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Chapter 163
hapter 163: Problems .

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It has been seven days since the Mid-Autumn Festival party .

These days, Xiao Luo has not contacted Sun Yu, and Sun Yu has not contacted him voluntarily . To be honest, he fell in love with the girl . after she refused, his mood has not been very good and his words have become even less .



At night, sitting on the sofa, holding a can of drinks, watching the TV bored, like Zhang Dashan, watching dating programs . He wondered whether Sun Yu had any unutterable difficulties or whether he did not know how to pursue girls and please them . The former was unlikely . If the latter was the case, he should study hard by watching matchmaking programs .

"Lao Xiao, the good news is that Fang Changlei was arrested and sentenced to two years and eight months for his hotel's involvement in pornography . " Zhang Dashan sat on the floor of the hall with Feng Ge and the others, while reporting the recent news to Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo shook his head and chuckled, "Then he really did it himself . "

"Yes, there is a saying on the Internet,' NO ZUO NO DIE', and Fang Changlei's grandson explained the meaning of this sentence very well . "

Zhang Dashan slowly opened his three cards, and when he looked at them, his eyes immediately brightened, because the suits of the three cards were all hearts, and he was also a straight and flush, which was absolutely a winner-take-all card .

"Shit, 500!"

With a loud shout, he took out five hundred-dollar bills from his pocket and slapped them angrily on the floor .

"Zhang elder brother, this is too scary for you, it was so big from the beginning . " Xiao Wu's face slightly changed .

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"That is, we don't earn as much as you do . We don't play like this . " Several others complained one after another .

Zhang Dashan shouted at the top of his voice, "Bunch of B*tches, follow me if you want, or fold if you won't follow me, that's as simple as that!"

Xiao Wu looked at his card and his eyebrows almost knitted together: "Forget it . "

He chose to abandon the cards, and the other three also abandoned them one after another after seeing their faces clearly .

Feng Ge is a dark bet from the beginning . You don't know your face size without looking at the cards first . It's all luck .

"I'll follow!"

"Snapping ~" a five hundred bet .

"Yo-ho, small sample, you cross with me, right, I'll bet another 500 . " Zhang Dashan rolled up his sleeves and looked like he was going to fight .

"I will continue to follow!"

Feng Ge is throwing caution to the wind, and bet another five hundred, playing with the heartbeat and stimulation .

"Lao Biao, how dare you cross me without even looking at the cards?"

"Let's go for it . Bicycles change into motorcycles . Let's gamble . Scooters change into BMW!" Feng Ge licked his lips with a smile .

"Beatrice lost even his shorts . "

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Zhang Dashan took out a thousand from his pocket and threw it on the floor . "One thousand!"

Looking at the small hill-sized red bills on the ground, they couldn't help swallowing and looking straight . They wish all the money was their own .

Feng Ge hesitated a little . He was wondering if he should look at the cards first .

"Dawdle an egg, I will ask you to follow or not?"

Zhang Dashan has nothing to hide . He has a flush and a big hand . He doesn't have to be afraid .

At this moment, Xiao Luo came up and patted him on the shoulder: "What are you doing playing so much, treating me like a casino?"

"Just 2,000 dollars . This is a small bet . Do you know if it's a small bet? Don't talk if you don't gamble . " Zhang Dashan didn't have the spirit to push him to other places .

Xiao Luo smiled, kicked with his left foot and hooked with his right foot . His movements were clean and neat . He quietly changed a card for Zhang Dashan, then took the drink and walked away as if nothing had happened .

Feng Ge made a big decision: "His grandmother's, spell, one thousand, see who has the big card!"

Turn over your three cards, I go to, a pair of three, plus an old K, immediately his face wrinkled like the "sorry" word .

"Ha, ha, ha . . . small sample, follow me, come on, let you see my big name . "

Zhang Dashan laughed hysterically and picked up his three cards from the ground . Then he clapped them on the ground with a good sense of gambling and imposing manner . "Seven or eight or nine, flush, you're dead!"

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Feng Ge and Xiao Wu looked, after a but they were laughing aloud .

"Brother Zhang, yours is not a flush . "

"It's 689 . Even the colors are different . One is the biggest . "

Zhang Dashan smelled sh*t, so he looked down . . .

In the trough, it's really 689, 689 is a red peach, and 6 is a plum blossom: "what's going on with this, this, this, this, this, this, what's going on with my seven red peaches?"

Feng Ge ignored him and reached for the money on the ground: "Hey hey . . . Brother Zhang, I'm sorry, but all this money is mine!"

Xiao Wuyi's face was saddened: "I knew Zhang Ge was cheating us . I said I wouldn't give up my cards . A pair of preserved eggs just gave up . I really want to eat and shit . "

"Cheat your younger sister, Lao tze is really a flush in 789 . I can't be blind and wrong . You should go to the toilet to eat and shit . I just pulled it and it's still warm . "

Zhang Dashan could not mention how angry he was . The two monks were confused and finally came up with a possibility .

Frightened, he ran out and said to Xiao Luo with a serious face: "Ghost, Lao Xiao, this house you rented is definitely haunted . It changed Lao Zi's cards, you should move tomorrow . Anyway, now you have money, so you don't have to squeeze in here so hard . "

Looking at his face was scared to white, Xiao Luo couldn't help laughing .



[Chong Shan Ge]

Chu YunXiong is walking shoulder to shoulder with Ge Zhongtian on the main road of the company, breathing the night air, talking about what happened these days .

"Fang Changlei was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison . Now Luo Fang has completely secured the No . 1 position in Jiangcheng baking industry . " Ge Zhong said .

Chu Yunxiong said with some regret: "This Fang Changlei is really unlucky, but . . . " The conversation turned, "Fang Changlei fell down and another enemy was placed in front of Xiao Luo . "

"Boss Chu, is it the dragon gang?" Ge Zhongtian tentatively asked .

Chu Yunxiong nodded: "Although the hotels sealed up are nominally owned by Fang Changlei, their real owners are actually Long Sankui . In addition, 30% of taste buds also belong to Long Sankui . If Fang Changlei falls down, it will directly harm Long Sankui's interests . With Long Sankui's narrow-mind, he will never do nothing . "

Ge Zhongtian breathed out a deep breath: "Yes, even if it didn't harm Long Sankui's interests, he wouldn't let Xiao Luo off with the kindness of Fang Changlei saving him in his early years . "

"Fang Changlei Saved Long Sankui?"

Chu Yunxiong smiled . "It's all rumors . Fang Changlei is just a white representative of Long Sankui . To put it crudely, he is a puppet of Long Sankui . The loss of a puppet will not hurt Long Sankui, but will harm his interests . He will bite people in a hurry . "

"It seems that Xiao Luo is in big trouble again . " Ge Zhongtian expressed sympathy for Xiao Luo .

"It is not certain who is in big trouble . " Chu YunXiong ourtenant said .

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