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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:16:13 AM
Chapter 150
hapter 150: Dangerous People .

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Fang Changlei was named by Zhang Dashan, just like the thief who was mixed up in the crowd was pointed out and attracted everyone's attention to him . However, the thief had a better psychological quality and did not have any panic . But, he was extremely angry . His eyes stared at Zhang Dashan with malicious light .

"Presiding Judge, please allow me to invite another witness . His testimony is sufficient to prove that all this is related to Fang Changlei . " Zhang Dashan lightly said .

The presiding judge nodded, "Yes!"

"Peng ~"

The door of the court was pushed open heavily . Zhang Donghai, dressed in plain clothes and somewhat flustered, came in uneasily . After Gao Qingfeng was invited down, he went to the witness seat .

At the moment of seeing Zhang Donghai, Fang Changlei's eyes flashed a shade of haze and he jumped a few times . He really didn't expect that the confidants he cultivated would betray him .

"What is the name of the witness?" Asked the presiding judge .

"If I may return to the presiding judge, my name is Zhang Donghai and I am from Qi 'an . " Zhang Donghai answered truthfully .

Zhang Dashan conveyed Xiao Luo's words and shouted with a hint of command: "Zhang Donghai, tell me what you know . "

"Yes . "

Zhang Donghai nodded wryly, then looked timidly at Fang Changlei in the audience seat and said slowly, "I am the director of Luo Fang factory on the face of it, but I work secretly for Fang Changlei of taste buds . In order to crush Luo Fang, Fang Changlei once disclosed to me that he secretly operated the expansion of Luo Fang's poisonous bread incident, with the aim of damaging Luo Fang's reputation .

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In addition, he also spent money to buy off the employees of the former Luo Fang factory to create strikes, which I helped to fuel . Just the other day, he gave me a death order, asking me to make an accident when I was working on the Mid-Autumn Festival order in Luo Fang, forcing the factory to stop production! "

The audience was in an uproar when this remark was made, and online netizens' comments burned .

"Lying in the trough, this is the hidden Boss!"

"Fang Changlei, the taste bud, was the driving force behind all this . The result is really a big drop in the mirror . "

"F*ck, well this is surprising . The trial was more exciting than the plot of the TV series . "


[In the court]

"Fart, the presiding judge, he is framing, he's framing me! ! !”

Fang Changlei had a difficult time keeping his calm, the meat on his face was shaking violently, pointing to Zhang Donghai roaring aloud .

"Knock knock ~"

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The presiding judge knocked on the hammer: "Silence, please keep silence!" After the whole hall quieted down, he looked at Zhang Donghai and said, "Witness, can you guarantee that everything you said is true?"

Zhang donghai nodded heavily: "Presiding judge, I promise that there is not a lie . In case, I also specially recorded Fang Changlei's call with me . "

Saying that, he handed out a disk .

The bailiff presented it to the judge assistant, who then presented it to the presiding judge and the judge . After checking that there was no doubt in the disk, he asked the staff to open and play the recording file inside . When the voice of Zhang Donghai and Fang Changlei sounded in the large court, everyone was surprised .

While Fang Changlei gritted his teeth and put his hand on his thigh trembling slightly .

Wang Tiechui confessed that a stranger had given him 20,000 yuan to organize a strike by employees in Luo Fang, which was completely in line with Zhang Donghai's confession .

At the same time, Chen Jianbo, who was scared to death, also confessed that he had obtained the benefits of taste buds before writing a piece of news smearing Luo Fang's reputation . In addition, he also confessed that Liu Huilong, who wrote the autopsy report, had also been bribed by taste buds and left the country .

The evidence is irrefutable .

Whether it is the presiding judge, judges, or the broad masses of the society, have understood that everything is the plot of Fang Changlei, the boss of taste buds, against Luo Fang, with the clear purpose of destroying LuoFang .

Fang Changlei had a white and bloodless complexion . Sweat was already dripping from his forehead and body . When all eyes were on him, he still sat motionless in the audience seat . It was not that he did not want to move, but that his feet had not listened to his own orders, as if all his strength had been drained from his body in an instant .


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A crushing defeat!

This trial is not a trial of Luo Fang, but a trial of him and his taste buds . However, how did this happen?

He didn't return to absolute being . Did he underestimate Xiao Luo of Luo Lang, or is he too eager destroying Luo Fang and left too much evidence?

In the plaintiff's seat, Li Zimeng looked at Zhang Dashan with stupefied eyes . She found that today's Zhang Dashan has great personality charm . In addition to the former dirty words, there was the shadow of Xiao Luo . She had hallucinations more than once . Zhang Dashan was not the one talking in court, but Xiao Luo .



"Shout ~"

In the cafe, Xiao Luo breathed a long sigh of relief, turned off the live broadcast page of the public trial, and took off the headphones . For him, the battle was relatively difficult, but he was extremely gratified by the result of the victory .

Picking up the cup on the table and preparing to drink the coffee inside, he found that the coffee was cold, so he snapped his fingers and asked the waiter to have another cup .

At this time, he didn't notice the sitting Gu QianLin, she have not gone yet, at the moment her strange eyes were fixed on as she looked at him .

"Who the hell are you?"

Gu QianLin was like looking at a prisoner, her eyes swept Xiao Luo's every feature . Almost every time they meet, Xiao Luo will bring her shock, his skill is ridiculously strong, even the mercenary red scorpion died in his hand, and now, he won a lawsuit through a remote control .

Such a mysterious man made her shiver in her heart, thinking: is this still a human being, or is he an alien?

"My name is Xiao Luo, from Western Province . My information, Gu Qianlin officer, should have been destroyed . " Xiao Luo said lightly .

"Is this really your real face?"

Gu Qianlin asked adamantly, "Your ability is beyond my knowledge . As far as I am concerned, you are a dangerous person . If you are a criminal, the police will not be able to do enough for you . You are like a bomb hidden in the crowd, which will explode at any time, bringing devastating disasters . "

"You think too much!" Xiao Luo smiled .

"Is it?"

Gu Qianlin said coldly, "I wish I had thought too much . "

Xiao Luo didn't answer her, he took a sip of the hot coffee served by the waiter, opened the "Big Bang Theory" stored in the computer and looked up .

[i dunno, it just said big bang theory]

"When the police investigates you, with your ability, I think you will become a criminal's nightmare . " Gu QianLin suddenly said .

Xiao Luo is a fierce beast in her eyes, which may cause great harm to the society at any time . She hopes to use the police as an identity to bind the sharp teeth and claws of this beast .

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