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Chapter 142
hapter 142: Start Interview .

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Fifty or sixty reporters were hung in the auditorium for a whole day .

It's already seven o'clock in the evening, and they stayed up for eight hours . They were tired and hungry, and some of them were filled with excrement and urine . Their faces were extremely sad . During this eight-hour period, their spirits and * * suffered unspeakable sufferings and were on the verge of collapse .

In the middle of the journey, some people tried to rush out . As a result, they received a severe beating and were beaten black and blue . Moreover, the other party also showed no mercy to women . These people wearing security guard uniforms are now no different from H society in their eyes .

Some female journalists cried, endured eight hours of suffering, and showed no trace of ruthless determination . Coupled with physical exhaustion, hunger and internal anxiety, their will was almost destroyed . They were like prisoners in a cell, dreaming and longing for the free world outside .

"Good news, good news, your interview boss Xiao finally came!"

A loud voice like a male duck rang . It was Zhang Dashan's voice .

This sentence is no different to the reporters in the auditorium, because they know that the long-suffering waiting is coming to an end, and they will soon be able to leave here, one by one, with a spirit of twelve .

Xiao Luo leisurely walked in and walked straight to the front .

He was wearing a slim black long-sleeved sweater with red and white stripes . The cuffs were rolled up, revealing his arms . A smooth white face with a slight smile .

All the reporters were shocked and said, "Is this the boss of Luo Fang?" Why is he so young?

No wonder they were surprised like that, most company bosses were mostly middle-aged men and they had never seen such a young boss .

"Are you all hungry? I have prepared dinner for you! " Xiao Luo looked at all openings .

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Just then, the staff of Luo Fang pushed a large amount of cakes and bread into the room with trolleys, and distributed several baked breads to each reporter present, while Xiao luo himself had one .

He sat down gracefully and ate with relish in front of the reporters, saying, "Our Luo Fang is a baking company, and that's the only thing that can be served to all of you . Please eat quickly . Only after you have eaten well can you be energetic enough to carry out the interview . "

A male reporter wearing black glasses had a nervous breakdown . Although he was hungry, this hunger was nothing compared with the humiliation he suffered today . He grabbed the bread in front of him, threw it on the ground, stepped on it hard, and growled at Xiao Luo: "Stop giving us false pretences, you imprisoned us in a day . When we go out, you will wait to receive the court summons . 50 or 60 summonses, I don't believe you can't go to jail!"

The smile on Xiao Luo's face instantly faded into a haze: "I hate people who waste food . "

Feng Ge stepped up and pointed to the man with black glasses . He shouted loudly, "Pick up the bread!"

Every word has a strong threat .

The black-framed glasses man shivered all over and picked up the bread with further ado .


One light word came .

It was not Feng Ge who said so, but Xiao Luo .

His voice is very light, but it let every reporter present deeply feel a shiver from their soul .

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Xiao Luo gave them the impression of being polite and friendly at first, but this impression collapsed at this moment . They realized that it was not the security guards around them but the seemingly harmless young boss whose ruthless .

The black-framed glasses man's face changed suddenly, and his eyes trembled and looked at Xiao Luo: "you . . . you . . . "

In any case, he did not expect Xiao Luo, who was talking and laughing, to be such a ruthless person that he was told to eat the dirty bread, which was simply humiliating him in public .

"What are you doing? Brother Xiao told you to eat the bread, didn't you hear?" Feng Ge looked ferocious . There is a strong evil spirit in his body .

Feng Ge prevailed . The man with black glasses did not dare to disobey . He nibbled on the dirty bread from his hand . He cried . A big man was tortured to tears at this time .

Xiao Luo smiled again, compared with his just now, it is completely different . The latter is sunshine, the former was evil biting .

Other reporters that greeted him with their eyes quickly lowered their heads and chewed on bread .

"It seems that you are really hungry!"

Xiao Luo satisfactorily stood up and beckoned, Zhang Dashan handed a document to his hand .

This document recorded in detail the information of the journalists below, which Zhang Dashan found through contacts based on the names of these journalists . He did nothing on this day and did all he could to sort out the information .

"Ding Xiaozhen!"

Xiao Luo reported a name, "Who is Ding Xiaozhen?"

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"It's . . . it's me . . . "

A sweet-looking female reporter stood up wryly .

"Your hometown is Anxian county, lake province . your parents are still alive and you have a younger brother at school . Am I right?" Xiao Luo asked with a smile .

The female reporter opened her eyes wide and nodded subconsciously .

Xiao Luo ignored her and read the name of the next reporter instead .

"Lu Dehua, who lives in Tiancheng, Hefei Province, has a six-year-old son . . . "

"Luan Jinyuan, Jiang Tang County People . . . "

"Gong Lili, mountain province Hehua county . . . "

One by one there was a reporter named by Xiao Luo and gave their specific home address . The reporters' faces all changed color . Although Xiao Luo did not have any threatening tone, they felt an unspeakable fear and sense of crisis .

After reading the information of more than a dozen reporters, Xiao Luo closed the document with a "bang" and a pair of eagle-eyed eyes swept under it coldly: "Now, you can interview me!" With his head on his side facing Zhang Dashan, "Give them back their equipment . "


Zhang Dashan immediately ran out ti get them .

Not long after, the microphones, * * and cell phones of these reporters were all returned .

But they are still, ducks in situ . . .

Interview? How?

Their home address and family members are clearly known, which clearly threatens them!

At this moment, they seem to be convinced of one thing, that is, this Luo Fang really has H social background .

Although they are arrogant at ordinary times, even bright stars and rich bosses can't even be put into their eyes . If they want to, they are confident that they can destroy the image of a public figure at any time, but in the face of H society, they are terrified from the bottom of thier hearts .

H society, there is no principle to speak of . Provoke them, and be ready for revenge at any time!

"No, no, we won't interview you, Mr . Xiao . I promise that there will never be any negative news about Luo Fang in the major media . "

"Yes, yes, Luo Fang's bread is of qualified quality and tastes very good . We tasted it ourselves and it is much more delicious than the taste buds . "

"We are blind to Mount Tai . Chief Minister Xiao is able to punt in his belly . I hope you don't share our common knowledge . "

Compromising, this group of reporters all put down their posture and compensated with smiles to Xiao Luo .

In their eyes, Xiao Luo is a H society leader . They can't afford to offend him . At the moment, they are all green with regret . They shouldn't have been misled by Chen Jianbo to find trouble in Luo Fang . As a result, they find the trouble and got into a mess .

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