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Chapter 164
hapter 164: Anger .

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Just as Xiao Luo was standing on the top floor enjoying the night scene, his cell phone rang, and it was his sister Xiao Ruyi .

Pick up: "Ruyi . "

"Elder brother, Sun Yu is not worthy of your liking . You should never contact her again . I am really blind . I can't even see that she is that kind of woman . " Xiao Ruyivs gnashing voice sounded .

In addition, one can also hear Tang Ren whispering, "Wife, don't come to a conclusion so quickly . It may be that we are wrong, or it may not be what we think . "

"Why isn't that what we thought? She went to the hotel with the fat man with no chin . Do you believe it only after seeing the pictures of them in rolled sheets?" Xiao Ruyi's mood was out of control and she denounced Tang Ren .

Going to a hotel to check in with someone else?

Xiao Luo's mood suddenly dropped to a freezing point, unable to believe, its more unacceptable, how could Sun Yu be such a girl!

"Are you sure it's her?"

"I'm 200% sure . I also took a photo secretly and will send it to you later . "

Xiao Ruyi felt unworthy and heartbroken for his brother . At the same time, she felt extreme self-reproach . "Elder brother, don't be sad . She is a woman from easy virtue . It's not worth your sorrow . It's all my fault . I shouldn't have introduced her to you . "

"Lao Xiao, what happened?" Zhang Dashan came out at this moment and asked curiously .

XiaobLuo quickly nodded in response to the sound "Well, I know", and then hung up the phone .

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His heart was already unable to calm down . He found Sun Yu's contact information in the address book, and then dialed her, only to find that Sun Yu's cell phone was turned off .

At this time, WeChat sounded a tone to receive new . Clicking on it, it was a photo from Xiao Ruyi . The photo showed the door of a hotel . A man and a woman were entering the hotel . Although it was only a side view, they could still see at a glance that the girl was Sun Yu .

Looking at this photo, Xiao Luo laughed coldly . The bottled beverage in his left hand collapsed and shrunk under the pinch of his five fingers, and finally became shriveled . The rest of the beverage inside was squeezed out of the small opening on the top .

"Gu Dong ~"

Next to him was Zhang Dashan having a difficulty swallowing saliva, and couldn't help shuddering, Xiao Luo sneered at this time with a murderous look, letting his soul have a throb .

"Lao Xiao, you . . . "

"I'm going out!"

Xiao Luo left a word .

"Where are you going? Take my car!" Zhang Dashan shouted .

"No . "

A voice repressing an angry mood came from the corridor .

There was Feng Ge . They also came out . Each monk was puzzled: "It's ten o'clock in the evening now . Where is Xiao Ge going?"

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"God knows!"

Zhang Dashan sighed, his brow wrinkled like a rag . "Mom, eggs, my eyelids are jumping all the time . I feel like something is going to happen . . . "

"Why don't we follow up and have a look?" Feng Ge suggested .

"With an egg, you didn't see the look in his eyes just now . He was like killing people . If you want to go, I won't go . " Zhang Dashan said .

Recalling Xiao Luo's look in the eyes, he couldn't help shuddering, and then turned and walked back to the rental house, silently praying in his heart only hoping that he is thinking too much, and it wasn't a big deal .

Killing eyes?

Feng Ge and the other 4 people suddenly remembered that night in the old warehouse of the river wharf Xiao Luo against the dragon gang . The members being cut like vegetable one knife at a time, his whole body is bloody, like a cruel bloodthirsty kill god, terrible, thriller!

At the thought of this, the five trembled and immediately dismissed the idea of following up .



Xiao Lou hit a rough car and headed for the hotel location shown in the picture .

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He tried his best to calm himself down, but no matter how hard he tried, his emotions could not be calmed down . It was like a storm running around in his body . It became more and more difficult to control, and he had the urge to smash the world with one blow .

"Hurry up!"

"Brother, this is fast enough, and it will be speeding again soon . " The driver looked at the inside rearview mirror and explained .

Xiao Luo swept past him . His eyes looked like those of a hungry wolf, and with a strong sense of evil spirit, he sank and shouted, "I want you to drive faster!"

The tone of the command, it could not to be disobeyed .

The driver got a fright, he subconsciously accelerated the speed, his mind like noodles and is already anxious, he couldn't help guessing whether he was carrying a dangerous criminal, he hesitated to call the police, only to find that Xiao Luo looks fine and he is very different from the fierce gangsters, so quietly put his hand off the car installed on the quick alarm button .

He asked, "Brother, are you in any emergency?"

Xiao Luo did not speak .

The driver continued to enlighten: "Brother, there are no obstacles in this world . Let's be calm . When you get to my age, you'll think a lot . People cry when they come and cry when they leave . At last, dust returns to dust and dust returns to earth . You want to be more relaxed!"

Xiao Luo still didn't speak .

Ahead, at the traffic light junction, the driver stopped the car immediately when he saw the red light coming on .

"Drive past!" Xiao Luo said coldly .

This shocked the driver, turning his head: "Boss, it's a red light now!"

"I'll let you drive!"

Xiao Luo's tone increased a few minutes, with a strong threat .

At this moment, the driver was absolutely sure that he had met a gangster, and greeted Xiao Luo's eyes as cold as frost . He had a strong feeling that if he did not follow Xiao Luo's words, he would die suddenly and violently on the spot, grinding his teeth, put up the gear, and step on the accelerator and rushed out .

The taxi's move scared the spirits out of those vehicles that were running normally at traffic lights . After stopping, the car owners put down their windows and shouted abuse .

"I remember your license plate number, if you don't want to cause trouble, take your hands off the alarm!"

Where can the driver's action deceive Xiao Luo's eyes, this words, immediately put the driver frightened .

"Eldest brother, driving a taxi is not easy, you . . . you don't embarrass me . . . " The driver said with a sad face .

"Dust to dust to soil, be open to everything!" Xiao Luo said lightly .

The driver wants to cry, so to speak, provided it didn't happen to him .

An hour later, he was about to arrive at his destination . The taxi driver was even in a mood of death . He could not count his ten fingers after crossing the red light . His driver's license was bound to have to be re-tested and he had to pay a fine . It was like returning to before liberation overnight .

At this moment, Xiao Luo's cell phone rang .

Take a look, the incoming telegram clearly shows Sun Yu's name .

At this moment, the mood could not say how complicated it was . It was as if the flood had found a vent and all of them were eager to vent . However, he restrained himself, calmed down and answered .

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