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Chapter 154

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Zhao Mengqi's words are filled with deep sorrow and regret . She once sent a text message to test him . Xiao Luo did not return at all . He was indifferent to her like a stranger, even worse than a stranger . She would not have the chance to return to him .

Mai Ling sighed, she don't know what to say .

At this moment, the door of the hospitality area of the store opened and was verifying a word . Some people always meet accidentally . When Xiao Luo walked out from the inside and walked straight to the outside of the store accompanied by the manager Sun Jiannan, Zhao Mengqi and Ma Ling froze .

"Xiao . . . XiaoLuo? Why is he here? " Mai Ling subconsciously let out a loud scream .

Zhao Mengqi is completely shocked, her mouth slightly open . Like a wood, she stood motionless . Her two eyes looking at the coming Xiao Luo, her whole brain blank .

More and more close, more and more reach!

But she suddenly became highly nervous, her heart suddenly accelerated, as if she were about to jump out of her chest, and her whole body was stretched straight, making it difficult to control the tension she was about to feel .

Xiao Luo didn't see her, walking on his left side was Li Zimeng that had just blocked his line of sight, and his attention is not on the store's customers, after all, he is hete to inspect the store, not to see who buys the cakes and bread .

"Mr . Xiao, you can rest assured that I will learn more about 5S theory and then implement it in the store . " Sun Jiannan said in a respectful way .

Xiao Luo nodded, his major in university is IE, which is specialized in managing the operation process of the factory, so as to achieve the purpose of high efficiency, saving money and manpower, and reduce the production cost . This 5S theory is the basic thing in IE . Of course, this is only for IE learners . In China, 5S theory has not been fully popularized in major companies and factories, so few people have heard of it .

Looking at Xiao Luo with someone walking by his side, Zhao Mengqi only felt hopelessness, like her soul has been moments away from her body, the most familiar stranger, she finally understand what is the meaning of this .

"Xiao . . . "

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[I have a bad feeling . . . ]

Ma Ling wanted to stop Xiao Luo, but the next second, she was like a deflated ball collapsing, because she suddenly realized that beside Xiao Luo there was a woman who has an excellent body and appearance . The woman's clothes were valuable and her temperament was beyond her reach . At first glance, she was a woman of status, she could even be Xiao Luo's girlfriend .

If she really stopped Xiao Luo, she's afraid she will make Zhao Mengqi very embarrassed!

Turning her head, she looked at Zhao Mengqi and found her face full of loneliness . She comforted her: "Forget it, don't worry, one can see that he is the thigh of the woman next to him on the list . This kind of man who eats soft food is not worth recovering . "

No wonder you are so generous, with 100,000 yuan at your fingertips . The reason is that here: Xiao Luo, I was really wrong about you!

"I'm so sad . I went to the bathroom to have my makeup mended . But the big boss didn't even look at me . "

"Stop your wishful thinking, you'd better work well . "

"Yes, that's right, strive to be a minister, so it is possible to let the big boss look at you, hee hee . . . "

Several little sister shop assistants gathered to watch the loud discussion outside the door .

Big boss?

Ma Ling was stunned and went over to beckon, "Hello!"

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A little sister gave a warm smile back and suddenly returned to the state of entertaining guests from the state of gossip . She was courteous and friendly, with a smiling face .

Ma Ling was very curious about what they said about the big boss, so she asked, "Excuse me, is the big boss you are talking about the Xiao Luo who just walked out?"

Hearing this, several small sister shop assistants who had scattered originally gathered again . After all, gossip is a woman's nature .

"Yes, he is the big boss of our Luo Fang . " The clerk said .

Ma Ling frowned: "Isn't the owner of Luo Fang named Fang?"

"It used to be Fang, but not a month ago . Mr . Xiao, our big boss, bought Luo Fang . "

"Yes, if the big boss had not bought Luo Fang, Luo Fang would have closed down . "

"The big boss is really great . In a month, Luo Fang has been up and knocked down the taste buds competitors . "

Speaking of Xiao Luo, these little sister shop assistants could not say how proud they were, and what they saw in their eyes was an almost crazy worship .

Ma Ling was stunned and disbelief widened her eyes .

Zhao Mengqi is the same, after the surprise, there followed regret, regret to her bones .

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"Ahhh, where did Xiao Luo get the money to buy Luo Fang?" Ma Ling asked loudly .

"We don't know about this either . It seems that he has a very good relationship with boss Chu of Chongshan Pavilion . "

"Well, I also heard that originally Luo Fang was bought by Chongshan Pavilion, and then the big boss bought it from boss Chu . "

"All in all, it doesn't matter . What matters is that the big boss has the ability and looks especially handsome . Whoever can be his other half is definitely the happiest woman in the world . "

These little sister employees are full of fantasy .

How is it possible to have a good relationship with Chu Yun Xiong of Chongshan Pavilion?

Ma Ling's mind had a burst like that of an ammunition, her brain plunged into a blank and chaos, who is Chu YunXiong, that's one of the internationally influential commercial predators . He is the kind of high above, a person that can look up at his existence, but Xiao Luo had incredibly good relationship with such a person . . .

Wrong, wrong!

She was suddenly flushed, because she just thought that Xiao Luo was on the list of a rich woman's thighs yet he was the one who's superior .

She looked at Zhao Mengqi, Zhao Mengqi was silent as she looked at outside the store, tears fell silently from the corner of her eye .

"He succeeded, as he said before, one day he will make everyone look up, and he did it, ha ha ha . . . " Zhao Mengqi sillyly laughed and muttered to herself .

Ma Ling's brow wrinkled deeply, and she could clearly feel the mood of her sister Zhao Mengqi .

If Mengqi had not been carried away by the temporary temptation, the outstanding man should still belong to Mengqi, but it's a pity that everything will not be started again . There is no regret medicine to buy in this world . If it were for her, she would even regret going to the wall .

She went up and patted Zhao Mengqi on the shoulder gently, comforting her saying, "Bless him, you know, I didn't take the 100,000 from my family, he gave it!"

Paper cannot cover fire . 100,000 yuan is not a small sum of money . She can't hide it in the end . It is better to confess now .

Zhao Mengqi suddenly froze .



At seven o'clock in the evening, Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan drove to Guangming District . Xiao Luo won't forget the promise to Sun Yu to come to see their Mid-Autumn Festival party, and his sister Xiao Ruyi has already made several phone calls to urge them, hoping that he will arrive at the place where the party will be held immediately .

In addition, the five people who also came off their shift also had the cheek to follow, but one car could not take so many people . So Feng Ge directly kicked the three people outside out of the car, so that he and Xiao Wu, plus Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan, could just sit down and not be too crowded .

"Brother Zhang, you are very comfortable in this car . "

Xiao Wu touched the leather seat and began to flatter Zhang Dashan . "It must be genuine leather . It feels like a woman's skin and feels super good . "

"Your grandmother! You say less line alright!" Feng Ge gave him a heavy pat on the back of his head .

[Any suggestions of what Feng Ge's group name should be? I couldn't just call them "the five people" forever . . . ]

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