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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:16:16 AM
Chapter 147
hapter 147: Can't help farting .

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To Xiao Luo, the defense in court is just like a debating competition, but the debating competition focuses on the ability of thinking reaction and language expression, and the defense in court needs to have both these abilities and also to convince the presiding judge and judges .

"Famous mouth Fu" exactly have these two qualities .

"Find a chance to provoke him!"

Xiao Luo directed Zhang Dashan, when people are angry, it is easy to lose their discretion, its a loophole .


Facing Fu Heyu's defense, Zhang Dashan looked at him deeply and said, "Didn't you say at the beginning that we threatened the defendant? Yet what's going on now, anger? In the face of our fears, scares and threats, can Chen Jianbai still be angry? Lawyer Fu, what you said is really interesting . "

Fu Heyu said calmly, "Why can't fear, frighten and threaten made someone angry? When one's unsatisfied nature is hurt when the bitterness reaches a certain level . . . "

His voice stopped and his look changed suddenly, because Zhang Dashan made a humiliating gesture towards him-the vertical middle finger .

At first, he didn't care and chose to ignore it . However, Zhang Dashan stepped up his efforts, not only with his left hand pointing at the middle finger, but also with his right hand pointing at the middle finger . He also assumed the "mother-in-law" type of scolding .

Fu Heyu was furious at once . His face turned red like pork liver . Pointing at Zhang Dashan, he shouted, "Presiding Judge, is he humiliating me?"

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Seeing Zhang Dashan erect his middle finger, the presiding judge frowned deeply: "Plaintiff, please immediately stop this humiliating gesture of vertical middle finger!"

[basically fck u]

There was an uproar in the audience, apparently shocked by Zhang Dashan's behavior . This was the first time someone had given the middle finger in court .

"Is this guy going against the weather?" Zhang Yong gasped .

Xu Guansong's face changed . He was really worried about the future of Luo Fang .

"Lying in the gutter, this young man with a big face is so cool that he dares to give his middle finger to the defense lawyer of the other party in court!"

"I thought this was a boring public trial . Seeing this, I knew this public trial was not simple . "

"Ha ha . . . . . . is really a model for our generation, strong!"

The Internet exploded and netizens commented on Zhang Dashan's feat .


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Zhang Dashan raised his eyebrows innocently: "Judge, let me explain, just now my finger was accidentally pricked by the barb of the table and bled . That's why I put it up . I didn't mean to humiliate anyone . "

"Then why are your two middle fingers sticking up?" Fu Heyu growled .

He felt extremely angry at being humiliated in court from a nobody .

"Because I think it's too monotonous to erect one, and it's just right to erect two . It's symmetrical left and right and looks more comfortable to the eyes . " Zhang Dashan reasoned .

Fu Heyu was angry, Zhang Dashan is definitely his ancestor . In this respect, he will definitely lose . He pointed to Zhang Dashan and said to the presiding judge, "Presiding judge, I strongly recommend that this person be expelled from the court . Such a person who openly challenges the majesty of the court is not qualified to be a statement here!"

"I object!"

Zhang Dashan raised his hand and motioned, "Presiding Judge, lawyer Fu is discriminating . He discriminates against me because I am a person without a lawyer's certificate . Everyone is equal before the law . He can defend the defendant . Why am I not qualified to act as an agent for my company's complaint cases and talk reasonable?"

"Objection is valid, Lawyer Fu, don't get agitated . The plaintiff has clearly said that he didn't insult you, only his finger was pricked . Now that the matter is over, the plaintiff should stop pointing his middle finger, or you will be sentenced to contempt of court . "

The presiding judge said in a fair and strict way, "Please return to the lawsuit immediately, both of you!"

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Fu Heyu, who was filled with anger in his heart, was interrupted and had to rearrange his thoughts .

However, Zhang Dashan did not need to sort things out . Xiao Luo sent a message to him . Instead, he stood up and said, "Presiding Judge, I have ten pieces of news that Chen Jianbai has published . Please have a look . "

Li Zimeng presented the sorted documents to the judge assistant, who then presented the documents to the presiding judge .

"On January 4, Chen Jianbai published a news report that a 6 . 9-magnitude earthquake occurred in Xunyang City, with epicenter longitude 115 . 52, epicenter latitude 29 . 51, and epicenter 10 km . Later, the People's Daily client and Netease News client also started to push the news . In fact, this information was entered automatically by the earthquake network in the background . After verification by editors, this information was untrue and apologized to all users . "

"On February 7, Chen Jianbai published an article on the news of "the talented woman of Peking University returning to her hometown to start a business and send express delivery ", saying that Xu Mou, the manager of Yuantong express Company in Shifang City, had passed the examination of Peking University journalism with excellent results in 2000 . After her marriage, she gave up the white-collar life in Beijing and chose to return to her hometown to start a business .

Now Xu can not only drive a truck to deliver the express, but also be a "female man" who can carry about 100kg of express . In fact, this Xu took a diploma in adult education and was not admitted to Peking University in 2000, as said in the report . In an interview, she also stressed that she was a junior college graduate . "

"Presiding Judge, I will not read the other eight articles one by one . They are all false news published by the defendant Chen Jianbai . Obviously, he is not a good reporter who is practical and realistic . On the contrary, he has been crazy and unscrupulous in order to gain the attention of all people . He does not care about the truth of the news . "

Zhang Dashan's voice was loud and sonorous, and the response was very forceful . Chen Jianbai, who was sitting in the dock, suddenly changed his face .

Fang Changlei in the audience also changed color . He can't believe that this small and insignificant character can cause such a big wave . What he said is reasonable and convincing .

The presiding judge and judges quickly read through the materials submitted by Zhang Dashan, and then discussed them in whispers .

Fu Heyu saw that things were not so good and said quickly: "A person who has done something wrong does not mean that everything he has done is wrong . The same applies here . Our party has indeed published several false news articles . Can we just seize these false news articles and deny that all the news he has published is false? Obviously not .

Besides, Luo Fang's bread poisoning incident, the city hospital has given a thorough autopsy report, in black and white, that is eating Luo Fang poisoned bread meant death, this is the fact that iron can't move, is . . . "

"Smelly, bah . . . smelly . . . "

Zhang Dashan fanned his nose, took a few sips of saliva at the ground, then asked Li Zimeng loudly, "Minister Li, don't you smell the stink? I couldn't stop farting just now . I almost blew Xiang out! "

When this was said, there was an uproar in the audience . Many people laughed in laughter and thought to themselves: This Luo Fang presenter is too funny!

The Internet is boiling up again .

"This is really a clown . If I hadn't seen the live broadcast of the public trial in the upper right corner, I would have suspected that I was watching a funny video . "

"Xiang . . . what's that? "

"It refers to excrement, ha ha ha . . . . . . "

No matter what the outcome of the public trial is, Zhang Dashan is already famous, and the fate of becoming Internet famous cannot go away .

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