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Chapter 143
hapter 143: Black and white .

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Some people are very contradictory . When you are not in H society, you are slandered as H society, but when they find out that you are really in H society, they are scared out of their wits .

And this group of reporters is obviously this kind of people!

When Luo Fang opened the door to let them leave, they were like prisoners who had spent a long time in their cells . They cried with excitement, felt free air, and were far from suffering . They vowed never to come to Luo Fang again in their life .

The reporter's trouble was so quelled that all the senior management of Luo Fang were stunned and Xiao Luo's methods had to be gasped in admiration .

"What nonsense!"

Xu Guansong shook his head and left . He didn't seem to agree with Xiao Luo, although the result was good .

"Boss Xiao does things with force, with high speed and efficiency, and makes people shout happily . I will stand firmly On Boss Xiao's side in the future . " Lin Ching excitedly said .

Seeing the whole process of dealing with the group of reporters, he admired Xiao Luo from the bottom of his heart . He made those reporters who found Luo Fang to deliberately make trouble jump into submission, which was beyond measure .

"Big boss is always so enterprising, I find myself falling in love with him . " Luo Qi, the young girl blinked a few times in spring .

Next to her, Li Zimeng gouged out her one eye: "A man as good as him should have a girlfriend long ago . "

"That doesn't matter, I can be a small three, hee hee . . . " Luo Qi laughed .

This words put Li Zimeng shocked in situ .

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Although the reporter unrest subsided, the crisis in Luo Fang was not relieved .

The result of the court trial is like a ruthless and sharp axe, which will fall at any time to Luo Fang's neck . Once the crime of fear, intimidation, threat to Chen Jianbai and fabrication of false evidence is committed, Luo Fang will no longer have a foothold .

This is a war but one cannot see the smoke of gunpowder!

Xiao Luo must win, or he will be met with failure, and he will never accept failure not on this big scope .

Sitting in the office, quietly thinking about how to win, at this moment, Zhang Dashan called .

"Lao Xiao, you were right . There was something wrong with Zhang Donghai . He wanted to do something on the oven in the factory . Damn it, thanks to my brother's eyes staring at him, otherwise he really succeeded . " Zhang Dashan's angry words came from the other side .

Xiao Luo was not surprised at the news . He had nothing to do so he accessed the system mall a while ago . He saw a hacker's ability and spent 800 points to exchange it . Then he invaded the customer management system of the communication company for the first time . He the took the cell phones of all the ministers of Luo Fang . Although this is not honest, it is a very effective method .

On the day before the reporter rioted, he suspect that Zhang Donghai reached to talk to Fang Changlei, so Zhang Dashan was glued to Zhang Donghai . He didn't expect this guy to jump out so soon .

"Where is he now?" Asked Xiao Luo .

"In the warehouse of the factory, He is being cleaned up by our people . " Zhang Dashan said .

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"I'll be right there!"

Xiao Luo hung up the phone, put on the coat hanging on the sofa chair, and headed for the factory .

The light was very dark and there was a gloomy feeling .

Zhang Donghai, who was wide and fat and was wearing a suit, lay on the ground flustered . His nose and mouth were bleeding out . His clothes were also stained with a lot of dust . Obviously, he was beaten by Feng Ge's Group .

"Director Zhang, I really don't know what to say about you . What's wrong working under Boss Xiao? Why do you have to have to be a lackey for taste buds?"

Zhang Dashan, with a sad face, squatted down in front of Zhang Donghai . "You said your surname was Zhang too . We probably belonged to our family more than N years ago . It hurts me to see you beaten like this . "

"Bah . . . sooner or later you dogs will not die a natural death!"

Zhang Donghai took a sip of saliva at Zhang Dashan's face and changed his image as an ordinary sycophant . At this time, there was a fearless momentum .

Zhang Dashan stretched out his hand to wipe away the saliva on his face . His eyelids jumped and his face became fierce: "Zhang Donghai, you are working for taste buds with Luo Fang's salary . Have I got any f*cking reason? This is an act of commercial espionage . Do you know that you are responsible for the law? "

"Law, law . . . responsibility? Ha ha ha ha ha . . . "

Hearing this, Zhang Donghai laughed mockingly, just like hearing a very funny joke . Then, his face became cold, he severely punished Zhang Dashan, "If you use private punishment against me, you are also worthy of the law? Your mother really laughs to death . "

Zhang Dashan was speechless for a moment, so he had to give him a thumbs-up sign and said with admiration: "Yes indeed, you are a cow, what a glib tounge!"

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"Zhang elder brother you open, I don't believe we can't 'cure' him!"

Feng Ge was angry, he kicked Zhang Donghai in the abdomen .

His strength is very fierce, suddenly he felt like all his intestines are mixed together, pain, Zhang Donghai had a shrill scream .

"Forget it, forget it, teach him a lesson but don't cause internal bleeding and cause us trouble!"

Although Zhang Dashan was malicious in his bones, he felt somewhat pitiful for this guy, Zhang Donghai . For no other reason, he was beaten and looked like a pulp .

Feng Ge raised his feet back to the ground and turned back .

A little while later, Xiao Luo, dressed in a black jacket with a white shirt inside, came there . He stood with his hands down and looked down at Zhang Donghai on the ground .

"Give him a stool . "

"Yes . "

Feng Ge waved, Xiao Wu then moved the stool in the corner of the warehouse, and then helped Zhang Donghai sit on the stool .

Seeing Xiao Luo, Zhang Donghai chuckled: "Boss Xiao, you are here with a good timing . Your dog is killing me . "

There is no nervousness or fear in his eyes, and he has no guilt at all . He is like a dead man who was caught in a prison cell in ancient times . He will make people who extort confessions by torture lose their sense of achievement .

Xiao Luo smiled faintly: "You are wrong, they are all my brothers!"

A simple sentence swept away the bad feelings between Zhang Dashan and Feng Ge .

"Is it? It seems that you are really from H society . . . " Zhang Donghai concluded calmly .

"You are wrong again . There is no absolute black and white in this world, only absolute interests . If you violate the interests of others, you must be prepared to pay the price . " Xiao Luo said .

Zhang Donghai spat and sneered .

Xiao Luo primly said: "I don't want to talk nonsense with you, I'll just ask you, can you help me correct Fang Changlei?"

"Against him, what?"

"Correct him for unfair competition . "

"What do you think is possible? Ha, ha, ha . . . " Zhang Donghai laughed, his face full of sarcasm .

"You refuse?"

"Of course, Boss Fang has always been kind to me . I would never betray him . "

Xiao Luo smiled and said gently, "Oh, you will promise . " He took out a piece of letterhead from his pocket and handed it to Feng Ge . "Go to this place and bring his wife and children to the company . "

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