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Chapter 117

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"You are slandering and spreading rumors . You are legally responsible!"

The originally panicked Li Zimeng after hearing the words of Chen Jianbai, immediately arched her eyebrows horizontally . She rushed up and pointed to Chen Jianbai and loudly accused .

"Take legal responsibility? Hahaha haha fool! "

Chen Jianbai sneered, "Don't be arrogant in front of our reporters, we are the weathervane of public opinion, it is easy to damage your reputation, Luo Fang will calculate to a fart, but . . . "

A pair of small eyes looked up and down at the tall Li Zimeng in an obscene way, he smiled, "If the beautiful Minister Li can promise to accompany me to sleep, I might let your Luo Fang have a way . "

"Ha, ha, ha, ha . . . "

The others burst into laughter, what Chen said made them feel very happy .

"You bastard!"

Li Zimeng gnashed her teeth with anger and stared at Chen Jianbai with anger and annoyance .

Chen Jianbai did not relent, and continued to tease in words: "If I can conquer a smart and capable woman like Minister Li, it is definitely a big thing in life, he he . . . "

Li Zimeng's whole body was trembling with anger . This Chen Jianbai is nothing but a scumbag and unworthy of being a reporter .

"Well said!"

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At this time, Xiao Luo suddenly clapped his hands in praise .

Then he slowly took the recording pen out of his pocket and pressed the play button, and immediately Chen Jianbai's words rang out: I can write as I like . If this boss said that your bread poisoned people, then your bread poisoned people . . .

The sound quality is very clear .

Chen Jianbai's face changed color immediately, then glared at Xiao Luo angrily: "Do you dare to f*ck with me?"

Xiao Luo ignored him, handed the recording pen to Li Zimeng and said: "Accusing of him slandering the reputation of our Luo Fang, will be a matter left for you to handle . I only have one request, so that the whole River city and even the whole Chinese nation will know about it . "

This is a test for Li Zimeng . It tests whether she is a taste bud person or not . Of course, the most important thing is to restore Luo Fang's reputation . This is extremely urgent . Customers will come to Luo Fang only after the reputation is restored . Otherwise, Luo Fang will always be in a state of loss .

"Well, it is . . . "

Li Zimeng was flattered and nodded . At the same time, she was deeply impressed by Xiao Luo's methods . This recording pen with Chen Jianbai's voice can become the most important evidence in the court . Chen Jianbai will have a hundred mouths to contend with .

However, how could Chen Jianbai let them leave with this recording pen?

Sure enough, more than a dozen friends of Chen Jianbai surrounded them with ugly looks, forming a human wall and blocking all their escape routes .

Chen Jianbai looked at Xiao Luo with a gloomy face: "You bastard are brave enough, but you don't know whether you can carry it or not . " He waved, "Brothers, go, hit him, hit him show no mercy . . . "

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He haven't even finished saying his words when, Xiao Luo suddenly rushed towards him, like high winds out of a strong power, his shoulder directly hit his chest . And only heard a muffled sound of "Peng" . Chen Jianbai, like being hit by a speeding car, knocked over three people, as he turned into a bullet shell . He finally fell on the ground three or four meters away .

Abrupt, without any warning, a strong show of power shook the whole people present!

Li Zimeng opened her eyes wide and looked at all this with disbelief .

The more than a dozen youths who had planned to attack Xiao Luo were all stunned . They looked at Chen Jianbai, who fell to the ground and groaning in pain . Then they looked back at Xiao Luo in astonishment . Cold sweat broke out in an instant . They thought to themselves: This guy flew three or four meters away with only one bump . Is he a monster?

"Do you want to stand up for him?" Xiao Luo rushed to a youth and asked .

The person swept by his eyes shook his head subconsciously and retreated uneasily .

Xiao Luo shouted coldly: "Get out of the way, then!"

More than a dozen youths, busyly got out of the way . Xiao Luo completely subdued them .

Only after Xiao Luo walked a distance away when Li Zimeng return to her absolute being . She looked around at a dozen of stunned youths, and then quickly catch up with Xiao Luo . Because she was hurrying while wearing high heels, she almost turned to her feet .

However, the poor fellow Chen Jianbai, who is still unable to stand up at the moment, suffers from severe chest pain and feels like his insides are all shifted . His throat emits bursts of painful muffled sound . His whole person is in a spastic state .


Li Zimeng followed Xiao Luo's right rear like a secretary . She kept looking at Xiao Luo and looked at the boss of her age . The man was calm, showing self-confidence like nature itself . Recalling what happened just now, she felt like a dream . A bump knocked Chen Jianbai into the air, subduing more than a dozen young people . This is too strong, isn't it?

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Xiao Luo suddenly stood up and turned around .

Li Zimeng almost ran into him, but stopped in time, and then quickly retreated a little distance from Xiao Luo .

"Minister Li, you go home first . I still have some things to deal with . " Xiao Luo said .

"Okay . . . okay!" Li Zimeng nodded her head .

Xiao Luo told her, "We will begin to prepare the complaint against Chen Jianbai tomorrow . There are contents in the recording pen . I believe Chen Jianbai will have several years in prison to look forward to . "

Li Zimeng nodded heavily: "It is certainly possible . He did take the initiative of being false . "

"That's it . See you tomorrow!"

Xiao Luo smiled and turned to leave, he actually has nothing to do, he just don't want to trouble Li Zimeng . He also don't want Li Zimeng to find that he lives in the economic region, this, again have to blame his macho .

Li Zimeng stood and watched him go away until she could not see him from her car .

Strong, smart, friendly, yet ruthless!

Xiao Luo left her with these impressions, and these impressions made Xiao Luo have a special charm, which made her, a well-informed woman who has dealt with all kinds of people, hooked in a way .


Xiao Luo wanted to take a car back, when his cell phone rang with an unknown number .

"Hello, who is it?"

"Is it Xiao Luo eldest brother? I'm a brother of Feng Ge elder brother . My name is Xiao Wu . The dragon gang has more than 200 people who want to kill us . we knew you alone in Jiang city . Can you help us? " Shortness and anxiety came from the other end of the phone .

Feng Ge?

Xiao Luo's eyebrows wrinkled, thinking for a while, it popped into his mind the figure of five men .

"Why didn't you call the police?"

"We already have, but they haven't arrived yet . When they do arrive, we may have been already hacked to death . "

"Where are you now?"

"This side of Jiangcheng Wharf . "

"Hold on, I'll be right there . "

Xiao Luo hung up the phone, quickly stopped a taxi and headed for JiangCheng wharf .

[the city they are in is Jiangcheng or River City which will I conveniently use interchangeably if you've noticed]

For these people, he had a feeling of something that he couldn't say, perhaps it's because they all came from the countryside, or perhaps their determination to not concede and to make a big and vigorous career touched him . That's the reason why he would leave contact his information and give them some help as much as possible, but he didn't think they would be in trouble so soon, and it was also a big trouble .

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