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Chapter 116

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At this point, the night is deep, the neon lights made Jiang city become a city that never sleeps .

Li Zimeng parked her car in a corner of the park and looked at the basketball court in the park: "Boss Xiao, Chen Jianbai is playing basketball there!"

Looking in the direction of her eyes, Xiao Luo saw Chen Jianbai . He was not too tall . He was wearing a jersey and a black vest . He was very flexible on the court . Although he was not tall, he had amazing jumping ability . He grabbed the backboard several times in front of a big one .

Li Zimeng said: "All the people on the court are his friends . They are no more than three or four people . A profession like his needs such people to help him keep an eye on the the city at any time . In this way, he can be immediately be notified of any eye-catching events . "

"He's smart . "

Xiao Luo smiled and commented, then pushed open the door and walked down, straight toward the basketball court .

Li Zimeng hurried out of the car to keep up with Xiao Luo, her high heels were clackering . She finally caught up with the pace of Xiao Luo moments aftee .

The light on the basketball court is very bright, several high lights will be reflected here like the day . The basketball court is surrounded by iron nets painted with green paint, and the rubber floor is in a fairly good environment . For basketball lovers, this is the dream sports shrine .

As he was approaching the entrance, Li Zimeng warned in a low voice: "Mr . Xiao, Chen Jianbai is now with a group of people . When we ask him questions later, our tone should be light . I'm afraid . . . afraid of them . . . "

"Afraid they will beat us?"

Xiao Luo raised his mouth into a smile, he spoke but didn't turn .

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"Well . . . "

Li Zimeng nodded, she does have this concern, these people, included a tattooed, flowing look and is one that cannot consider good . She and Xiao Luo is certainly can't account for any benefits .

"I know . "

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows, motioned for himself that he knew, and then stepped in .

"Boss Xiao is quite approachable!"

Li Zimeng pie mouthed . She thought in her heart, Xiao Luo, was not as cold-blooded and heartless as he was when he fired more than 500 employees, and was very easy to get along with .

But the next second she couldn't even think . Her face, "shua", was replaced by panic, because Xiao Luo turned out to be on the field and stopped Chen jianbai, who was playing, from playing their basketball and held it in his hand, interrupting their match in the simplest and most direct way .

God, what is he doing?

Li Zimeng got a fright, she didn't expect Xiao Luo will do such a thing, is he not afraid of being beaten by these people?

Sure enough, after Xiao Luo grabbed the ball, the eight people who were playing the ball immediately gathered around him . In addition, four or five people on the basketball court also came along . Obviously, they were all together .

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"What are you doing? " Chen Jianbai glared angrily at Xiao Luo, as he loudly questioned .

Others glowered as they were interrupted by Xiao Luo . They felt very uncomfortable .

"I am the current boss of Luo Fang . I want to talk to you . " Xiao Luo threw the basketball to one person and looked at Chen Jianbai with a smile .

"The boss of Luo Fang?"

Chen Jianbai's expression became interesting . His eyes were filled with disdain and sarcasm . "What do you want to talk to me about? Talking about the fact that your bread in Luo Fang poisoned people? "

"I don't know what evidence you have that our Luo Fang bread poisoned people, but the information I have on hand shows that you reported a fake news and damaged the reputation of our Luo Fang, so I'm looking for you to come and clarify the matter . " Xiao Luo said seriously .

Chen Jianbai looked up and down at Xiao Luo and snorted, "If I help you clarify, how much benefit can you give me?"


Xiao Luo said flatly, "This is your problem . It is your responsibility to correct your mistakes . It is already my sincerity not to accuse you of slandering our reputation . "

Hearing this, Chen Jianbai couldn't help laughing aloud: "It's my responsibility to be serious . You are really interesting . I suggest you go to the hospital to have a look at your brain, because your brain is certainly in the" right" state . He then shouted at the crowd, "Leave him alone and let's continue . "

The group of people dispersed, and then continued the basketball match .

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Li Zimeng quickly pulled Xiao Luo back from under the backboard and said timidly, "Boss Xiao, let's wait until they finish playing the ball . These people are not easy to handle . "

Xiao Luo seems to agree with her words, he silently turned and walked to the outside .

Li Zimeng breathed a sigh of relief secretly, thinking: Fortunately, there was no severe friction just now .

But before she could breathe a sigh of relief, Xiao Luo bent down to pick up a basketball placed under the iron net and threw it at Chen Jianbai, who was holding a jumper on the court, without saying anything .

Hiss . . .

At this moment, Li Zimeng gasped, her whole person stupefied, as if the time slowed down, she watched Xiao Luo throw the basketball in the middle of Chen Jianbai . It hit Chen Jianbai's head, the impact is definitely very big, because he was in the middle of a mid-air jump shot thus Chen Jianbai got to bellow a heavy fall to the ground .

It's over!

This is the only thought left in her mind .

She couldn't believe that Xiao Luo would make such a move . How dare he? The other party is a large group of people . He even took a basketball to hit them and hit them so hard . What is this really about?

Chen Jianbai climbed up from the ground, shook his smashed head, looked around for the man who threw the ball at him, and finally decided it was Xiao Luo because Xiao Luo was waving at him .

Three steps and one step at a time, he rushed at Xiao Luo and shouted with a ferocious face, "Son of a b*tch, what the hell do you want?"

"I said, let's talk . " Xiao Luo said unhurried .

"Talk . . . ha ha . . . "

Chen Jianbai laughed in anger . The next second, his eyes turned violent . "I talk about your mother!"

His right hand clenched into fist, he punched toward Xiao Luo's face .

Seeing this scene, Li Zimeng could not help but exclaim, she subconsciously covered her eyes, afraid to see Xiao Luo being beaten to the ground . After waiting for a good moment, she still didn't hear any sound of Xiao Luo falling on the ground . Hesitant, she put her hands away, and slowly opened her eyes .

She was immediately dumbfounded, because her boss Xiao Luo blocked Chen Jianbai's fist . . .

With his left hand behind him and his right hand outstretched holding Chen Jianbai's fist, he acted gracefully and calmly, as if he were very relaxed .

Chen Jianbai's face changed slightly . He tried his best to break his fist out of Xiao Luo's palm .

Xiao Luo looked at him indifferently: "Can we talk?"

"Talk about your mother, can you believe that this boss has completely discredited your Luo Fang and no one has gone to your store to buy bread?" Chen Jianbai became angry from embarrassment .

Xiao Luo released him, put his hand in his pocket, and quietly pressed the recording pen inside: "So, you are really deliberately reporting false news, deceiving all the people in the river city, saying that our bread in Luo Fang poisoned people?"

Chen Jianbai thought that Xiao Luo is a fool . He snorted scornfully while moving his wrist: "I can write as I like . Lao Zi said that your bread poisoned people . A piece of news can decide the life and death of companies . In front of me, you have to pretend to be a grandson . Do you know that?

If I am not happy, I will write tomorrow that one of your employees in Luo Fang suffered from AIDS . In retaliation for the society, he deliberately mixed his blood into flour to make bread and sold it . I will see who else will do your business in Luo Fang . "

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