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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:16:09 AM
Chapter 153

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Xiao Luo and Li Zimeng sat down in the hospitality area of the store and drank hot tea .

Sun Jiannan warmly welcomed the customers after he had hosted them and asked with a big smile: "Mr . Xiao, do you have any guiding suggestions for our work?"

Before he was skeptical of Xiao Luo, but now, he is two hundred percent believe in Xiao Luo's leadership skills, otherwise, Luo Fang could've not stood up in such a short time, especially even the taste bud boss Fang Changlei unexpectedly lost in the hands of Xiao Luo . This kind of ability, is great enough to make him feel Xiao Luo like a god .

"There is only one suggestion . "

Xiao Luo smiled and looked at Li Zimeng beside him . "It is also a requirement for all store managers . "

Li Zimeng hurriedly took out her paper and pen, and record the following words of Xiao Luo in detail so that she could carry out promotion and publicity in various stores .

"Store managers should learn to use 5S theory to manage stores . " Xiao Luo said .

5S Theory?

Sun Jiannan's face was meh, Li Zimeng also revealed a puzzled expression .

Xiao Luo smiled and then said: "5S is sorting, reorganisation, cleaning, uniform and accomplishment . Sorting is to distinguish cakes and bread with long shelf life . Those that are about to exceed the shelf life are not allowed to be placed on the shelf and disposed of as soon as possible .

Reorganization is to put everything in the store in order, specify the quantity, clearly mark, and realize the three determinations; naming, quantifying and positioning . Cleaning is to remove the dirt in the store, and prevent the occurrence of pollution . . . "

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When Xiao Luo narrated the 5S theory to Sun Jiannan and Li Zimeng, two more girls came to the store to buy cakes and bread .

They are fashionable in dress and have good figure . One of them has slightly curled hair and is in high spirits, while the other one looks in poor mental state and pale complexion, but her sweet appearance is enough to fascinate many boys .

"Mengqi, the surgical wound on your body has not completely healed . The doctor told you to pay special attention . " The girl with slightly curled hair warned .

It is Ma Ling and Zhao Mengqi!

Zhao Mengqi shook her head: "It's okay . I have a great appetite as soon as I smell the smell of toast . Let's go and have a look . "

Ma Ling curled her lips: "You can't eat it even if you have any appetite . Now you can only drink light rice congee . "

"If I can't eat, I can just go in and smell it . I'm satisfied just smelling it . " Zhao Mengqi laughed .

"This . . . . . . well, I really can't help you . "

Ma Ling compromised, "But you really can only go in and smell!"

"Well . . . "

Zhao Mengqi nodded .

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The two entered the store together . What entered their eyes were all kinds of dazzling breads and cakes, French soft bread, hill roll cake, hand-torn bread, pudding, Swiss roll . . . etc . it made people have a great appetite . Even Ma ling, who was not hungry, could not help swallowing saliva .

"If you want to eat, buy it . " Zhao Mengqi gouged out her one eye .

Ma Ling waved firmly: "No, in order to keep fit, I firmly resist this kind of high-calorie food . "

"I used to eat a lot, but I didn't gain weight . " Zhao Mengqi said .

Finished saying that, the light on her face suddenly dimmed down, because she used to eat often, just like the food bought for her by Xiao Luo . She remembers very clearly, she once came in to Luo Fang's pastry shop together with Xiao Luo, only to find that only with more than a dozen dollars, they could only finally pick a big and more hand to tear the bag, the two people split up together .

During that time, shs was really very happy!

It's just that she destroyed that former beauty . . .

When she thought about this, she felt her nose sour and her eyes reddened .

[I swear if this motif leads to nothing . . . ]

"Mengqi, what's wrong with you?" Ma Ling asked with concern .

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Zhao Mengqi took a hard breath and squeezed out a smile: "No . . . No, by the way, Ling'er, where did you get the 100,000 yuan for my treatment?"

When she was in the hospital bed, she seemed to see Xiao Luo in a daze . At the moment, she always remembered to verify with Ma Ling whether it was true or not .

"Didn't I tell you? I took it from my family . " Her eyes dodged her sight, lying, somewhat guilty .

"Oh . "

Zhao Mengqi bowed her head slightly lost, then said, "I'll pay you back the money I owe you later . "

"No, no, my family is not short of money . . . "

The more Ma Ling said more and more, the more quiet and without confidence she became . The hundred thousand pieces that Xiao Luo gave, she now think that the papers will not be able to wrap up the fire sooner or later, wondering if it should be in Zhao Mengqi's account now, but she thought, and decided to explore Zhao Mengqi's mood first, so she hurriedly skipped the topic temporarily .

"Money matters will be discussed after you are healed . As a sister, I have to say to you . How do you find that Hua Haifeng to be your boyfriend? The rich second generation has no ability at all . He just had a rich dad . Look at him . He doesn't even come to see you when you are ill . He's just a scumbag . Oh, no, it's flattering him to say he is a scumbag . He is a stone in a pit, smelly and thinks like a rock . "

Zhao Mengqi put on a mournful smile on her face: "Ling'er, don't mention him . Now, I don't blame anyone . I blame myself for being stupid and can't resist temptation . "

"Don't say that, few girls can resist the temptation of money . Take me for example . If a rich young man takes over 100,000 yuan to hit me, I may go with him without any care . "

Ma Ling stopped at the right time and then turned to Xiao Luo . "Well, let's not talk about this, let's talk about a person's name, Mengqi, who was Xiao Luo that you read in your mouth when you were in a coma?"

Zhao Mengqi was stunned, and her heart gave a wry smile: Did I call his name after I was in a coma?

"He is my ex-boyfriend and my first love . The two of us are both in love for the first time . We have no experience in love . At first, we made a lot of jokes . We were embarrassed and shy . We also made a lot of emotions . And now I recall, they are all full of sweetness . "

A sweet smile blossomed on her face, with the thought of Xiao Luo, Zhao Mengqi felt very happy .

In her mind, she had a picture of herself standing on the bus stop to take shelter from the rain without an umbrella . When her period came, she felt so painful that she could not even walk . But Xiao Luo carried her back to the dormitory without saying anything . She can't remember what the reason was . They quarreled under a tree and broke up with each other .

"Do you still love him?" Ma Ling asked .

Zhao Mengqi shivered all over her body . All the memories disappeared . She smiled sadly and shook her head . "I don't deserve to love him any more . "

"Don't say that, maybe you can get back together . "

Ma Ling took her hand and said excitedly, "Go find him, maybe he still loves you!"


Zhao Mengqi suddenly lost control of her emotions and yelled at her to step back . Looking at her standing there, she expressed regret on her face . "I'm sorry, I . . . " She closed her eyes and said in pain, "I abandoned him at the beginning and abandoned him as a worker forever . Now I have no face to look for him again . "

[did the author experienced something like this cuz he's so persistent . . . Tho I don't mind as long as its a legit harem ie polygamy and not a tease harem]

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