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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:16:07 AM
Chapter 155
Chapter 155: [title not found] .

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The Mid-Autumn Festival party in Guangming District's People's Hospital was held in a hotel . The hotel was good at hosting weddings . As long as the decoration was slightly changed, then a temporary stage was set up with stainless steel frames and the red carpet was paved, it became the scene of the party .

When Xiao Luo arrived, Xiao Ruyi, Sun Yu and Tang Ren were already waiting at the gate of the hotel .

"Elder brother, you finally arrived!" Xiao Ruyi greeted him .

"There was a traffic jam in the way . " Xiao Luo explained .

Xiao Ruyi pouted: "All right . "

Sun Yu greeted Xiao Luo with a delighted smile: "Xiao Luo elder brother . "

Xiao Luo nodded and smiled back .

Zhang Dashan began to perk up: "Come on, Brother Feng, let me introduce you . This is Lao Xiao's younger sister Ruyi . Just follow me and call her Luo Mei . Next to her, this little white face . . . No, this little fresh meat is her husband Tang Ren . Then, this one is Sun Yu, Lao Xiao's future wife . "

Sun Yu was startled by Zhang Dashan's straightforward introduction . Her face turned red instantly .

"Hello, virtuous sister-in-law!"

Feng Ge and Xiao Wu shouted in unison, very serious, with loud voices .

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Sun Yu's face became redder now, and she was so ashamed that she wanted to dig a hole and hide herself: "I . . . I'm going to help in the backstage, Xiao Luo, you and elder sister Ruyi can go in and find a place to sit down . . . "

Finished saying, she ran away and almost bumped into other people .

"Open your eyes wide . Look at what you've done . You've scared Yu away . " Xiao Ruyi stared with her big eyes, dissatisfied with Zhang Dashan's actions .

"How would I know that Miss Sun would be so shy?"

Zhang Dashan waved his hand, a face full of innocence, then he shifted the conversation, "But look at this situation beauty Sun don't mind it at all, Lao Xiao, congratulations, you've successfully won a Maserati . "

Xiao Luo scolded, "stop you're nonsense, and just shut your mouth!"



The Mid-Autumn Festival gala was set up on the third floor of the hotel, with 30 or 40 tables . All the doctors and nurses from the hospital were here . It was very lively .

Moon cakes were placed on the table and dishes were also served . Xiao Luo saw that the moon cakes were actually made by their Luo Fang, and some sense of accomplishment emerged in his heart .

Of course, on this Mid-Autumn Festival day, Luo Fang also had bussiness, but he gave Xu Guansong and Li Zimeng full powers to handle the bussiness in his stead . It was also said that it was a dinner party, but there was no stage program . However, at the end of the dinner, a grand prize of 10,000 yuan was set up, which was also quite interesting .

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"Luo Mei and Tang Ren, don't you think I am different from the past?" Zhang Dashan asked .

He has been holding out on this question for a long time . He thinks that now that he has more than 800,000 followers on his microblog now . The public trial live broadcast has made him a well-known online sensation . He thought he was already very famous . But when he came here, Xiao Ruyi did not even respond . This made him have a strong sense of frustration .

Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren looked at each other and wondered, "Different? What's the difference? Your face is still so big? "

My god!

Zhang Dashan almost swore but refrained himself from swearing and asked, "Haven't you and Tang Ren seen the recent popular public trial?"

Tang Ren shook his head honestly and said frankly, "Zhang Ge, I have no time to watch TV except when I am preparing for a doctor's certificate . I am also not particularly interested in hearing cases in court . "

"I might as well watch a few more Korean dramas when I have the time . " Xiao Ruyi also chimed in .

"I get it . I'm casting pearls before a cow . "

Zhang Dashan sighed heavily, alas his popularity was not enough .

Xiao Ruyi didn't like it, put down her chopsticks and glared at Zhang Dashan angrily: "Big face, who do you think is a cow?"

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Zhang Dashan shivered all over, then casually pointed to the two men who were engrossed, Feng Ge and Xiao Wu, then said with a look of disgust: "I said they were cows . Look at them, they can eat as much as two cows . "

"Elder brother Zhang, this pot,I and Xiao Wu don't deserve this injustice!" Feng Ge looked up with a wry smile .

"To say that you are like cattle is to boast that you are strong and illiterate . "

Zhang Dashan's righteously reprimanded then diverted the topic, "By the way, Sister Luo, there is something I must tell you . Your brother Xiao is not what he used to be . He used to be a pushover, but now he has become a CEO and has entered the ranks of successful people . "

Xiao Luo gave him a look: "Can't you talk good ?"

But he didn't mean to stop Zhang Dashan, and he never intended to hide it from his sister, so he let Zhang Dashan spill the beans .

"I happen to be accommodating, can you please stop interrupting?" Zhang Dashan said dissatisfied .

"With a big face, you can't even drink . Why are you talking nonsense?" Xiao Ruyi jokingly said .

"I told you the truth, why don't you believe me?"

Zhang Dashan couldn't help but sigh, then took out his mobile phone and searched for the live broadcast of the public trial that day . "After watching this video, you will know whether what I said is true or not . "

Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren suspicious took the phone and clicked to view it .

"Zhang Ge, why are you in the plaintiff's seat? Are you the agent of Luo Fang? " Tang Ren said in surprised way .

Zhang Dashan, like a real expert, grabbed his non-existent beard and squinted his eyes . "Continue to look down and finish the video . I'll explain it later . "

On the other hand Xiao Luo was quietly eating his food, he is here to only observe .

Sure enough, after watching the best version of the public trial video, Xiao Ruyi looked at Zhang Dashan with new eyes: "Wow big face, you actually got the other lawyer angry and got him kicked out . I must give you some praise for this wave . "

"To deal with a Fu Heyu, its only a small thing, he he . . . " Zhang Dashan with a wave, was blooming .

"Fu Heyu? It turns out that Fu Heyu was the one you swore at harshly . I heard he was a barrister of the same rank as Ge Zhongtian . " Tang Ren's face was shocked . To tell the truth, now there are some doubts about whether the video is fake or not . The voice and characters have been processed by post-technology .

"In front of your Zhang Ge, Fu Heyu is a fart ah, he is useless, he can kneel on the ground and to sing to me, ha ha . . . "

Zhang Dashan's vanity was severely satisfied, sitting in his seat as he began to shake his legs and made wild remarks . As to why Fu HeYu was mentioned, of course he did it on purpose . Fortunately, Tang Ren and Xiao Ruyi installed a big force in front of him .

His words just fell, then a thunderous shrill roar came .

"Bastard, what are you talking about there?"

Twisting his head to see, the voice came from the mouth of a young man, between his forehead lines was thick anger .

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