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Chapter 119

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Feng Ge is like a wild animal, the half bald man across did not dare to underestimate the enemy . He received a nine-ring knife from the dragon gang members next to him . The back of the knife was covered with nine iron rings, and metal crunchy sounds were emitted . The cold blade was scattered with penetrating knife awns .

"Peng ~"

When the two knives touched each other in the air, it generated and uttered a shrill and sonorous sound . Huge force surged along the blade toward their wrists . Both of them withdrew four or five paces away .

The nine-ring knife of Jiang Hu is a weapon made from fine steel . Its toughness is very high . On the other hand, Feng Ge's knife is an ordinary machete snatched from the dragon gang members . After colliding with the nine-ring kinfe, a shocking gap appears on the blade .

"You have angered me, don't you know!"

After crossing, Jiang Hu's eyes narrowed, and his facial expression became ferocious . He dashed to Feng Ge . Twisting his toes and twisting his body, making use of his right arm to exert power . The nine-ring knife roared out, drawing a sharp strong wind, chopping fiercely, and headed for the neck of Feng Ge .

"Peng ~"

The two knives collided again, and sparks flew violently .

One knife was blocked, and the second and third knives of the Jiang Hu were then chopped out . The speed of the knife was swift and unparalleled . In front of him, it seemed to form a sharp and cold knife curtain .

Feng Ge's strength is greater than that of Jiang Hu, but his speed with which the knife can be drawn is slower . He is in a passive defensive state .

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"Dangdang Peng ~"

Metals shrill everytime the two knife collide . After a few breaths, the two had no less than 20 strokes . Speed is strength . Feng Ge was pushed to the limits and looked ragged . Jiang Hu's mouth also had traces of blood . Both of his arms are paralyzed in a flash, and his body stumbled back more than five steps .

"Now I know that you're not qualified to fight with Ye!"

Jiang Hu grinned and drew close . The speed of the knife was quickened again . Feng Ge had to block it all . Those that he was not able to block left a trail of wounds on him . In a moment, he become a bloody person, covered in frightening wounds, and then a foot hit his chest .

"Peng ~"

Feng Ge, just like a broken kite flew backward, slamming on the ground three or four meters away .

"Brother Feng!"

Xiao Wu rushed up, holding up the blood covered Feng Ge, his face full of worry .

Although he's being supported, Feng Ge knelt on one knee to barely keep his balance . His face was in severe pain, and a large amount of blood mixed with saliva dripped down from the corners of his mouth .

"I thought you could kill another 20 or 30 people, but I didn't think you're just a little bit tender when you fight with the Lord who has much thunder and little rain . " Jiang Hu carried the nine-ring knife on his shoulder and lifted his head proudly .

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Feng Ge wanted to respond, but his mouth poured up blood uncontrollably, into a big spray on the ground .

If it weren't for the ordinary members of the dragon gang that took too much of his strength, if there he has no injury in the beginning, he is confident that he can against Jiang Hu . Even if his knife is faster, and his combat experience ia rich, Feng Ge has absolute confidence to kill him .


The others roared towards Jiang Hu, they will never allow others insult Feng Ge .

But they are already at the end of a spent force, their physical strength consumption was of the extreme . When they rushed up to Jiang Hu they were just cut into serious injuries .

"I don't want to say anything about you anymore, you overreached trash . "

Jiang Hu threw his nine-ring knife to his younger brother, then turned and walked back to his chair to sit down, took a popsicle from the ice bucket again, tasted it, waved, and ordered with ease and naturalness, "Go, cut off their hands and feet, and then throw them into the sea to let them die!"

Dozens of dragon gang members rushed forward like wolves .

The five people's heart quivered, and then Feng Ge gritted his teeth and used the last strength in his body to cling to a broadsword lying on the ground . Once, he said he wanted to be a top gun to a world outside their place . But it actually ended up like this .

Sad, pitiful, hateful!

Why is this happening?

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Why can't they even find a decent job? In the past month or so, they have been living on the streets and tasted the sweet and sour in the world . However, there is still hope in their hearts and they are looking forward to a better future . However, in the end, a better future has not come but death .

At this moment, they suddenly remembered the prey that was dying after being successfully hunted by them, but now their roles and positions have been changed . They are no longer hunters, but the prey that is at the end of the road and will only be slaughtered .

"His grandmother of, why . . . I'm unwilling . . . " Feng Ge with a sad smile on his face .

"Why hasn't the police arrived yet?" A man grinded in an angry way .

Feng Ge scolded him: "Did you watch TV for nothing, which time the police didn't arrive until the matter was over?"

Hearing this, everyone bowed their heads in gloom . No one could save them .

"Dead peasant, this boss will personally send you on the road to the yellow springs, die-""

The scar-headed man walked in front with a cruel grin on his face . He took the knife and went up . He wanted to vent all the humiliation he had suffered . He hated the sight of being slapped by Feng Ge on that day, and his roots felt itchy .

But at this moment, a figure fell from the sky, to be exact, it jumped down from the second floor of the warehouse, with a high wind, and then quietly fell in the middle of the five people .

More than 100 members of the dragon gang and Jiang Hu were stunned, thinking: where the hell did this come from?

The five people were equally shocked . Although the other side was looking back at them, they quickly recognized this as . . . Xiao Luo .

Why is he here?

Why did he come?

How dare he come!

Feng Ge's heart was filled with extremely complicated emotions . After his surprise, his eyes turned red . They looked for Xiao Luo's trouble . But Xiao Luo not only did not bear grudges, but also repaid them with kindness . He paid them a meal in a timely manner . Now, Xiao Luo arrived here with a phone call and helped them alone facing 100 gang members .

Unspeakable touching, unspeakable shame, unspeakable heartache . . .

It was the first time that a seven-foot man had the urge to cry .

Xiao Luo stood on the ground, like a straight pine tree standing motionless, the bangs on his forehead were swaying gently with the breeze, his face bright clean and white, his eyebrows slightly rebellious, his eyes handsome, cold and deep, and his whole person had a scattered smell of evil spirit .

And in front of him, is a group of dragon gang who return to absolute being eyed up .

"Yes . . . it was him . It was because he saved a girl from me that the police found us, and then ruined it all . " A man with a full face was frightened and made a noise .

If Xiao Luo still remembers, he will surely recognize this person as one of the members who controlled the children to beg .

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