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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:16:48 AM
Chapter 123

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Just as Jiang Hu led more than 70 dragon gang members to slowly walk out with both hands to surrender to the police, a black muzzle crept out from a small window gap in the warehouse and then fired three shots at the police outside .

"Bang Bang Bang ~"

Harsh gunfire broke the silence of the night . The unloaded bullets tore the space and roared down on three officers wearing bulletproof vests . The three fell to the ground with a snort .

This change happened too suddenly, without any sign, not only for the police but also for Jiang Hu and the other gang members . But Jiang Hu isn't dumb, he immediately understood what Xiao Luo is deliberately doing .

Understanding this, hks whole body then emitted cold sweat, wordless fear filled up his heart!

Jiang Hu never expected Xiao Luo to dare to do so . What does he motherf*cling think of the society? Even the tactic of using a backdoor knife to kill people can be used . What makes people most unbelievable is that Xiao Luo borrowed the police's hand .

Immediately waving his arms, he shouted at the top of his voice: "Officer, we didn't fire the gun, we didn't fire the gun . . . "

In an attempt to calm down the police in front of him .

Gu QianLin also think things are a little odd, when she's preparing to raise her hand to call to not shoot, she only heard the sound of "bang," and another bullet roared through the windshield of a police car next to her, the windshield "pa cha" into countless glass debris that scattered all over the floor, she subconsciously threw herself on the floor .

“Fire! ! !”

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Nervous, the captain at this moment finally issued a fire command, roaring aloud .

"Da Da Da . . . "

Dense bullets like long-tailed salamanders, interwoven into a huge light net in the air toward the dragon gang members, "bang bang bang bang ~" Jiang Hu with a dozen dragon gang members fell in a flash, in their bodies appeared several blood holes .

He laid in a pool of blood, his body twitching violently, making the final struggle before death, his eyes wide open, his mouth and nose bleeding .

Panic, he unwillingly looked at the warehouse, the dark warehouse seems to appear Xiao Luo's cold and cruel face .

Even if he wants revenge he can only bury it in his heart, as now unfortunately, it's useless now that he's dead despite his hatred .

Gu QianLin climbed from the ground up, she is very sure that is definitely not Jiang Hu's gang that shot, the shooter secretly did not shoot at their police's fatal parts, and is just shooting on their body armor, in addition to some shock trauma, there will be no life risk, so she concluded that all this is someone's doing in order to let them shoot Jiang Hu and the line of people .

"Stop shooting, stop shooting!" She raised her hand and shouted .

The gunfire was gradually extinguished, but it was too late . The gang members all fell to the ground . There was no one alive . The bodies were littered and the dead could not live any more .

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At the same time, Xiao Luo immediately ran to the second floor and jumped into the sea from the window on the second floor . The mercenary King's constitution already includes the attribute of swimming . But in order to be able to leave the scene quickly, he still spent 500 points and exchanged a swimming skill again . As Xiao Wu said before, a dive should make people doubt whether he was drowning .

When Gu QianLin led a small group of police in, the warehouse was empty and the guy who had just shot the gun disappeared without a trace .

"Gu Qianlin, the window on the second floor is open . The man must have jumped into the sea and left . " Officer Wang Hanxuan reported the situation .

"Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, you immediately search with me along the coastline and don't let any suspicious people go . " Gu QianLin said .

"Yes . "

Several teams received orders to search along the coastline on both sides of the dock .


Gu QianLin was stamping her feet, her delicate face is full of anger, they were played . Such marksmanship and precision is tops, he's calm and wise basically a killing machine, River City actually is hiding such characters, she have to say that this is a very scary news .

She vowed to find out who this person is!


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Although Gu Qianlin ordered a large number of police to search along the coastline, but to no avail, Xiao Luo and Feng Ge have already left .

Late at night, on 96 building in the village . . .

Zhang Dashan, who witnessed the scenes of Xiao Luo killing with his own eyes, and needed time to slow down . At this time, he was sitting on the sofa watching violent and bloody movies to stimulate himself . Xiao Luo had not come back so late, and he was somewhat worried . When he was preparing to dial Xiao Luo with his mobile phone, a knock sounded .

"Did you forget your keys again?"

While cursing, he walked to open the door . As soon as the door was opened, he was greeted by several bloody faces, which scared him into screaming like killing a pig .

It is the group of five people . They were seriously injured and were only able to support their arrival here . They were close to their limit, so they all fell to the ground .

"You . . . who are you?" Zhang Dashan immediately took the broom in his hand and raised his voice to shout .

It was almost eleven o'clock in the evening, and he thought he had met a ghost .

"It's . . . It's Xiao Ge that called us here . . . "

Feng Ge raised his head, said a difficult sentence, and then just like the other four he entered a coma .

"Xiao Ge? Old Xiao? " Zhang Dashan muttered something in a low voice .

At that moment, his cell phone rang, he picked it up and found it was Xiao Luo .

"Oh, my God, Lao Xiao, what the hell are these five lumps of meat?" Although he always had nightmares about red scorpion dying, he had little to no fear of Xiao Luo .

"They are my friends . I called to tell you to take care of them first, I will be right back . "

"It depends, what is the situation? How do I take care of this? Hello, hello? Old Xiao? Hello . . . Sh*t, he hung up the phone . "

Zhang Dashan gloomily tucked his mobile phone into his trouser pocket and saw with his eyes five men lying on the ground with multiple cuts . Feng Ge was even still wet . His brows were almost screwed together .

He is absolutely good at taking care of his beautiful little sister, but he doesn't know where to start taking care of five seven-foot big fellow .

"I'm not a nurse . I can't care for sh*t . "

Swearing, he rolled up his sleeves, and began to drag them onto the sofa . The sofa could not hold them, and he finally placed them on the floor of the hall .

Looking at the lifeless and unorderly bodies like corpses, Zhang Dashan wiped the hot sweat from his forehead, shuddered and scolded, "Damn, why do I feel I'm in a bit like the scene in the movie just now?"

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