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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:15:58 AM
Chapter 162
hapter 162: Rejection .

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After decocting Xiao Luo's prescription for a while, Jiang Yongchun found that his vigor and vitality had improved obviously, and what delighted him most was that his penis, which had no response to women, was able to rise . Although it was not as magnificent as it was when he was young, he could now barely experience the joy of sex .

He was very grateful to Xiao Luo and became a loyal supporter of Xiao Luo .

Therefore, when seeing these people run on the hospital and spurn Xiao Luo, he will not hesitate to stand out and reveal Xiao Luo's identity . The purpose is to suppress those discordant voices . He is a hospital partner, and many respected doctors and leaders recognize him . What he said naturally carries considerable weight .

At this time, there is nothing more shocking to Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren .

"My brother he . . . he is the boss of Luo Fang?"

Xiao Ruyi looked at Zhang Dashan incredulously and asked .

Zhang Dashan shrugged his shoulders and waved his hand said: "Yes, I said before, but you did't believe me . Both I and these two old watches are working for him . "

Feng Ge and Xiao Wu is very cooperative and nodded .

"Oh my god, my brother is so powerful!"

Tang Ren was shocked . This is beyond his imagination . The boss of Luo Fang, who is worth at least seven or eight billion yuan, he always thought that he would not have any interweaving with the boss who is worth several hundred million yuan in his life . After all, he is only a small intern, and he hasn't even got the doctor's certificate . It is too small, but he didn't expect to have one beside him or his wife's brother .

Sun Yu froze . Her brain had lost the ability to direct her actions . She was wooden generally standing still, staring at Xiao Luo on the stage with her eyes fixed and her mouth muttering to herself in a low voice: "Originally . . . it turned out that he was the boss of Luo Fang . . . "

This message was too sudden and shocking for her!

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At this moment, she finally understood why uncle called herself to seize Xiao Luo, but . . .

Sun Yu's eyes were trembling . She sat on the seat as if she had lost her soul . The news was not good news to her . She suddenly felt that the distance between herself and Xiao Luo had become very far away . One was in the sky, the other was underground . He was a young and a promising company boss, while she was a humble nurse with a monthly salary of more than 3,000 yuan .

The difference in status, the difference in status, made her suddenly feel ashamed in front of Xiao Luo .

"Beautiful Miss Sun Yu, do you choose this doctor Fu or the young and promising and outstanding Chief Xiao beside me?"

Jiang Yongchun's loud voice brought her back to reality .

Everyone's eyes fell on her at this moment, forming an invisible huge pressure and pressing down on her .

Standing in a corner, Hu Shuirong's eyes were both hopeful and hard to hide her worries . She silently shouted at Sun Yu and encouraged her: "Yu Yu, please choose Xiao Luo . He can definitely take you out of this filthy hell!"

Facing the gaze of hundreds of pairs of eyes around her, Sun Yu was like an actor who performed on stage for the first time .

"I have no choice!"

She suddenly stood up and responded with a loud voice, then turned and ran outside the hotel .

She didn't choose? !

Jiang Yongchun was dumbfounded, dumbfounded ws Zhang Dashan, and was also Xiao Ruyi surprised with her eyes widening eyes .

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This result is too unexpected, who would have thought Sun Yu would not choose anyone!

"What's going on here?" Zhang Dashan looked at Xiao Ruyi and unknown so .

Xiao Ruyi snapped back: "You ask me, I don't know either!"

She asked Sun Yu privately how she felt about her brother Xiao Luo . From Sun Yu's words, she was very sure that Sun Yu liked his brother, but why, why did Sun Yu refuse again at this time?

She was puzzled .

Xiao Luo looked at the gate for a moment, then shook his head helpless smile, put down the receiver, and walked straight to the stage below .

Jiang Yongchun suddenly don't know what to do, he wanted to show in front of Xiao Luo, who had thought such a change would happen, this is not his performance, but in making of Xiao Luo's anathema .

"Jiang Yongchun, what can I do for you here!"

Xiao Luo suddenly stopped, turned around and dropped a word at him coldly, then jumped off the stage without looking back .

"Boss Xiao, this . . . . . . I . . . "

Jiang Yongchun really wants to slap himself a few times now . What did he do? He didn't get it . However, he did write it down in Xiao Luo, not to mention how humbled and depressed he was .



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"Elder brother, are you . . . are you all right?"

Xiao Ruyi looked at Xiao Luo's cold face coming, worried and asked .

Xiao Luo touched her head and smiled, "What?"

"Well, don't be sad, Yu Yu . She is definitely not ready for it . I can assure you that she definitely likes you . " Xiao Ruyi said .

"Yes, judging from my experience in picking up hot chicks in 1978, Sun Meimei definitely liked you, but I can't imagine why she refused you . " Zhang Dashan stroked his chin .

Xiao Luo smiled and said nothing .

He didn't lose much, but felt that Sun Yu seemed to be hiding something, especially what her friend Hu Shuirong had said to him before: Take her far away .

Seems to be suggesting something to him .

"If you want me to say it, Xiao Wu was right just now . Don't make up for it . Take it back to ooxx with a stun . " Feng Ge shouted .

Xiao Luo was very speechless and glanced at him .



Sun Yu walked to a quiet corner and cried out under a tree with her arms . She cried like a lost child when night came . She cried herself, her bewilderment and everything .

"Yu Yu!"

There was a call behind her, Hu Shuirong chased her out .

Sun Yu began to sob, trying to cover up her pain with her hand, but all the restraint was ineffective after Hu Shuirong's hand was placed on her shoulder . She turned around, hugged Hu Shuirong and wailed, "What should I do, Shuirong, what should I do? Huhuhu . . . "

Hu Shuirong's eyes also turned red and patted her on the back: "Why don't you promise him? I can see that Xiao Luo is a good man . "

"It is because he is too good, too good, I didn't dare to promise him, you know, I am not a clean girl, when that thing attack, I . . . "

Sun Yu's face was full of pain and struggled, and she bit hard on her lips . "I don't deserve him at all!"

"Fool, it's not your fault, it's all that bastard's fault . He has hurt you and me . I'm too deep in it to turn back . But you are different . You just have to bite your teeth to get through it, and you can be free from his control . Be brave with Xiao Luo . That man can help you!" Hu Shuirong said in comfort .

Sun Yu shook her head: "No, I don't have the courage to let him know!"

"Do you want to continue suffering from that bastard like me?"

Hu Shuirong's mood was a little out of control . "He is an animal . He has hurt many young girls . I can't watch you be destroyed by him any more . So, promise Xiao Luo . Xiao Luo has the ability to take you out of here . "

"I . . . I want to think about it . . . "

Sun Yu bowed her head, tears streaming down .

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