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Chapter 128

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"Fang is always next, if I fall, Fang will definitely be the meat pad below, and then we will both fall to pieces, am I right?" Xiao Luo's smile is also not a smile looking at Fang Changlei .

The smile on Fang Changlei's face suddenly stopped and he took his pipe from his mouth . His face was clouded: "It's not good for a young man to be too arrogant . Otherwise, he may not even know how he died . "

Xiao Luo sneered: "Death comes sooner or later, but I believe Fang 'must' always die before me . After all, Fang is always old and loves to lean on and sell his old age . This is a disease . It is easy to kick the bucket on both legs if you are not careful . "

"You . . . "

Fang Changlei widened his eyes in anger, he stared at Xiao Luo .

"Peng ~"

Zhang Hongda slapped the table hard and suddenly stood up, glaring at Xiao Luo: "Xiao, you are not welcome here!"

Only then did Xu return to himself, he heaped up an awkward smile, and stood up as peacemaker: "Mr . Zhang calm down . It was Xiao's total fault . I ask him to apologize to you . You must not take it to heart . "

Zhang Hongda and Fang Changlei were slightly relieved . They obviously cared about Xiao Luo's apology .

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"Mr . Xiao, what the hell are you doing here? Hurry up and apologise to Mr . Zhang and Mr . Fang . " Xu Guansong was completely convinced . Now he's here to talk about business with somebody else . He wants somebody else to make a deal . So, Why is he quarrelling with somebody else? This is too ridiculous .

"Xu Guansong, haven't you seen clearly? All in all, Zhang promised to meet us just because he wanted to embarrass us in front of Fang . Don't even say I will apologize . Even if I do apologize, he will never renew the contract with us . " Xiao Luo said coldly, his temper came up . Regardless what boss you are, in his eyes there are only jumping insects .

"Yes, I support the big boss!" Luo Qi expressed solidarity with Xiao Luo .

This is not the way to talk about business . Zhang Hongda has been indifferent to them from the very beginning . When Fang Changlei arrived, he even called them Luo Fang's garbage . This is butt naked insult . Luo Fang should have dignity and pride even if it is no good .

"Luo Qi, you shut up and stop fanning the flames here . Xiao is ignorant and you follow him?" Xu Guansong roared loudly, with a lingering charm of referring to mulberry scolding locust .

"Xu Guansong, you are a talented person . Why should you be wronged in Luo Fang? Look at the present Luo Fang, which is full of impatient newcomers . There is no future for you to stay in Luo Fang . I think you should go to taste buds . I Believe Fang is willing to accept you with your qualifications and abilities . " Zhang Hongda timely said, in front of Xiao Luo, this is the highest level of humiliation .

Fang Changlei raised his eyebrows: "This is a good proposal . Some of us cherish talents most . If Vice President Xu is willing to come, I will give you the position of Vice President of my taste buds so that I can take a back seat and take a long vacation for myself . Although it is still a deputy general manager, the gold content is much higher than that of Luo Fang . "

Xu Guansong was flattered: "Thank you for your kindness, but I already have deep feelings for Luo Fang . It is half of my family . No matter whether my family is poor or rich, it is still a family . There is absolutely no reason to abandon my family . "

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"Is it? Then this is a great pity! " Fang Changlei picked up a cup of tea and took a sip .

Xiao Luo clapped with a smile: "Mr . Fang and Mr . Zhang, the people who dug me up in front of me seem to be in high spirits . "

"Xiao, why don't you get out of here or do you want me to get you out?"

In his eyes, Xiao Luo is not qualified to talk to him about business . In his words, it is that the newborn has not yet learned how to be the boss of others . It is like a small fart child wearing a suit and full of bravado .

"Zhang doesn't have to rush . I will leave when I finish my work . " Xiao Luo's face always maintained an inconceivable smile .

"Finish your business?"

Zhang Hongda sneered, "You'd better die . You don't have to think about my orders from Foucault Group . I won't give you any money . Garbage companies like Luo Fang should close down quickly so as not to embarrass yourself in this land of Jiangcheng!"

Not mentioning Xiao Luo, Xu Guansong who's listening now also felt fire rising up .

"Zhang Laodi, it hurts your self-esteem to say so . You see, if you are angry with Xu Guansong and that little girl, at least somebody else is also a senior member of a company . You should give some face . " Fang Changlei added fuel to the flames .

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Xiao Luo could not see any anger on his face . He simply sat down and picked up the teapot in front of Zhang Hongda and Fang Changlei, drank it directly from the spout, and cheekily said to Zhang Hongda: "I just understood . Zhang Zong means that he would rather give the orders from Foucault Group to dogs than to Luo Fang, right?"

Zhang Hongda, who was already black in the face, respond angrily: "Of course, I will not give you a single cent!"

"Oh? Then in Zhang's eyes, Fang is a dog . " Xiao Love said in a tone of an Epiphany .

[TL:notice the play on words]

"Motherf*cker, what are you talking about? Believe it or not, I'll let you see hell!?" Fang Changlei barked .

Zhang Hongda also had a fuming red face as he stared at Xiao Luo .

"Mr . Fang, it's not me who scolds you as a dog . Don't be angry and sit down . Let's have a good talk . Harmony makes money . Harmony makes money!"

Xiao Luo walked over and poured tea to Fang Changlei and Zhang Hongda, then picked up the cup, "Come on, Fang Zong, Zhang Zong, drink tea . This cup of tea will be regarded as my apology . "

Their faces jumped straight and thought to themselves: Your mother and your wife! You just drank directly from the spout . Who would drink it!?

"Xiao, what do you mean?" Zhang Hongda said with a sullen face .

"It doesn't mean anything, just a moment ago you took a mouthful of garbage and made me feel very unhappy . If according to my usual temper, you should already be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment now . "

"With you?" Zhang Hongda sneered, his eyes full of contempt .

"Yes, on my own . "

Xiao Luo nodded seriously, his words just fell when the cup in his hand split into porcelain pieces scattered all over the table . The tea dripped down Xiao Luo's fingertips, falling down in a trickle .

This scene frightened Zhang Hongda and Fang Changlei .

The black bodyguards around him slightly changed complexion . He could crush the calcined porcelain cup with their bare hands . How strong should the force on his fingers be!

Luo Qi looked admiring and felt that her big boss was really handsome .

"Why, are you scaring me? Then too bad . " Zhang Hongda forced himself to calm down .

"Sorry, I am not scaring you . I am threatening you . Don't touch my bottom line again . You can refuse to sign the contract, but you can't insult us . " The smile on Xiao Luo's face disappeared and it was replaced by a bitter cold expression .

Zhang Hongda's mouth muscles jumped, he was threatened . It let him feel very angry, but he did not dare to have any outburst, to the now staring at him Xiao Luo .

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