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Chapter 149
hapter 149: Witness .

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"I strongly protest that it is reasonable for Fu Heyu's case because he is mad . As the plaintiff's agent said, this person has foul language and insulted the sacred and dignified court . Should he be driven out too?" Fang Changlei stood up and pointed to Zhang Dashan shouted .

"As an observer, you are not allowed to speak or ask questions . Mr . Fang, you don't even know this, do you?"

Zhang Dashan choked up with a word: "If the boss of a big company wish as taste buds is legally blind, well, it is too surprising . "

Fang Changlei felt a wave of anger rising from his body . His eyes stared at Zhang Dashan viciously, as if he were trying to swallow Zhang Dashan alive .

"Knock knock ~"

The presiding judge struck the hammer hard and said solemnly, "Please sit down, please be quiet . " Then he turned to Zhang Dashan and said, "The plaintiff's agent will give you an ultimatum to stop spitting dirty words at the top of the court . "

Zhang Dashan bowed slightly: "Yes, presiding judge!"

Now Fu Heyu have been asked to get out . Of course, he will not say needless dirty words again .

"Do you have anything else to add?" Asked the presiding judge .

"Yes, I have witnesses . "

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Zhang Dashan turned around, facing the court gate, and shouted loudly, "The old man's wife who passed away in my Luo Fang store on that day will testify in court!"


Xu Guansong and the others were all stunned, thinking: Why did the old man's wife suddenly appear?

A little while later, the door of the court slowly opened, and a bony white-haired old woman came in under the help of Feng Ge . Because the Feng Ge had no right to enter the court, she could only walk by herself after entering the gate .

The old woman's back was bent and she was wearing patched floral clothes . Her face and hands were full of traces of vicissitudes left by passing years .

For the first time in most of her life, she walked into the court . The judges sitting high above her and the well-dressed spectators around her were all so strange in her eyes . She looked like a baby who had just touched the world . She looked timid and faltered, as if a gust of wind could blow her down .

This is an old woman who can't be more ordinary!

Zhang Dashan rushed up and helped her slowly to the witness seat .

"What is the name of the witness?" Asked the presiding judge .

The old woman looked puzzled until Zhang Dashan explained to her, "Grandma, what's your name?"

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"Back to . . . Lord, my name is Gao Qingfeng . . . " The old woman gurgling weakly replied, her voice is very small, but there is a microphone in, so the whole court can hear clearly .

There was a slight uproar in the audience, as the presiding judge was actually called "Lord" . Is this still a feudal society?

The presiding judge and the other judges looked at each other and then asked, "Gao Qingfeng, who do you want to testify for?"

The old woman's mood suddenly got out of control and shouted loudly: "Lord Qingtian, I . . . I want to sue my unfilial son and daughter-in-law, they . . . they killed my husband, they killed my husband . . . "

Her turbid eyes reddened with a big circle .

To sue her son and daughter-in-law, what is this situation?

All the people present were puzzled by her . Didn't she come to testify? Why did she suddenly become another plaintiff?

The presiding judge is also caught off guard .

When Zhang Dashan heard Xiao Luo's words, he hurriedly explained: "Presiding Judge, judge, please continue to listen . This is enough to clear the stigma of poisoned bread in Luo Fang . " He smiled at the old woman and said, "Grandma, please continue to speak . The Lord is listening . "

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The old woman nodded, her old face covered with pain and sobs: "My unfilial son Wang Decai and daughter-in-law Tian Guihua cruelly drove me and my husband out of the house . My husband had a bad heart . His illness relapsed after being abused by his son that day .

But he said to me: "Old woman, it doesn't matter to me . Are you hungry? I still have more than ten dollars in my pocket . There is a pastry shop in front of me . Let me buy you your favorite muffin . " Unexpectedly, he left me alone and left first . My son and daughter-in-law killed him . They killed him . . . "

Wiping away her tears, her hoarse voice and vocal cords have a strong appeal, infecting everyone present and making people deeply feel the grief of the old woman . This is how much determination it took to bring her son and daughter-in-law to court . The story behind this must make people more bitter .

Even the presiding judge and the judges frowned: "Gao Qingfeng, why did your son and daughter-in-law drive you and your husband out of the house?"

The old woman sighed long and could not say how sad it was: "When cooking, I accidentally touched the rice cooker on the ground . My daughter-in-law scolded me loudly . My husband responded a few words for me . After my son came back, he heard our daughter-in-law's complaint but said nothing . Instead he pushed and dragged me and my husband out of the house and told us to die outside . "


There are still such unfilial sons in the world!

All the people in the court were filled with indignation . They did not need to see it with their own eyes . They could only imagine what an unfilial son and what bitterness the woman felt .

Online netizens also criticized the old woman's son and daughter-in-law .

"What kind of rubbish does a son and daughter-in-law have? If my future son does this, I will slap him . "

"It's too hateful, I support the old lady to sue her son!"

"All the virtues filial piety first, he even he had the gal to drive them out of the house, and told them to die outside . Such scum must be a loser in real life . "


The presiding judge and the judge feel dejected and thoughtful, and seem to be thinking about such a helpless social phenomenon .

Zhang Dashan turned the issue back to the case of Luo Fang against Chen Jianbai: "Chief Justice, the testimony of this old woman should prove that the old man did not eat our bread in Luo Fang that day, did he? Let's say, the old man bought his wife a muffin . How could he give up eating it first? So there is only one possibility . The old man's sudden death is caused by a relapse of heart disease and it has nothing to do with my Luo Fang . "

This statement is undoubtedly very strong, and the old woman's words also prove this point .

"But how can the old man's autopsy report explain that he didn't die of cardiovascular but cerebrovascular blockage caused by excessive preservative?" The presiding judge frowned .

"This requires asking Fang Changlei, the taste bud's general manager . " Zhang Dashan smiled and pointed to Fang Changlei, who was sitting in the audience seat .

Fang Changlei was sullen, the corners of his mouth can't help but smoke, Fu Heyu was expelled from the court this is what he didn't expect, now that he is involved is more unexpected .

He couldn't understand, this has been a big slap in the face, f * * thing! Where exactly did it come from, where? Why can he so easily steer the wind direction of the court, even Fu Heyu was forced to leave halfway?

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