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Chapter 120

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"Look who it is . If it isn't our old friend, originally we would have spent more effort to find you, but now, you'll get to die with these five peasants, he he . . . " Scar man looked at Xiao Luo, grinning hideously .

Jiang Hu on the chair raised his voice and asked, "Leopard, who is he?"

"Brother Tiger, he is the dumb luck boy Geng Tangzhu said who won over 2 million in our casino . " The scar man replied .

"Ah . . . He arrived quite well!"

Jiang Hu took a hard bite of the popsicle and chewed it while saying .

Xiao Luo gave Jiang Hu a slight leer and shouted: "I want these five people, you can roll as far as you like!"

Roll as far as they can!?

Hearing this, the dragon gang members of more than 100 people couldn't help but all froze . A guy with his bare hands shouted at them to get out of the way alone . What is this?

Jiang Hu couldn't help laughing aloud and coughed: "Boy, you are living in a dream . Why are you alone?"

The dragon gang all laughed with a playful expression on their faces .

Feng ge and the others looked complicated and embarrassed . They also did not know where Xiao Luo had the courage to say such a thing . The other party was a strong man with more than one hundred knife wielding grunts .

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Xiao Luo was expressionlessly staring at the front . Suddenly, his eyes shot out two cold light . His body turned into a black lightning toward the scar man as he swept towards them . At the same time, a machete on the ground was taken up by his heel, threw it into the air, and then accurately caught it into his hand .


The machete drew a fierce and extremely fierce track . The blade cut through the air, and the blade gave off a bloody buzz . The whole process was smooth as running water .

"Plop-plop-plop ~"

The scar man who was laughing hysterically and the other six who stood side by side with him had their heads severed in order, with them flying up like seven rubber balls and then falling back to the ground . The limbs of their bodies that lost their heads twitched and fell down . Hot blood shot out from their necks like a cracked water pipe . A thick smell of blood pervaded the huge warehouse at the moment .

One knife, severed them on the spot!

The dragon Gang members who were laughing, were all petrified, and their faces showed fear . They never thought that Xiao Luo was such a fierce character . A moment ago, he looked like a harmless sheep, and then a second later, he turned into a bloodthirsty butcher .

The five people behidn had wide eyes . They were indescribably shocked beyond words . Who would have thought that Xiao Luo would be so ruthless . Without even a word, he beheaded seven people, it is directly declaring a war .

Xiao Luo ignored the crowd . He looked up and swept at Jiang Hu . His eyes with a hint of provocation .

"With this, is that okay?"

His white face was stained with mottled blood, and blood was flowing down the machete blade in his hand, and finally falling to the ground drop by drop from the tip of the knife . At this moment, a strong murderous look spread through his body, causing the temperature of the whole warehouse to drop by a few degrees out of thin air .

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Jiang Hu suddenly stood up, the smile on his face was nonexistent and was replaced by a dignified color .

He hooked his finger to his hand, but his eyes were fixed on Xiao Luo . HE gave a gentle order: "Kill him, 20 of you!"

He is not testing, but he really think that 20 are enough to kill Xiao Luo, there can be no accident .


Twenty dragon gang members shouted and held machetes toward Xiao Luo mercilessly rushing up . They are not the student members of Hua Ye sanda club, but the real outlaws of the society . They dare to cut and dare to kill, and will never spare, the comparisons power is not the same .

"Xiao . . . big brother, be careful! ! !”

Feng Ge broke a cold sweat for Xiao Luo . He originally wanted to shout Xiao Luo's name, but he felt it was wrong, so he temporarily changed it to big brother .

Xiao Luo had indifferent eyes, like a lone wolf full of foreboding . His eyes coldly staring at the rushubg 20 people . The next second, he unexpectedly took the initiative to go up with his knife .

When he rushed in front, a dragon gang member only felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder, only to see his entire left arm was cut off from his shoulder . Blood was gushing out, he haven't even had the time to let out a scream, as his chest suffered a heavy kick . The impact was focused on a point .

"Crack ~"

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With a Rib fracture, his whole body is like a bullet shell shooting backwards .

Unfortunately, the three members of the dragon gang in the rear were smashed as he flew . They fell to the ground and rolled over in a series of "cracks" of broken bones . Blood painted the ground . Before they landed on the ground, the member who had a severed arm already became a corpse, with his eyes wide open lying on a pool of blood .

The friginally fierce strong men changed faces, the impact of the momentum is not weak at all .

But Xiao Luo did not hesitate and stop for a bit . He rushed towards Jiang Hu . He rushed at these people with a new murderous look . The machete in his hand seemed to have been infected by him . He issued a "buzzing" fighting spirit . The shiny knife was more dazzling and harsh than ever .

A little while later, 20 people all fell down, the ground was full of severed hands and feet, blood flooded the ground, the picture is as bloody as a horror film . . .

Xiao Luo was stained with blood . He stood motionless with a knife, a pair of slender phoenix eyes with sharp edges, still staring coldly at Jiang Hu, proud and cold, despising everything .

Devil, absolute devil!

The dragon gang members all felt a chill in their souls and their hair stood on end . They could not imagine what kind of person this was . He killed 20 of them in less than five minutes, plus the previous six, that was 26 .

"Gu Dong ~"

Feng Ge was stunned, he had a difficult time swallowing his saliva . Early on, he know that Xiao Luo is very strong, but he also didn't expect Xiao Luo would be this strong .

"Come again!"

Xiao Luo was carrying a bloody machete and pointed his knife at the ground . He said coldly to Jiang Hu .

Killing made him feel excited . He finally realized that there was a devil in his heart . That was his nature, a bloodthirsty instinct . The Mercenary King's Constitution inspired his instinct .

In the face of Xiao Luo's provocation, Jiang Hu did not back down .

"I will kill you!"

With a loud roar, he vowed to cut off Xiao Luo's head as memorial to his dead brothers .

Three or four meters away from Xiao Luo, the speed of his body suddenly accelerated . The nine-ring knife struck without any fancy moves but only a fast act like the wind splitting in the sky, carrying sharp murderous look . In the blink of an eye, it's as if to a recruit Xiao Luo's life, guaranteed .

Xiao Luo's face was expressionless from beginning to end, but the murderous look on his body became more and more strong . His forehead bangs were gently rippling by the knife wind, just at the moment when the nine-ring knife was approaching, Xiao Luo carried up his own knife fiercely .

"Peng ~"

The clear and crisp sound of hand-in-hand blows rippled around, and the power of terror swept across in a frenzy from the two knives .

"Ka ~"

Xiao Luo's machete broke into two pieces, he pulled back two steps to stabilize his body .

And Jiang Hu, like being hit by a strong wind, staggered back rapidly, until he's supported by other dragon gang members . They looked up and looked at Xiao Luo in horror . Jiang Hu's arm on the other hand that was holding the knife, at this time, can't help but violently shake . For a while, he can't feel its existence, it's gone numb .

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