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Chapter 148
hapter 148: This is great .

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In the coffee shop, Gu QianLin's heart was in a sea of shock, because she knows best that although it is Zhang Dashan who made a public appearance in court, it is this Xiao Luo who is really acting for Luo Fang .

How is that possible?

He can actually can argue with Fu Heyu, a big time lawyer!

She found out that Xiao Luo is really a mysterious man, just like a layer of fog shrouded him, letting a person cannot see through him .

Xiao Luo was now wholeheartedly into the process of public trial, focused on looking at the laptop in front of him, as if the Gu QianLin doesn't exist sitting in front of him .


"You, you, you . . . you . . . "

Interrupted by Zhang Dashan's vulgar words, Fu Heyu pointed at Zhang Dashan, trembling with anger . He hardly speaks dirty words when he was young and well educated . Even cursing, it does not take to make him say a dirty word . So he can't stand such a foul-mouthed guy such as Zhang Dashan .

"I, I, I . . . what's wrong with me? I just farted, it should not hinder the Mr . Fu to defend, you continue! " Zhang Dashan argued .

Next to him was Li Zimeng with her face hot red, sitting there is too embarrassing, after all, she is a woman, she also couldn't stand some of Zhang Dashan's vulgar words .

"Knock knock ~"

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The majesty of the hammer sounded .

The presiding judge warned: "Plaintiff, please respect the discipline of the court otherwise spit out dirty words again, and the court will expel you!"

"The presiding judge, I really farted . . . forget it, let's say get back to the lawsuit problem . For the defender saying our Luo Fang bread poisoning incident, I have some doubts .

First, why did Liu Huilong, who released the autopsy report, suddenly quit his job as a doctor and left Jiangcheng, where is he now? Is this a deliberate attempt to avoid this trial so that we cannot confront each other face to face?

Second, the old gentleman who came to our Luo Fang store to buy bread has been in a very bad condition since he entered the store . According to our investigation, he suffers from chronic rheumatic heart disease, which is a disease that can easily lead to sudden death after being stimulated . So, is it possible that the old gentleman died because of a heart attack, then it has nothing to do with our Luo Fang, correct?

Third, based on the first two doubts I raised, don't you think there seems to be a huge conspiracy lurking inside? "

The doubts thrown by Zhang Dashan are like the pressure of three mountains, making all the people present smell some kind of earth-shattering conspiracy .

"Objection, the other party is trying to confuse the two sides . What we are hearing today is Luo Fang's threatening . . . "

"All these questions I asked are related to the lawsuit . Why is lawyer Fu so nervous all of a sudden? Are you guilty?" Zhang Dashan snapped .

"Nonsense, I have no guilty conscience!"

"Yes, yes, you are not guilty, you have kidney deficiency . "

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"Bastard, what did you say?"

Fu Heyu flew into a rage . Zhang Dashan has been challenging his bottom line . He can't be angry but he is very angry .

"Lawyer Fu, don't worry, otherwise you would be named kidney deficiency . By the way, your wife seems to be cheating on you with others . Is this related to kidney deficiency?" Zhang Dashan said in an exasperating tone .

However, this nonsense hit Fu Heyu in the heart, because his wife did have sex with someone else and he caught her in bed .

Thus, all reason no longer exists . Fu Heyu went mad, he looked ferocious, and was torn to pieces: "You tortoise bastard, this boss curse your 18 generations, you motherf*cker, you son of a b*tch! @#¥%……”

There is no need to do anything . The angry curses of the literati really surprised everyone in the place and made them stupefied . This is too surreal .



Ge Zhongtian, who was watching the live broadcast of the public trial, almost gushed out one mouthful of old blood seeing Fu Heyu curse with foul language so openly in the dignified and holy court . He did not dare to imagine that it would be Fu Heyu!



The comments on the Internet are boiling up like never before .

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"Fu Bar's emotional outburst was out of control . It was so funny . Ha, ha, ha, ha . . . "

"Yes, yes, lawyer Fu is very much like the flustered Yin and Yang, it's a classic . "



In the cafe, Gu QianLin were big eyed, her face full face of shock looking at Xiao Luo . Though everyone might think that is Zhang Dashan's masterpiece, in fact, the real mastermind is in front of her . To force Fu Heyu into this, and also through the mouth of others, such means, its simply incredible .



"Son of a b*tch! @#¥%……”

Fu Heyu still kept pointing at Zhang Dashan as he abused, and all kinds of dirty words and foul language in spicy ears were pounded out, which covered the dignified and sacred court with a layer of black .

The faces of the presiding judge and judges are getting uglier and uglier, and their brows are getting tighter and tighter .

"Knock knock ~"

The presiding judge knocked hard on the hammer three times, then shouted loudly: "lawyer Fu, please be quiet, be quiet!"

"You silence you motherf*cker . . . "

Fu Heyu, who was angry, did not think who it was either . He just turned and shouted at the presiding judge . As soon as he finished scolding, his mind suddenly became clear . He realized that something was wrong . He looked intently again . The presiding judge's face was horribly gloomy .

Fu Heyu felt only his scalp tingle pins and needles . The sky was falling and he said with a sad face, "Presiding Judge, I . . . am not . . . I didn't mean that . . . "

"Bailiff, throw this son out, who defied the authority of the court and abused the trial team . " The presiding judge reached out to him and shouted coldly .

"Yes . "

Two solemn bailiffs, quickly marched, grabbed Fu Heyu at his left and right sides and dragged him out of the court without expression .

"No, presiding judge, please give me a chance, please give me a chance, presiding judge . . . "

Fu Heyu began to cry, his face ashen . He knew that his future was over . He was ruined by a nobody who did not even have a lawyer's certificate . He hated it very much .

The presiding judge did not give him any chance, impatiently motioning with his hand . The two bailiffs did not stop any more and dragged Fu Heyu out like a dead dog .

Only Chen Jianbai was left in the defendant's seat . Thus, he was completely out of his mind and looked at the exit of the court . He never thought that his lawyer Fu Heyu would be thrown out!

In the audience seat, Fang Changlei's face sank, because the public trial process was moving away from what he hoped for . He clenched his teeth and his fists tightly .

Xu Guansong and Lin Chong wore a happy smile, this event gave them a big surprise . Fu Heyu, a strong lawyer, powerhouse was kicked out of the court because of scolding, wow!

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