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Chapter 166
hapter 166: Competition .

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Hu Shuirong happened to be on duty . When she heard the news of Sun Yu jumping off a building, she rushed to the emergency room as fast as she could . When she arrived at the emergency room door, her whole person collapsed and sat on the ground weeping bitterly .

Xiao Luo stepped forward and looked at her coldly from a high position . "You should know the reason and tell me!"

Not to discuss, not to ask, but it's an order .

Hu Shuirong raised her head and hissed back: "He Ruanliang!"

Xiao Ruyi's face changed slightly .

Tang Ren opened his eyes wide and couldn't believe that his boss He Ruanliang had something to do with Sun Yu jumping off a building .

Hu Shuirong lost control of her emotions, she shed tears, and said bitterly with a tone of hatred: "He Ruanliang is not a human being, he is an animal . He deliberately let us get addicted to drugs, and then forced us to become his plaything . Yu Yu fought against it, but when drug addiction broke out, she could only ask him . He not only hurt Yu Yu and me, but also many other young girls in the hospital . "

What? !

This message was like a bolt from the blue to Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren . No wonder Sun Yu went to the hotel to check in with He Ruanliang . No wonder He Ruanliang made Sun Yu hide her face and cry after saying a few words on the Mid-Autumn Festival evening party . She turned down Xiao Luo's confession and ran out . It turned out . . . That was the original reason .

"Turns out to be so, turned out to be so . . . "

Xiao Luo laughed, his face is becoming more and more gloomy, his fist rattled .

He suddenly asked, "Where does He Ruanliang live?"

Hu Shuirong's whole body shivered, from Xiao Luo, she obviously felt a bone-chilling murderous look .

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"Should you have been to the place where he lives?" Xiao Luo asked coldly .

Hu Shuirong nodded: "He has a house in Lishui Riverside, which he bought without telling his wife . It is specially used for . . . "

"How many buildings, how many floors?" Xiao Luo interrupted her directly .

"Building C, Building 9, 7th Floor . "

"Where does he live with his wife?"

"The 3rd floor, Building 6, Area B, Hongqi Park . "

Got these two addresses, Xiao Luo turned and walked .

"Elder brother, where are you going? Don't do stupid things! " Xiao Ruyi stopped him and her whole heart was jumping as she raised her voice .

Tang Ren also echoed with the words: "Let's call the police . It is good to leave such matters to JC . "

"Don't worry, I'm just going out for a walk to get some air . "

Xiao Luo turned around, threw a smile at them, and then left without looking back .

However, Xiao Ruyi could not rest assured that if Sun Yu and his brother did something illegal, she would never forgive herself .



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Not long after Xiao Luo left, Gu QianLin came to the emergency room .

Seeing Xiao Luo's sister Xiao Ruyi shown on the data and the taxi driver's reaction before, her guess was confirmed . The strange passenger was Xiao Luo .

"Where is your brother Xiao Luo?"

Gu Qianlin asked Xiao Ruyi directly .

Xiao Ruyi was somewhat surprised that the policewoman knew herself . She looked anxiously at the other JC behind Gu Qianlin and answered, "He . . . he just left a short time ago . . . "

"What did he do?" Gu QianLin asked again .

"He went outside to get some air . " Xiao Ruyi said .


Gu QianLin couldn't believe this explanation, "Did he leave any strange move? For example, ask your hospital owner address of any Ruan Liang . "

Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren both froze, thinking what was going on? Why does this police know their brother so well, as if she had studied and targeted him for a long time?

From their eyes, Gu Qianlin has already got the answer .

She immediately issued an order to Wang hanxuan: "Inform the headquarters, locate He Ruanliang's mobile phone, and be sure to find him in the shortest possible time . "


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Wang Hanxuan nodded in response and turned to execute the order .

In order to be on the safe side, Gu QianLin dispatched the bottom team members, then immediately rushed to He Ruanliang residence red flag park, and make them find He Ruanliang, immediately to protect people .

"What is your brother's mobile phone number?" Gu Qianlin asked again .

Xiao Ruyi had a premonition that something big was going to happen . In order to prevent her brother from taking a road of no return, she found Xiao Luo's number in her mobile phone: "This is it . "

Gu Qianlin dialed this number with her mobile phone, but the result was a warning tone to turn off the phone .


Angry, she put her cell phone back in her pocket and turned to leave .

This is a match, the match between her and Xiao Luo, on who is to first find He Ruanliang . This He Ruanliang, he is an important clue . If they caught him, there is a great possibility to destroy Jiang's drug interest chain at a stroke, even if he is not so important, she also could not allow Xiao Luo ignore the law, only by his own preferences to kill people .

"Wait . "

Xiao Ruyi ran up and stopped her . "My brother is a good man, if he has done anything illegal . " Her voice choked, she had a strong feeling, his brother was on JC Police blacklist, he probably has done something in violation of national laws and regulations, she cried out, "please, don't . . . "

"No one is above the laws of the country!"

Gu Qianlin interrupted . Although she sympathized with Xiao Ruyi, she was a national law enforcement officer and would never practice favoritism . She would never let anyone who broke the law go . This was her duty and her responsibility .

Looking at her and a bunch of JC police leaving figures, Xiao Ruyi was at a loss, until Tang Ren went up to her and she hugged Tang Ren tightly .

"What should I do? If my brother really broke the law, what should I do? My parents, grandparents will certainly be very sad . "

"It's okay . He'll be fine . It must be that JC Police made a mistake . " Tang Ren patted her on the back and comforted her .

Although he is also at a loss at this moment, but he is a man and cannot show cowardice in front of his own woman in critical moments like this even if he's goofy at ordinary times .



"Gu Qianlin has locked He Ruanliang's mobile phone through the positioning system, and we have taken down the person, but the other party is not He Ruanliang . " On the police car, Wang Hanxuan reported a bad news to Gu Qianlin .

Gu QianLin's eyebrow picked up: "What do you mean?"

"He is a thief . According to his account, he gave He RuanLiang's mobile phone away in a bar . " Wang Hanxuan answered with a wry smile .

Gu Qianlin gritted her teeth: "What a coincidence!"

"Yes, he don't steal early or late . It happened that he stole when we were looking for He Ruanliang . The truth in this world is uncertain . "

Wang Hanxuan said, "By the way, there is another discovery . He Ruanliang not only owns the property in Hongqi park, but also owns one in Lishui riverside . He bought it in the name of his father . It is said that his wife doesn't even know about it . I think it is probably the place where he hides drugs . "

"Have Group One and Group Two gone to Red Flag Park now?" Gu QianLin raised her eyebrows and asked .

"On the way . "

"In this case, let's go to Lishui Riverside . "

Gu Qianlin had an intuition that He Ruanliang would not return to his home in Hongqi Park tonight, but would go to Lishui Riverside and shouted, "Turn around!"

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