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Chapter 118

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[Jiangcheng Wharf]

Feng Ge did not expect that the Dragon Gang, which fled to the southeast, would not let them go . They even sent more than 100 people to kill them . There was a warehouse beside the dock . He and his four brothers could only fight like trapped animals . Even if they could fight, they would not be rivals to more than 100 men with machetes .

The first floor of the warehouse has been unable to hold, a line of them retreated to the balcony on the second floor, and then gripped the only stairs .

Feng Ge had so much blood in his hands that he could not remember which blood is who . He only knew that at least a dozen dragon gang members had been planted in his hands . The machete in his hand was stained with dripping blood .

"Who did you just call?" He shouted at the man with the leopard's head .

Xiao Wu replied, "Xiao . . . Xiao Luo . "

"Grandmother of, what are you calling him for?"

"Ask him to help us . "

Feng Ge kicked Xiao Wu to the ground: "How dare you ask him for help?"

They all went to deal with Xiao Luo, but now they turn to Xiao Luo for help . He felt his face burning hot .

"But all we have left is him for help!"

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"Son of a b*tch, are you asking for help or are you asking him to come and die?"

Feng Ge was very angry . More than one hundred big fellows with knives, what can Xiao Luo do when he comes, and what can he do to beat down more than one hundred people? This is a big international joke . No matter how hard one can fight, he will never win over more than 100 people .

Xiao Wu didn't speak . They really only could rely on Xiao Luo . Xiao Luo, perhaps have the ability to save them?

At this moment, more than 100 macho men carrying knives and rods poured into the warehouse, trained to spread out to both sides, surrounded by the second floor terrace of less than 40 square meters .

Feng Ge immediately gripped the stairs, covered in blood, but he's as unshakable as a nail .

One person, one knife, indomitable spirit!

Among the hundreds of strong men was a semi-bald man, dressed in a black suit like a fire cloud evil spirit . The others brought him a chair . He sat on the chair and dug his nostrils . "Is there any need to fight?" After picking his nostrils, he flicked the dirt off his fingers . "Surrender, and I'll leave you a full corpse . "

The former sacr man was beside him, and he stared maliciously at Feng Ge . "Die hillbilly, I said that none of you can leave JiangCheng . Now you know how powerful our dragon gang is . "

"If I had known this, I should have killed you last time . " Feng Ge disdained and laughed coldly .

The scar-headed man got angry and said, "Really? It's a pity that you lost that opportunity . It won't be long before you and your four brothers will become fish food in the sea . "

"This is not certain!" Feng Ge grinned .

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"Yo-ho, when you die, you still keep your mouth open, boy . Do you know who I am?"

The semi-bald man stood up and took a popsicle from the hand of a man beside him and tasted it . His mouth was very big and his teeth were fine . He bit more than half of a popsicle and chewed it in his mouth, making a crunchy sound .

"I don't care who you are, if I dare to rush up, I will kill you!" Feng Ge raised his machete and pointed the knife at the semi-bald man .

"Courage, boldness of vision, like a man . "

The semi-bald man swallowed the ice stick he had chewed up, pointed to himself with his thumb, and laughed loudly . "Remember, I'm called Jiang Hu, the leader of the dragon gang's law enforcement team . If you want revenge after death, come to me!"


After receiving Jiang Hu's orders, the 30-odd men rushed up like a group of hyenas to Feng Ge .

"Er ah ~"

Feng Ge explosively roared, his iron leg swept out with sweeping force, with five thugs bearing the brunt . Their lower bodies slid forward, their upper bodies were like severely hit by an invisible wall, they rebounded back .

Their iron rod flew out from their grips, the five men hit the ground on their backs and fainted immediately .

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Feng Ge who had just succeeded, slammed out again . He slammed one of the victims in the chest . The man's sternum collapsed and his mouth spurted blood .

"Want this boss' life? Then be prepared to go to hell with me! "

Feng Ge wiped the blood on his face, like a mad bull rushing up to the crowd .

The other four also frantically held on to the railing to prevent the other dragon gang members from helping . The four suffered many injuries and were all dressed in rags and covered in blood . At the moment, someone climbed the railing and quietly gone to Feng Ge's side .

Xiao Wu immediately made a noise to remind: "Brother Feng, be careful!"

Roared blunt past, an enemy attacked . A wound was opened in the back from the shoulder to his lower back .

Feng Ge went berserk . He cut down four people with his knife and rescued Xiao Wu from the brink of death . He growled, "His grandmother's, you stay up there!"

Xiao Wu twisted in pain, despite calling himself useless, he still listened to Feng Ge's words . He returned to the balcony on the second floor .

Feng Ge with a ferocious roar, suddenly rushed out a few meters, with knife light flashing, a few screams rang .

"Ah ~"

The weak line of defense built by the dragon gang collapsed as screams reverberated . Feng Ge was like a tiger breaking into a flock of sheep . His wrists turned flexibly . The two machetes turned into airtight light curtains . Blood splashed over a distance of more than ten meters . Some people fell down wounded and then some were calmly killed .

A big fellow with a broadsword howled and blocked the path, thinking he could withstand Feng Ge's assault .

Feng Ge grinned and turned his wrist fiercely . With a backhand, the knife cut at the big fellow's neck and then he drew the knife .

"Poof ~"

Hot blood flew out, and his strong body of 180 kg spun around and fell to the ground . Blood "goo goo" flowed out of his neck .

"Boy, you have some strength . I respect you as a man and give you a chance to live . But, you cut down all four of your brothers and then surrender . I'll let you go then and even let you work at my hands . How about that?" Jiang Hu looked at Feng Ge .

"Dream on!"

Feng Ge spat a mouthful of saliva toward the ground, "The five of us are brothers of life and death, do you think this trick can let us kill each other? Bald, don't call them to die, do you have the courage to fight me? "

"You are a good brute, but you are not qualified to be my opponent . " The halfbald man across only dug his nostrils, and his eyes showed unspeakable contempt and disdain .

"You never know if you don't fight!"

Feng Ge loudly roared, like a cheetah he rushed toward Jiang Hu mercilessly pouncing .

Cutting over four or five men in the way, in his hands, the machete drew fiercely in the air with an extreme arc, it headed towards Jiang Hu's head .

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