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Chapter 130

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Xiao Luo did not hit the ball immediately, but let the caddy set the ball in five serve positions .

"Boss Xiao, what are you doing?"

Fang Changlei is very puzzled about the inquiry, but his face had a playful look as if seeing a clown performance . No matter what Xiao Luo does, it will definitely not change the result of him losing to Zhang Hongda, so Xiao Luo's behavior is very superfluous and funny in his eyes .

Xiao Luo was too lazy to answer Fang Changlei . He picked out a cue from the caddy and walked to the nearest serving position .

Zhang Hongda has already asked people to change the teapot to make tea . At the moment, he is holding a teacup and drinking slowly . With a relieved smile on his mouth, feeling he suddenly won Luo Fang . It was really a surprise, enough for him to be excited for a long time .

"Ding, congratulations to the host for acquiring golf skills, consuming 500 points!"

In Xiao Luo's mind rang with the system .

The wind blew past him, his bangs fluttered slightly, and his clothes also showed traces of wavy water . The club that was unfamiliar to him at this moment was as kind as his own hand . He took a deep breath at the tiny hole as an ink dot in the distance, and then swung out a shot fiercely .

Sharp action, domineering!

"Peng ~"

Under the strong force of the cue, the white ball sped off in an instant, drawing a graceful huge arc in the air, and fell into the hole accurately under the eyes of the public .

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Quietly, without a trace of sound, so clean!

The caddy froze while the staff preparing to measure the distance also froze .

Luo Qi also rubbed her eyes and cried out with a face full of disbelief: "It's in the hole . the big boss hit the ball into the hole with one shot!"

Next to her was Xu Guansong who was also blinking hard .

Then Zhang Hongda and Fang Changlei changed color, and their smiles froze instantly . All the voices in their minds were the same voice: What the hell?

However, this is only the beginning . . .

Xiao Luo did not stop for a moment, holding the club to the next serving position, then swinging the club, hitting the white ball floating underneath, then moving on to the next serving position, without even looking at the hit ball, as if he was confident that he did not need to look back at all .

One shot, one goal . Hole in one!

And every ball is the same result, as if there is a sense of autonomy, like a meteor falling into the hole one by one, without exception or deviation .

Luo Qi kept shouting and hee voice became more and more excited: "The second ball went into the hole, the third ball went into the hole, and the fourth ball went into the hole . Oh my god, the big boss is awesome!"

The eyes and mouth of the other people present were also enlarged, and were wearing shocked faces .

Compared with them, the expressions of Zhang Hongda and Fang Changlei are as ugly as eating more than ten catties of Xiang . Each time Xiao Luo scores a goal, their hearts quiver violently . When Xiao Luo scored a clean hole-in-one on the fifth goal, the cup held in Zhang Hongda's hand fell to the ground due to shock, "pa" broke and the hot tea scattered all over the floor .

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One doesn't know if it was because of the sound of the cup breaking, but the pipe in Fang Changlei's mouth also fell to the ground .

Five balls, all hole in ones!

Is this possible?

According to common sense, this is absolutely impossible!

But this kind of impossible appeared in front of his eyes today . At this moment, everyone doubted whether there was something wrong with his eyes . Are you playing golf while you're in your mothers stomach? Each hole is at least 300 meters away from the tee, and the diameter of the hole is only about 10 centimeters, which can be scored with one shot but not like this . Moreover, he can hit five balls into the hole in a row . Even a golf master is not as good as this .

"Five goals, all . . . all in?" Xu Guansong still feels all of this was unreal .

"Yes, they all went in . The big boss is so handsome, ha ha . . . " Luo Qi was excited as if she had scored five goals herself . In her mind, Xiao Luo was already so handsome .

Xiao Luo put the club back on the caddy's back, turned around, and walked toward Zhang Hongda and Fang Changlei with a smile .

People are watching!

His present image is like a tall and straight mountain in the hearts of all the players on the court . All the players' eyes are on him and move with his walking .

Pulling a chair to sit down, he smiled and said to Zhang Hongda: "Zhang Zong, do we still need to continue to compare?"

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Zhang Hongda and Fang Changlei didn't say a word, and his face was as dark as a cloudy sky, continue? You scored all five goals, and still continue the match?

It's totally crushing, putting an end to any hope of winning!

After staring at Xiao Luo for a long time, Zhang Hongda sighed like a deflated ball and said with a white and bloodless complexion: "I lost . "

"Little bastard, you dressed up as a pig and ate a tiger, and deliberately dug a hole for this boss to jump, didn't you?"

Fang Changlei, unable to control his emotions, stood up and pointed to Xiao Luo in anger . This was a completely unexpected result . He not only lost eight million orders from Foucault Group, but also lost five million himself . This is all money . Only minutes have passed, and it is absolutely impossible to say that it did not hurt him .

"I dig a hole and you jump in, which only shows that you are a pig!"

Xiao Luo impolitely put the check of 5 million on the table into his pocket . He came here mainly to deal with Foucault Group, but the result was better than expected, which made him feel better .

Fang Changlei mouth twitched a few times, surly, gnashing with anger .

Before he could speak, Xiao Luo then choked, "Can't a boss of a big company like you afford to lose 5 million?"

"You . . . "

Fang Changlei's anger refluxed, he almost vomited a mouthful of old blood .

At this moment, Zhang Hongda stood up apologetically and bowed deeply to Fang Changlei: "Brother Fang, I'm really sorry this time . I didn't expect this to be the case . For this year's order, I . . . I'm sorry for you . "

He is like a defeated cock, with a full face of self-effacing .

He did not expect Xiao Luo to be so accomplished in golf . All five balls hit a hole in one . If it weren't for what he saw with his own eyes, who would dare to say that? He would have smoked it with a big mouth .

Fang Changlei's fist at the moment were clenched, never like today he was so 'humbled . ' He hought Zhang Hongda can take Luo Fang in one fell swoop, but the result is so unexpected, under the eyes of the public, and there are cameras to record the whole process, he even want to challenge himself and can't find any excuse to cancel the bet .

He punched the the table, and he said to Xiao Luo ferociously, "I'll double what I lost, and we'll see!"

Finished saying that, with a light snort, he led a group of people, turned and left . His anger was not light at all, he scolded all the way, having no bearing as the boss .

"Boss Zhang, we can have a good talk about the contract!" Xiao Luo smiled at Zhang Hongda .

This smile is now like a devil's smile in Zhang Hongda's eyes . It permeates into people . He has always looked down upon Xiao Luo and regarded him as a brat with no ability . As a result, he paid a painful price and it was so soon .

"How on earth did you hit the five balls?"

He is very concerned about this issue . If it is luck, it is absolutely bullshit . If it is strength, it is too horrible . It can kill Taishan Beidou Tiger Woods in golf .

"Sign the contract and I'll tell you how . " Xiao Luo showed a mysterious smile .

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