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Chapter 145
hapter 145: Doubts .

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"Is Luo Fang threatening or intimidating reporter Chen Jianbai to create false evidence to win back his reputation, or is Chen Jianbai deliberately distorting the truth and writing false news to discredit Luo Fang? Jiangcheng TV Station is broadcasting the public trial of the incident live for you! "

Shipin Road of Jiangcheng Electric Company is now broadcasting the public trial process, not only TV stations, but also major media news platforms have launched public trial live broadcast pages in succession . This matter not only spread in Jiangcheng, but also swept across China like a storm, letting many people who have not heard of Luo Fang know the existence of such a company .

The discussion on the internet became one .

"Needless to say, it must be the reporter surnamed Chen who deliberately smeared Luo Fang in order to attract more attention . I support Luo Fang!"

"Fart, I must say that Luo Fang became a b**tch and wanted to set up a memorial arch, just like many female star péishui's scandal was filmed, and then pretend to say that wuqi, who wants to defend his reputation through the law, is the same . It's f*cking disgusting . "

"The rights and wrongs have their own public opinions . You keyboard warriors should stop and just watch the live broadcast of the public trial . "


There are all kinds of support voices, as well as centrists . The number of comments that have been withheld has reached tens of thousands . This matter has become the hottest topic .

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Huang Ruoran was surprised to see the laptop of a roommate in her dormitory who was especially interested in social news . The 16-inch screen, which was not too big, was showing the live broadcast of the public trial of Luo Fang against Chen Jianbai .

A beautiful hair, slender arch eyebrows, a pretty yao nose, her jade cheeks slightly red . . .

She never expected to see Xiao Luo's friend Zhang Dashan on such a public trial live broadcast . Since Xiao Luo left Hua Ye without saying a word, neither she nor Chu Yue, nor their classmates, expected to get Xiao Luo's whereabouts . Zhang Dashan, who appeared in the live broadcast, is undoubtedly the key to finding Xiao Luo .

"Luo Fang? !”

Huang Ruoran murmured, deeply impressed the two words in her mind .

Chu YunXiong and Ge Zhongtian were sitting on the sofa, watching the tv while drinking tea .

"Zhongtian, do you want to know how Xiao Luo dealt those journalists who made trouble?" Chu YunXiong twisted his head and asked .

Ge Zhongtian took a sip of tea and put down the cup: "I wish to hear more about it!"

"He promised to accept the interview and put all the reporters in the auditorium, but the result was leaving them there for a whole day . During this period, he banned them from entering and leaving the auditorium on the grounds that they were not employees of Luo Fang . He had to hold back his internal emergency . Do you think it would hurt or not?"

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Speaking of Xiao Luo's method of dealing with reporters, Chu YunXiong laughed . He really didn't expect Xiao Luo to dare to do so . Although the method is not very glorious, it is very effective .

"This is too damaging . I am curious to know whether the reporters did not accuse him of interfering with their personal freedom after they came out . " Ge Zhongtian was surprised and pale .

Chu Yunxiong said with a smile: "Before releasing them, Xiao Luo investigated their detailed address and family members clearly and read them out in front of them, subduing them all . Don't say about a report to Xiao Luo, even daring to write negative news about Luo Fang is nonexistent . "

"Xiao Luo, this is threat, this is illegal . " Ge Zhongtian frowned .

Chu Yunxiong shook his head disapprovingly: "You are just too rigid . Sometimes it is necessary to exercise some extreme measure in order to achieve a certain purpose . You see, although the bureau has not yet fully gone, subtle changes have taken place . "

"I don't think Luo Fang will win . I have fought with Fu Heyu . He is very good at sophistry . Even I can't compete with him . Now Luo Fang doesn't even have a decent lawyer . Luo Fang will definitely lose this lawsuit . " Ge Zhongtian said in a serious way .

Chu Yunxiong cheerfully took a cup of hot tea and took a sip, saying: "All right, aren't you upset because Xiao Luo didn't invite you to be a lawyer in Luo Fang?"

Ge Zhongtian has a red face when he is said to be at the center of the matter . He has done his homework these days and is waiting for Xiao Luo to find him . After all, he is a young man whom Chu Yunxiong values highly . He also wants to help out . Moreover, he has settled some personal grudges with Fu Heyu, which can be described as "everything is ready, only the east wind is needed" . But as a result, people have not invited him at all, leaving no one depressed .

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"Let's just watch the tiger fight from the mountain!" Chu YunXiong put down the cup, sighing deeply .


At this moment, Xiao Luo is sitting in a coffee shop not far from the court, ordering a cup of coffee, opening his notebook and entering the public trial live page . With a slim white leisure suit, sitting on the seat, with Zhang Dashan to establish real-time calls headphones hanging around his neck .

"Officer Gu, can you really look at me like this?" He adjusted the picture quality and the volume of the headphones and looked up at the woman sitting on the opposite .

The woman has a black and bright short hair, clean and neat, with picturesque eyebrow eyes, slightly drooping eyes, and long eyelashes that are unblinking like a fixed picture, beautiful and moving .

It is Gu Qianlin!

Now she is not wearing a J-shirt, but a white bottoming shirt with a pair of tight black jeans, and a pendant on her neck . Her collarbone was exuding womanly aura, but her collarbone can only be seen up to the neckline, which is too conservative for people's .

She opened her mouth and asked, "Xiao Luo, answer me honestly . Where are you from 10 to 12 pm on the 12th of this month? What are you doing? "

On the 12th, it was the day when the dragon gang members were killed and injured on the other side of the river wharf, which was called the "911" incident by the authorities . By inquiring about the sky net of Jiangcheng's system, she found a very suspicious figure in the Jiānkong area more than 200 meters away from the wharf, but could not distinguish the facial features, which was very vague .

Encountering Xiao Luo this day, suddenly let her think of the suspicious figure, because both from the height and from the body . It is very consistent with the image of Xiao Luo, plus Xiao Luo has a strong ability, she now seriously doubt that person is Xiao Luo . That is to say, that night that the police shot forcing them to kill a line of people is likely because of the one sitting in front of her .

"The 12th has been some time ago, I have to think about it . . . "

Xiao Luo thought for a moment with his eyes closed, and answered earnestly and affirmatively, "I slept at home!"

"Who can prove it?"

"I am single, but I have a friend who lives at my place, but he seems to have gone to a bar to drink all night that day, so no one should be able to prove it . " Xiao Luo shook his head .

Gu QianLin was flustered, she didn't believe Xiao Luo at all . But it so happens that she couldn't find any flaw from Xiao Luo's micro expression . She really can't determine this man since their first meeting .

"I still have work to do . Officer Gu, please help yourself!"

Xiao Luo smiled and said, and then put on some headphones, because the trial has officially started .

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