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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:16:38 AM
Chapter 131

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The company successfully won the order from Faucult Group and added 7 million yuan to the original order .

When the contract was signed, Luo Qi and Xu Guansong both had the feeling of dreaming . It was too unreal . At first, Zhang Hongda's attitude was so cold that he refused Luo Fang completely . But Xiao Luo turned the situation around in a twinkling . This is really unbelievable!

"Big boss, are you serious about what you said to boss Zhang after signing the contract?" Luo Qi's face showed worship to Xiao Luo .

"What is it?"

"You said that if you practice hitting the ball for five hours a day and stick to it for ten years, you can hit the ball into the hole with one stroke . "

"Of course it is serious . Practice makes perfect . " Xiao Luo lifted his eyebrows lightly and said with a smile .

Luo Qi became more curious and said: "So, the reason why the big boss was able to put the five balls into the hole was because he practiced golf for five hours a day for ten years?"

Xiao Luo smiled without saying a word . Since he could not explain the system, he chose silence and was too lazy to make up any lies .

After visiting Mingtai Golf Course, Xu Guansong got a new understanding of Xiao Luo . On the surface, he looked young and frivolous and did not know how to restrain himself . In fact, he quickly discovered Zhang Hongda's pride in golf in the short contact time of more than 10 minutes . Taking this as a breakthrough, he introduced Zhang Hongda into the trap already prepared step by step .

With thoughts, comes strength!

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Not only he successfully won the order, but he also let Fang Changlei also paid a price of five million, and this, with just two hours, is greater than the interests of the casino . He finally knew why Chu YunXiong highly value Xiao Luo . Such a person, let alone in Luo Fang, even in any corner of the world, he will shine like gold .

"Boss Xiao!"

Xu Guansong quickly catch up with Xiao Luo, calling him "Boss Xiao", he's more respectful than ever before .

"Xu Guansong, do you have something?" Asked Xiao Luo .

"Has Xiao ever heard of the Dragon Gang?"

Dragon gang?

Xiao Luo's eyes narrowed slightly . These two words have been heard in his ear more than once . More than 100 people died in the dragon gang because of his doing . Now he hears the name of this gang again, it feels like a thunderclap .

It seems that Xiao Luo has not heard of it . Xu Guansong helped his glasses and explained: "The dragon gang is the largest underground power in the river city . It operates hotels, restaurants and casinos . Its shady business includes gray poison . It has more than 3,000 people . although it is headquartered in Guangming district, the dragon gang is spread all over the streets of River city . "

Finished saying that, his eyes were burning at Xiao Luo, seeing how he will react .

"Keep talking . " Xiao Luo is interested .

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"The leader of the Dragon Gang is Long Sankui, known as Long Ye, and the 3,000 disciples under him are talking about him . It is said that he is a master who kills but does not see blood . He has a fierce face and is so hostile that ghosts will be afraid of him . "

"Well, then . "

"Boss Xiao, do you know why taste buds can always suppress Luo Fang? Why is it that the old man who ate bread and was poisoned in our Luo Fang store? It is obviously being manipulated by someone to ruin our Luo Fang's reputation, but Fang Changmiao, the former owner of Luo Fang, is always afraid to resist and can only sell Luo Fang to boss Chu? "


Xiao Luo frowned, he really can't imagine the stakes .

Xu Guansong looked from left to right, and when he confirmed that there was no one else around, he said cautiously: "Because the relationship between Fang Changlei and Long Sankui is very unusual, it is said that Fang Changlei saved Long Sankui when he was cornered in his early years . Since then, Long Sankui has been favorable about Fang Changlei .

Fang Changmiao was preparing a lawsuit against taste buds for illegal competition . As a result, he was kidnapped by the Dragon Gang and almost thrown into the sea to feed the fishes . He was so scared that he left River city immediately after selling Luo Fang to boss Chu . So far, we have not heard from him . "

"Why didn't I know that boss Fang was kidnapped by the dragon gang?" Luo Qi asked blinking .

Xu Guansong gave her a white look: "How could you know? I only knew that because I was drinking with Boss Fang and when he's drunk he accidentally disclosed it . "

"Do you mean that because of Fang Changlei, the Dragon Gang will deal with me like it did with Fang Changmiao?" In the words of Xiao Luo .

Xu Guansong nodded: "This possibility is very high . "

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"Aren't they afraid of being caught in jail by the police?" Luo Qi said .

"Luo Qi, you are always so naive . The world is not as beautiful as you think . All the filth is covered up by the ostentatious appearance . Now in any corner of the world, terrible crimes may be taking place . There is black and white, and there is light and dark . In this mu of land along the river, the Dragon gang represents black and dark . " Xu Guansong said earnestly .

Xiao Luo smiled, his opinion of Xu Guansong is in favor of both hands .

He patted Xu Guansong on the shoulder: "It's no use crying over spilt milk . There's nothing that can be changed . Your hand wont stop the flow of water . "

Finished saying that, he opened the door and got into the car .

"Mr . Xiao, I think you'd better settle it with Fang Changlei . The dragon gang is not to be taunted by ordinary people like us . Even the government has no choice but to contain and restrain them, because if one dragon gang is erased, another gang will rise up and replace it . The current situation is already the best balance . "

"Reconciliation? How to reconcile? Just like the government, signing unequal treaties with him to achieve temporary peace? " Xiao Luo sneered .

"Absolutely not . Boss Fang seems to be the one who eats people and doesn't spit bones . Even if we lose money, he will never give up and will definitely try to nibble away at our Luo Fang . " Luo Qi's eyes were burning .

"I am thinking of Xiao's overall safety . What do you know?" Xu Guansong reprimanded .

Luo Qi snorted: "Hum, I don't believe the Dragon gang can dominate the sky in River city . If it is a black colored gang, can it surpass the national laws?"

"I don't understand people like you who live in an ideal world . " Xu Guansong was really angry .

Xiao Luo waved his hand and interrupted the argument directly: "Drive, go back to the company!"


After browsing through more than a dozen important customer information about taste buds that Li Zimeng had put on his desk, Xiao Luo started to plan a special revenge on taste buds . Fang Changlei made him very uncomfortable, and he certainly also made Fang Changlei uncomfortable .

More than a dozen companies have a total of more than 30 million orders for moon cakes on taste buds . This is only an order for a traditional festival . In addition to the daily profits of the stores, the profits of their pastry industry are obviously huge .

So . . .

Xiao Luo himself took the lead and robbed the taste buds directly from it .

And has been following him, as his assistant, Luo Qi, has already seen his means . Every boss has some special hobbies, such as racing, such as sports, or going to nightclubs and playing with women .

Xiao Luo laid hands on them for these hobbies, and most of them would fall into his trap like Zhang Hongda . The small part that did not fall into the trap was either caught by Xiao Luo or threatened by Xiao Luo playing the villain to kidnap their children .

By all means!

Even if it's crazy!

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