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Chapter 144
hapter 144: Court is around the corner .

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Hearing Xiao Luo's words, Zhang Donghai's eyes appeared a little panic . He could not help shivering and asked in a trembling voice: "What are you . . . what are you doing?"

Xiao Luo looked at him lightly and said: "I said just now that there is no absolute black and white in the world . Black and white are all in one mind . I have staked my future on Luo Fang . Whoever obstructs the development of Luo Fang is my enemy . I will never be soft on the enemy . Unfortunately, you Zhang Donghai have become my enemy . "

These words are very light, but whether they are Zhang Donghai or Zhang Dashan, they all sincerely feel a cold sense of murder, which is a chilling breath .

Zhang Donghai's eyes suddenly widened and a cold sweat broke out all over him: "You devil!"

His voice was hoarse . He knew that Xiao Luo was threatening him with his family .

Xiao Luo smiled and his eyes were covered with frost . He asked again, "So, do you promise to help me correct Fang Changlei?"

Zhang donghai smiled sadly: "No, once I correct Fang cChanglei, the dragon gang will not let me go, let alone my family . . . "

This is what he was worried about . Zhang Dashan caught him red-handed . He had nothing to say, but for him to correct Fang Changlei . He and his family would get revenge .

"You don't need to worry about this, your family will be well protected!"

Xiao Luo said softly, "When it's all over, I'll give you two million dollars to let you and your family run away . No matter how powerful the Dragon Gang is, it's only within the river . As long as you leave River City, you don't have to fear them . "

"Can you promise?" Zhang Donghai seems to have caught a lifeline in the vast ocean .

"I promise!" Xiao Luo said .

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Zhang Donghai was startled for a moment . The light on his face faded again: "I don't believe you have this ability . The Dragon Gang is the largest underground force in the river . How do you fight with them?"

"I'm not fighting them, I'm fighting Fang Changlei . "

"It's all the same . " Zhang Donghai slouched .

Xiao Luo looked at him for a while and then said, "Life is a gamble, you have to gamble this time!"

"Is there no choice?" Zhang Donghai had a self-effacing smile .

Xiao Luo nodded seriously and said in a positive tone: "There is no choice!"

Zhang Donghai lowered his head like a defeated cock, then looked up and asked, "Mr . Xiao, are you H society?"

From dealing with troubled reporters to threatening him with his family now, all sorts of actions have made him feel that Xiao Luo is a man of mixed rivers and lakes .

"Whether I am black or white depends on what kind of opponent I'm facing . " Xiao Luo said softly .

"I understand . . . "

Zhang Donghai gave up his resistance and chose to tie up with Xiao Luo .


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Back to the residence, Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan stood on the balcony of the top floor, looking at the night in this remote area of Jiang City . A train roared into the station in the distance . In the night, the long train was like a giant snake spreading light all over, lying prone on the ground along the tracks .

"Your kindness has made me deeply understand what is the first stage of a businessman . " Zhang Dashan lit a cigarette and smoked .

Xiao Luo however poised, with a chuckle, but did not reply .

He knew that Zhang Dashan was saying that he had gone too far and threatened others with his family at every turn, just like the H society, but he had no choice . He wanted to succeed and it was very necessary to exercise some extreme measure at this moment of life and death .

Seeing that he was indifferent, Zhang Dashan diverted the topic: "By the way, there will be a court session in two days . Have you discussed with Ge Zhongtian to let him act as our defender in Luo Fang?"

"There is no need for that . "

Xiao Luo shook his head . "Let's just go to court and we'll defend Luo Fang . "

The f*ck?!

Zhang Dashan was so scared that he couldn't even hold the cigarette and it fell to the ground . He opened his eyes wide and said, "You're crazy . Let me fight with a barrister instead . . . "

"What are you panicking about?"

"Motherf*cker, how can I not panic?! I'm good at dealing with my sister . But I can't defend Luo Fang like a lawyer . You're asking me to lay eggs . "

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"Don't worry, I am the real defender . " Xiao Luo said with a smile .

This sentence made people listening to become stupid!

"What do you mean, old Xiao, please speak clearly . " Zhang Dashan kept rolling his eyes .

"Have you seen Conan's cartoon?"

"I saw a few episodes when I was bored . I didn't have much interest in it . I felt it was a routine . Richard Moore was shot dizzy every time . Then Conan solved the case in his capacity . Several female owners became suspicious . I also expected that Conan's identity would be discovered . The result was followed by a repeated routine, which made people feel annoyed . "

"Since I have seen it, I can explain it . "

Xiao Luo primly said, "On the day of the trial, you will play the role of Richard Moore and I will play the role of Conan . "

Zhang Dashan was horrified . "What are you doing, old Xiao?"

"I mean, you put on your headphones that day, I will send you a message remotely, and you defend Luo Fang instead of me . " Xiao Luo said .

Zhang Dashan looked at Xiao Luo like looking at an alien: "What the hell are you doing? You're defending . Have you ever learned how to defend?"

"No, but I'm sure . . . "

Xiao Luo looked far away . "I have to collect some necessary documents and evidence these two days . So that you and I will not lose our mind when the court starts . "

"Are you serious?"

"Do you think I'm joking?"

"Then why don't you appear in court?"

"I have done both black and white things, and this kind of publicity is not suitable for me, but you are different, you are clean . "

Xiao Luo smiled at him with profound meaning and then turned back to the room .


Two days passed quickly, and Luo Fang's case against Chen Jianbai for damaging his reputation was heard again in Jiangcheng People's Court .

This is a public trial!

The audience was filled with not only taste bud senior management officials and Fang Changlei, but also Xu Guansong, Lin Ching, Luo Qi and others from Luo Fang .

"I said Xu Fuzong, why didn't your Boss Xiao come? Is he going to be a p*ssy? Ha, ha, ha, ha . . . "

Fang Changlei made a sarcastic remark . Although the last press riot was suppressed by Xiao Luo, he was determined to win the hearing . In his eyes, Luo Fang was stealing chickens but not stealing rice .

Xu Guansong's face was uncertain whether it was sunny or cloudy . He refrained from saying a word . He also wanted to know why Xiao Luo would hide . Why is it that the so important trial concerning Luo Fang's life and death should let Zhang Dashan appear in court to defend? According to his words, even calling a lawyer casually is better than Zhang Dashan . How can this lawsuit be fought?

Luo Fang's law department minister Zhang Yong is also in the audience, although he also don't understand what medicine Xiao Luo's gourd sell, but he was relieved, no matter how the result, its none of his business .

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