Yu Yu, why did she jump off a building?" Xiao Ruyi asked eagerly .

Xiao Luo did not answer her, but said with a tone of command: "Call Hu Shuirong!"

Although he did not know what was going on, Tang Ren immediately replied, "I'll call him . "

Saying that, he turned and ran away .

"How did this happen, how did this happen . . . "

Xiao Ruyi looked at the closed door of the emergency room . Her mouth kept repeating and her brain was blank .



At this moment, the scene of Sun Yu jumping off a building has been surrounded by JC .

"Gu Dui, according to the reaction of a taxi driver, the girl who jumped off the building has been sent to the People's Hospital for treatment . He also responded to a situation, saying that a strange male passenger that was carried from in the village in Taihe District . The destination of the male passenger was this hotel . In addition, the male passenger also kept telling him to drive faster and even threatened him to run a red light . It seems that he knew that a girl was going to jump off the building and that the girl was also sent to the hospital by the male passenger . "

J police member Wang Hanxuan reported the situation to Gu Qianlin .

"Taihe village?"

Gu Qianlin's black eyebrow puckered up tightly . She was quite sensitive to the place name because she found that Xiao Luo, the prime suspect of' * * * * * * * * * *' lived there . She looked up at the hotel, which was more than ten storeys high, and thought: If she jumped off the roof and fell to the ground, she would fall to the ground . Is it still possible to save her?

"Did you find out the identity of the jumper?"

"Sun Yu is a guest of this hotel . "

Wang Hanxuan nodded and replied, "she is a nurse in the people's hospital . In addition, the room in which she lived also found residual ice poison . "

"Ice, Poison?"

Gu Qianlin's brows knit even tighter . Drugs have always been the target of the country's crackdown . All law enforcement officers are extremely sensitive to these words .


Wang Hanxuan said, "There is also a middle-aged man who entered the room with her . Investigators are looking for his information according to the head portrait on the surveillance video . I believe the results will come soon . It is worth mentioning that the woman who jumped off the building had sexual contact with him in the room, so it is very likely that the woman who jumped off the building sold her body for the ice poison in the hands of the middle-aged man . "

Hearing this, Gu Qianlin, who has come into contact with many similar cases, immediately understood the reason why the girl committed suicide by jumping off a building .

Girls must be addicted to drugs, usually just like normal people, but once the drug addiction attacks, that kind of torture and suffering is very tolerable, not to mention selling the body, is to break a hand in exchange for drugs will not hesitate .

Choose to jump off a building!

This shows that it is a girl who wants to get rid of drug control . Unfortunately, she will sink again and again when she is addicted to drugs . Sinking again and again brings more and more guilt and shame .

Hard struggle, but always can't get rid of the devil's hands!

She suddenly blushed because she could deeply feel the helplessness and despair of the girl .

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