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Chapter 122

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"River worm?"

Xiao Luo sneered "Hum . . . interesting . "

At this moment, Feng Ge threw his machete at Xiao Luo with all his strength and shouted, "Xiao Ge, take the knife!"

With Xiao Luo's righteousness, strong, and domineering character, it let him willingly surrender, this "Xiao Ge" of his is heartfelt .

The thrown machete was spinning in the air as it flew towards Xiao Luo . Xiao Luo was cold, all the strength of his body are poured on his right foot, since he got the football skill, he accurately kicked the machete point the brief moment it pointed at Jiang Hu at the end of the machete's handle, fierce power surged out .

"Whoosh ~"

The machete directly turned into a flying sword like in a fantasy world, like a shiny electric awn cutting through the heavy space .

Too fast, too fast to completely let a person have reaction time!

Jiang Hu subconsciously chose to dodge sideways . At the same time, Xiao Luo threw away the bodies of the dragon gang members in his hand and rushed wildly in steps, like a strong wind approaching Jiang Hu . Then he jumped high in the air, and his right foot was infused by a mountain and tsunami-like force .

This is definitely a sure-kill strike!

Jiang Hu's face changed suddenly . At this critical moment of life and death, he yanked the confidant beside him to his front and blocked Xiao Luo's foot for him .

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"Peng ~"

The dragon gang member's whole chest cavity sank, it made a thick blood crevasse, at the same time, he flew out like a bullet shell severely hitting Jiang Hu .

Jiang Hu screamed and flew out, spilling blood and banging on the ground four or five metres away .

"Weeee woooo weeeee woooo"

At that moment, a shrill police siren sounded outside the warehouse, the police finally arrived .

A dignified voice came through the loudspeaker: "Listen to me, people inside, stop fighting immediately, put down your arms and come out with your hands on your head!"

Gu Qianlin? !

Xiao Luo frowned, this woman always appears .

Some people ran to the door and looked at it . They saw almost 20 police cars blocking the entrances and exits . The sentry brothers outside were taken down by the police in the first moment . Many people were thrown to the ground and handcuffed by the hungry tiger's predatory police without even making a response .

Then, three explosion-proof vehicles with shining lights rushed into the room . Three special police teams, about 20 armed with live ammunition, made a mighty appearance . Snipers occupied the commanding heights . All the bullets were loaded and ready to rush in and mop up everything at any time .

"Tiger, no . . . no, we are surrounded by the police!"

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Holding up serious injuries, with corners of his mouth bleeding, Jiang Hu has a pale complexion .

It seems to be verifying his words . Outside, Gu Qianlin is shouting again with a megaphone: "You are surrounded . Don't make any meaningless resistance . Now I will give you three minutes to consider . If you don't surrender after three minutes, believe me, you won't want to know the result . "

Hearing this sentence, the eyelids of the dragon gang members jumped straight, and everyone could hear the murder . The police definitely heard the gunshot just now, thinking that they were not just fighting with knives, but a gun battle was taking place . Otherwise, it would definitely not be this scene .

"Brother Tiger, what now? Do you want to kill him?" A dragon gang member was panting, as he asked horrified .

Jiang Hu slapped him and scolded him, "You're out of your mind . The other side has a gun in his hand . If you dare to stir up your head, how can you kill him?" After thinking about it, I finally made a choice: "Let's all lay down our arms . "

Hearing this, the dragon gang of more than 70 people looked at each other, then put down their arms .

"Didn't you say you were never afraid of cops? Why, are you surrendering now?" Xiao Luo had a pondering smile .

The corners of Jiang Hu's mouth twitched . It was really a slap in the face .

He glared at Xiao Luo with fierce eyes and said: "Don't be arrogant, you little brat . Wait for me . I will definitely find out your details . Women with ties to you, I will let my men rape them good and then kill them . Men with good ties to you I'll let them all become disabled . As for you, I'll won't let you die that easily without torture?"

Xiao Luo originally wanted to let it go, but now it seems that this kind of people if let go is to leave for future trouble, at this moment, his mind thought of his sister Xiao Ruyi and brother-in-law Tang Ren, he also thought of Zhang Dashan, if these three people were hurt because of him, he would never forgive himself .

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So, he can only choose to exterminate!

"You have no chance . " Xiao Luo said lightly .

"No chance? Joke, do you really think ye will be locked up for a long time? I tell you, I can come out in less than half a month, and then it will be the death day of you and all those who are related to you, brothers, let's go!"

Jiang Hu laughed, waved his hand and led more than 70 dragon gang members as they strode to the outside of the warehouse, just like a triumphant team that won a great victory . The team was extremely proud .

They held up their empty hands and went out . Jiang Hu shouted innocently to the opposite police: "Sir, I surrender . I didn't kill anyone . I just passed by . I don't know anyone here . "

In front of the police, he is very convergence, he did not call himself "ye" .

Xiao Luo's expression is as cold as frost, the game is not over yet, reaping the sickle of life, has been slowly raised .

He turned away from them and turned to Feng Ge, he asked, "Can you swim?"

"Yes, we used to play in the river when we were young . No matter how deep or urgent the water is, we are not afraid . A dive of ours can make others suspect that we have already drowned because of how long we can hold . " Xiao Wu replied .

"This is easy!"

Xiao Luo nodded, "I don't want to let any of these dragon gang members go, so as to avoid being caught in jail . You should jump into the sea from the window on the second floor and wait for me at the top floor of building 96 in the village . "

What? Kill all the gang members?

In front the police?

Feng Ge felt that Xiao Luo was crazy, and he immediately objected: "Xiao Ge, let's go together, don't be impulsive . "

"Don't talk nonsense, do as I say!" Xiao Luo shut him down .

The five men were speechless and did not dare to say more . They helped them to the second floor and jumped into the sea from the window like dumplings . Their swimming capability was indeed very good . When they jumped down, the noise they made was surprisingly small .

"Xiao Ge, you must come back alive!" Feng Ge said when leaving .

His eyes turned red . Xiao Luo can be said to be his second parent . He will never forget the great kindness tonight .

"Mm . . . "

Xiao Luo answered, but it's so small it's almost negligible .

Feng Ge took a deep breath and jumped out of the window, at the same time, he just saw Xiao Luo picked up something .

His heart trembled, what is he doing?

After jumping into the cold sea water, Feng Ge's fear for Xiao Luo reached to the extreme .

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