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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:16:47 AM
Chapter 124

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At about twelve o'clock in the evening, Xiao Luo came back, not alone but with a girl .

"Belle Sun?"

Zhang Dashan's eyes widened and a look of surprise appeared on his face .

The girl with Xiao Luo is Sun Yu!

Hear head of black hair is simply tied into a ponytail, a finely cut black-and-white casual dress, a round collar revealing a clear and beautiful collarbone, a grey short skirt and leggings, with slender legs, a small oval face, glittering and translucent eyes like jewels, a delicate nose and a lovely mouth, showing a hurried look, but it is very beautiful .

"Zhang Ge!"

Sun Yu politely said hello, and then quickly walked towards the five people on the floor who were unconscious . She put down the rescue box she brought with her and opened it . She then began to treat the wounds for them .

Xiao Luo stepped forward to help . They needed to take off their clothes because of their wounds . He could not let Sun Yu, a girl, take them off .

"Sh*t, what is this situation? This relationship is developing way too fast! " Zhang Dashan whispered in his heart .


It's almost 2: 00 a . m . after they finished handling their wounds .

Xiao Luo changed into a dry suit during this period, but fortunately he pulled some waterproof tin foil in the warehouse to wrap his mobile phone before diving, or his mobile phone would have been scrapped .

"Are you like this with her?"

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Zhang Dashan pulled him to the corner of the empty lawn outside, made a sign of dumb language, and gave a nod with two thumbs-up, meaning that you and she became friends?

"Where do you want to go?" Xiao Luo gave him a look .

"Then why did you call her?"

"I can't think of anyone to call except her . "

Xiao Luo honestly answered, he can't call his sister Xiao Ruyi . If she saw these five people who were cut by knives, Xiao Ruyi will certainly worry about himself, and then ask questions, and has to think reasons . Only Sun Yu that just had finished her night shift, discussed with her, immediately agreed to come over .

At this moment, Sun Yu came out of the hall, raised her hand to wipe the sweet sweat on her forehead, and said to Xiao Luo, "They have been bandaged . "

"Thank you!" Xiao Luo expressed his sincere thanks .

"You're welcome . "

Sun Yu smiled shyly and was very happy to do something for Xiao Luo . Then she said with a serious face, "Xiao Luo elder brother, let me look at your arm . when you came to me, I found something was wrong with your arm . Are you hurt?"

Xiao Luo smiled gently: "It's okay, a little injury, it doesn't matter . "

"What small wound? . If there is a beautiful Belle Sun here, you immediately comply . A small wound is also an injury . It it is inflamed and festers, it will become a big wound . " Zhang Dashan chimed in .

"No one treats you as dumb if you don't talk . "

Xiao Luo frowned .

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"Forget it, I'd better go inside and take care of the five dead pigs, so as not to be the third wheel of the two of you . "

Zhang Dashan rolled his eyes and simply walked into the hall, closing the door tightly by the way . As a result, only Xiao Luo and Sun Yu were left outside .

Sun Yu's cheek was reddish, because Zhang Dashan said it too bluntly and defined herself as a light bulb .

However, compared with this, she still cares more about Xiao Luo 's arm: "Xiao Luo Ge, let me have a look . "

"It's really nothing . It's just a minor injury . It'll be all right in a few days . " Xiao Luo smiled slightly .

He didn't want Sun Yu to see the wound on his arm . The nine-ring knife was very sharp and the wound was very deep . If he hadn't sewed it up by himself and simply bandaged it up, he would have drunk a pot of blood alone .

"Well then . "

Sun Yu was obstinate but had to give up .

Xiao Luo also didn't know what to say, thinking that she still had to go to work, she said, "I'm really sorry to have bothered you for so long . I'll take you back now . "

"Well, good!" Sun Yu nodded .

Xiao Luo knocked on the door, took the key from Zhang Dashan and drove Sun Yu back .

In the dead of night, a white corolla was driving on the street .

"Don't you ask who they are?" Xiao Luo drove the car, breaking the quiet atmosphere in the car .

Sun Yu shook her head: "They are your friends . They must be good people . "

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"Good people?"

"Yes, Xiao Luo is a good man . Of course your friends are also good people . " Sun Yu nodded with a pure smile on her delicate face .

The smile on Xiao Luo's face became somewhat unnatural . if Sun Yu knew that he had just killed more than 20 people not long ago, she wouldn't think like so . On the contrary, she would fear him and then stay away from him regardless .

"Xiao Luo Ge, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon . Do you have any plans?" Sun Yu asked .

"There should be no arrangement . "

Sun Yu opened her mouth with a radian and a pleasant laugh, with an expectation in her eyes: "Then come to our hospital to watch the performance . In order to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival, our hospital specially prepared a Mid-Autumn Festival dance . "

"Will you perform on stage?" Xiao Luo said .

Sun Yu immediately nodded: "Well, I've been preparing dance programs with my sisters in the hospital recently . Sister Ruyi seems to have programs too, but I forgot what she reported . "

"Then I'll take a look . " Xiao Luo laughed, and agreed .

"The program is wonderful and will definitely not disappoint you . " Sun Yu happyly .

Xiao Luo smiled, the girl let him have a very special affinity, with her there is no pressure, hia whole person is very relaxed .

"Xiao Luo, pull over . " Sun Yu suddenly looked at a roadside stall and said with bright eyes .

Xiao Luo slowly pulled up to the side of the road .

"Do you like eating roasted sweet potatoes?" Sun Yu asked him .

"It's not bad . " Xiao Luo nodded .

"Let's eat then . Look, there is a stall of roasted sweet potatoes by the roadside . "

Before Xiao Luo promised, Sun Yu already pushed open the car door and ran down excitedly . She could see that she was very fond of roasted sweet potatoes .

Xiao Luo also had to get off the car and go with her . From a distance, he could smell a delicious smell in the air, which aroused many memories of his childhood .

"Boss, give me two!"

"Two tens . "

The boss pounded out two round sweet potatoes from the fuel tank next to the oven, wrapped them in oil paper and handed them to Sun Yu .

Sun Yu was about to give money . But . . .

Xiao Luo has already handed twenty to the boss first: "Take two more . "

He is a little hungry, and since he wants to eat roasted sweet potatoes, he should naturally eat enough to be happy .

Sun Yu looked up at him and smiled sweetly .


Xiao Luo drove to the park in Guangming District and sat down in front of the stone table engraved with Weiqi chessboard . At this time, there were only the two of them in the large park . The light was a little dark . He looked up and could see the stars . Unknown insects' cries came from the corner of the grass as if they were ringing in his ears .

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