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Chapter 146
hapter 146: [Title not found]

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In the magnificent and dignified court, the whole court was solemn and respectful . The presiding judge and the two judges sat on the bench, followed by the court clerk and the assistant judge, and finally the solemn and cool judicial police .

The plaintiff and the defendant were set up on both sides, and they had already told all the people present that they were opposing sides in the position pattern . Which side would the just balance lean towards? This session played a decisive role .

Zhang Dashan, Li Zimeng and a female assistant were sitting in the plaintiff's seat . . .

He went to court for the first time and also acted as a defender . It can be said that it's impossible not to be nervous, but his ears could hear the voice of Xiao Luo, which made him feel a little more certain . He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down .

Fu Heyu is a lawyer with clean skin . He is wearing a straight suit and is tall and thin, but his eyes are wider than the average person . He seems to have a sneaky feeling . He confidently sits on the defendant's defender seat and looks at the front . His confidence is naturally distributed .

Chen Jianbai was sitting next to him . He had no consciousness of being the defendant . He played around and seemed to be humming a ditty . When Zhang Dashan looked at him, he made a defiant attempt .

"Damn . . . "

Zhang Dashan can't stand such provocation . If Xiao Luo hadn't stopped him, he would have stood up and fought back Chen Jianbai now .

However, Chen Jianbai's provocation has swept away his nervousness .


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In the cafe, Gu Qianlin looked at Xiao Luo in surprise: "What are you doing?"

She found that Xiao Luo seemed to be talking to someone in court remotely .

Xiao Luo put down his earphone, looked up at her, and asked, "Officer Gu, did I break the law?"

"No . "

"Since it is a no, please don't bother me, ok? Thank you! " Xiao Luo said indifferently .

"You . . . "

Gu QianLin is an elite in among the police, so she's somewhat arrogant, but she's treated by Xiao Luo with such a cold attitude . Her heart is really angry, but in the end, she endured . With a wave, Xiao Luo motioned and ignored her, but she didn't mean to leave .

She ordered a cup of coffee, took out her mobile phone, connected to the WIFI in the coffee shop, and then also ordered the live broadcast of the public trial . She wanted to see what Xiao Luo was up to .


"The case of Luo Fang suing Chen Jianbai for publishing false news to tarnish the company's reputation continues to be heard now . If the plaintiff and the defendant have new statements, they can add their expressions . " The voice of the presiding judge, full of majesty, sounded in the large court, indicating the formal opening of the trial .

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Fu Heyu stood up first: "The presiding judge, the judge, at the first hearing, all agreed that the plaintiff threaten our party and made the false recording in order to win back the company's reputation by deceiving the masses . This is a false accusation, slander and blatant contempt for the legal authority of our country . "

That was righteously said .

Zhang Dashan received a signal from Xiao Luo and loudly refuted: "The facts can't be distorted by your empty white teeth . You said that we threatened the defendant . So I'd like to ask, do you have any evidence to prove that our intimidation are not all your own imagination?"

Huh? !

Xu Guansong, Lin Chong, and Zhang Yong all gave out a cry of surprise .

Fu Heyu snorted lightly: "Of course it's not my imagination . For the first hearing, we have submitted a deceased person examination report to the presiding judge, proving that the old man who died in Luo Fang store on March 20 died of sudden death due to blockage of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels caused by excessive intake of preservative . This is an indisputable fact .

Therefore, what our client reported was a true story, which was not fabricated out of thin air, nor was it the plaintiff's intention to affect Luo Fang's reputation . He just did what a reporter should do to give the general public a truth . He is worthy of admiration .

In addition, our party also said that the recording was recorded according to the text given by Luo Fang after being threatened by Luo Fang . Can such recording be regarded as evidence?"

Hearing this the presiding judge and a bunch of jurors nodded in agreement .

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"Your mother's dog stink!"

Zhang Dashan suddenly stood up, with a swearing burst out, of course, this is not Xiao Luo asked him to say, but he was just angry and agitated .

"Knock knock ~"

The presiding judge knocked three hammers and warned Zhang Dashan: "Please pay attention to the words of the plaintiff!"

"Ha, ha, ha . . . what a clown, they really dared to go to court with this? Funny! " Fang Changlei said while stretching his legs, his full face of disdain, he was quickly brought into tears in his laughter .

There was some noise in the audience . The presiding judge said "silence" three times before it quieted down again .

"Don't say dirty words, you son of a b*tch!"

Xiao Luo reprimanded Zhang Dashan through the headset in the cafe .

Zhang Dashan, took a deep breath and calmed down .


Fu Heyu whispered and scolded . He completely didn't put Zhang Dashan in the eye, in River City, only Ge Zhongtian deserves to be his opponent, but this nobody, he doesn't even have the desire to do his best to defend the defendant .

After Zhang Dashan calmed down, he coughed a few times and relaxed his tone: "Presiding Judge, I apologize for my mistake just now . Here, I request the court to play the defendant's recording again . "

The presiding judge nodded and motioned the court staff to execute Zhang Dashan's request .

A little while later, Chen Jianbai's arrogant remarks on that day rang out from the large court .

"I love can write what I want to write, if this boss says your bread poisoned people . . . Luo Fang is nothing but a fart . But if the beautiful minister Li can promise to accompany me to sleep tonight, I might let you have a way, ha ha ha . . . "

Hearing this Chen Jianbai's look changed greatly . Leaving behind such a thorny evidence . It was too bad for his own good .

"The presiding judge, judge, the tone of voice is extremely arrogant, extremely overbearing, and the owner is incredibly flirting with our Luo Fang's beautiful minister Li in vulgar words, the other defender said the defendant was threatened, but if he's frightened to record such a recording, then this sh*t must be given an Oscar? Oh, I'm sorry, I accidentally said some dirty words again . " Zhang Dashan earnestly said .

Indeed, the tone of Chen Jianbai's voice in the recording was so arrogant and overbearing that it could not have been the case if the recording had been recorded after being threatened .

Hearing this, the presiding judge and others nodded, believing that what Zhang Dashan said was reasonable . All the people in the audience of the court also agreed with this statement .

"Lawyer Fu, do you have anything to say about this?" The presiding judge looked at the defendant's seat .

"The tone of our client should not be described as arrogance and overbearing, but anger . People cannot believe what they say in extreme anger . For example, someone insulted me and I greeted his mother . Is it true that I did not have proper relationship with his mother? This is obviously not the case, right?" Fu Heyu picked his eyebrow, his line of sight fell on Zhang Dashan . The corners of his mouth peeped ridicule .

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