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Chapter 129

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Xiao Luo took a teacup again and poured tea but this time it's for himself . He looked at Zhang Hongda slowly and asked, "Zhang Zong, I heard that you often come to the golf course, so your level should be ok . Are you interested in competing with me?"

Zhang Hongda seemed to have heard the funniest joke in the world . He couldn't help but laugh and point to Xiao Luo . He said, "Brother Fang, did you hear that? This boy said he wanted to play golf with me . "

"Zhang Laodi, since he is looking for abuse, then give him!"

Fang Changlei looked at Xiao Luo as if he's looking at a fool, in this boss circle, who does not know the level of golf of Zhang Honda . He once created a miracle of two shots in a hole in the United States masters . If Xiao Luo is compared with Zhang Hongda's golf skills, this is a good interpretation of, "a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers . "

Xiao Luo ignored the two men's banter and stretched out his hand . He took the contract from Luo Qi and put it on the table .

Looking at Zhang Hongda with a smile, he added: "If I win, Zhang will have to sign this contract . If I lose, I will mortgage Luo Fang to you . "

"Is this really true?"

Zhang Hongda's eyes suddenly widened and violently stared, appearing extremely excited, although Luo Fang is not as big as before now . But there is an old saying that a thin camel is better than a dead horse . If Luo Fang can be obtained, it will be a valuable harvest for him .

"I'm absolutely uncompromising . " Xiao Luo said .

"There is no proof for what you say . "

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Zhang Hongda made a snap of his fingers and called a waiter to come over and ordered him to take a video of everything that happened here from now on .

Xiao Luo smiled, revealing a pondering radiance: "Zhang Hongda works so conservatively . "

"I have always been like this, since Xiao wants to compete with me in golf, let's compete with each other . If I win, your Luo Fang will be mine from then on . If I lost, I'll sign an eight million dollar contract with you, right?" Zhang Hongda's mood is very excited, his eyes are showing greed .

"Yes!" Xiao Luo nodded .

"If you are so happy, then I will show my best sincerity . Apart from this 8 million, I will also give you the list of Nancheng and Beihai . The total order amount is 15 million . As long as you win, this 15 million list belongs to Luo Fang . " Zhang Hongda's sonorous voice exclaimed, throwing out a big cake so that Xiao Luo wouldn't go back on his word in the middle .

Fifteen million?!

Xu Guansong and Luo Qi were stunned . They never thought that the originally deadlock situation would lead to a hopeful situation again at one fell swoop, and it was nearly twice as much as before . However, Xu Guansong did not calm down immediately when he thought that this was just a bet, it's either they lose the whole Luo Fang as a bet or getting a 15 million yuan deal .

"Mr . Xiao, absolutely not . Mr . Zhang is famous for his golf skills in Jiangcheng . compared with him, there is no hope of winning . I don't agree with you regarding Luo Fang as a bet . "

"Big boss, we don't want this contract, don't compete with him . " Luo Qi also persuaded .

Xiao Luo raised his hand to interrupt them and looked at Zhang Hongda with a provocative look: "Zhang Zong, this is what you said, a 15 million order?"

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Zhang Hongda nodded: "Yes, I did . "

"Well, it's rare for Zhang Laodi to be so cheerful . How about one of us coming to help?"

Fang Changlei beckoned, took a cheque from his assistant, and then wrote 5 million dollars . He stared at Xiao Luo with malicious intent . "If you win, this 5 million dollars belongs to you . If Zhang Laodi wins, I don't want to score a point in your Luo Fang . All I need is for you to kneel in front of me and slap yourself hard, then say loudly that you are rubbish . "

"You are insulting our big boss . " Luo Qi said in a choking voice .

"Yes, I am insulting him . " Fang Changlei had a cold smile, he didn't deny this .

Luo Qi gnashed her teeth with anger, but could not find words to refute .

Fang Changlei squinted scornfully at Xiao Luo and said: "If you don't have the courage then refuse, I am a very good man who leaves way for others . "

"Since you want to send money, how can I refuse it? I will not have trouble with the money . " Xiao Luo had a pondering smile .

Fang Changlei snorted softly: "It's commendable courage, only less self-knowledge . "

He will never believe that Xiao Luo can beat Zhang Hongda in golf . Otherwise, he would not have watched Zhang Hongda place the order .

Xiao Luo did not take his words and turned to Zhang Hongda: "How?"

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"It's simpler than that . We play five balls in the service area each, and then add up the distances of the five balls from the hole . The one with the smaller value wins . " Zhang Hongda's face was full of disdain .

"Well, let's compete it with this rule . " Xiao Luo indifferently smiled .

A little while later, the caddy handed over the cue, and there were also workers in the safety zone who were specialized in distance measurement ready to rush out at any time .

Xu Guansong and Luo Qi stood on one side uneasy . The level of playing golf was built by years of accumulated practice . As young as Xiao Luo, he didn't look like a person who can play golf . How can they compare? The most terrible thing is, he even took out the entire Luo Fang to make a bet . Is this suicide?

In order to prevent Xiao Luo from backing out, Zhang Hongda quickly picked up a cue and strode to the service court: "I'll show you my face first . "

Good at hitting the ball, he took one look at the hole in his field of vision, then picked up the cue, with a wave of his hand, "whew", the ball drew a graceful curve in the air, accurately hitting the lawn not far from the hole, and then slipped forward for a while .

The stadium staff immediately ran up with a tape measure and accurately measured the distance of the ball from the hole .

"1 . 3 meters from the hole!"

When the survey staff reported the result to this side, Luo Qi and Xu Guansong gasped . It was too good . With only one shot, he almost scored the ball into the hole . This Zhang Hongda was indeed a master of golf .


Fang Changlei applauded, "Zhang Laodi's skill can definitely beat everyone in Jiangcheng . "

"Brother Fang, you flatter . The club is not very good, otherwise the ball could be closer . " Zhang Hongda is also quite confident in this respect and does not feel at all proud to say this .

"Ha ha . . . the next ball is a hole in one!" Fang Changlei laughed .

Zhang Hongda did not reply . His silence was already the best answer . He really wanted a hole-in-one to make Xiao Luo give up completely .

"Xiao Zong, it's your turn, you can take it easy and don't throw the club out . " Fang Changlei waved to Xiao Luo, looking forward to see Xiao Luo failing .

"Xiao please do not be pressured, this is only the first goal, and there are four more . " Zhang Hongda laughed . He thinks Xiao Luo is a rash fellow, in golf with him, how can he compare?

"There is no pressure!"

Xiao Luo gulped down the cup of tea, stood up and headed for the tee .

"Big boss . . . "

Luo Qi looked at all this with great anxiety . There was no competition at all . The distance of 1 . 3 meters was already so close . How could Xiao Luo hit the ball within 1 . 3 meters?

Xu Guansong's eyebrows were almost screwed together, he don't know what's going to happen .

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