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Chapter 115

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Back at the bureau .

After Gu Qianlin finished recording, Xiao Luo got up and left .

"Xiao Luo, who are you exactly?" Gu QianLin's big eyes were staring at Xiao Luo, she asked the same question as Red scorpion .

Xiao Luo smiled and answered, "I am a law-abiding citizen . "

"You know that's not what I asked . "

Gu QianLin gently sipped her red lip primly . "According to Fang Chongqiang who reported the incident, you were also present on the day Chu Yue was attacked . Seventeen members of the Red Scorpion mercenary group were killed . Did you do this?"

This time, all in the office looked up to this side, their face shocked . 17 members of the red scorpion mercenary group died in this guy's hands? How is it possible? He looks ordinary and not very strong . How could he have killed 17 specially trained demons?


Xiao Luo denied it very simply . He didn't need to be honest about it .

"But you are the most suspected . You know Chu Yunxiong, the boss of Chongshan Pavilion, and that day happened to be at the scene . I have reason to suspect that you are Chu Yunxiong's bodyguard arranged beside Chu Yue to ensure her safety . " Gu Qianlin said .

Xiao Luo jokingly smiled: "All this is just your guess, there is no any substantial evidence . Besides, why does officer Gu have to find out who did it? All you need to do is know those mercenaries deserve to die right?"

"This is the responsibility and obligation of the law . We must find out the truth . "

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"If you find out what happened, and if you know who did it, are you going to put him in jail?" Xiao Luo's voice was with a hint of cold .

Gu Qianlin was slightly stunned and then loudly replied: "I will not arrest him and send him to jail, but I just need a truth . "

"The truth is that he helped you clean up a group of mercenaries who illegally invaded our country . "

Xiao Luo said flatly, turning away from the topic, "By the way, your police arrest target almost hurt my life and my friend's car . I think you should think about how much compensation is appropriate for us . Let's just say that, I have other things to do, so I won't stay here and rub your public meals . "

Saying that he waved and turned to leave .

Gu Qianlin shouted at his back: "Xiao Luo, sooner or later I will find out who you are . "

Xiao Luo didn't look back and just continued .

For him, it is enough to live up to his conscience . Why should he care about the opinions of others, even if the other party is a police?

Outside the beaureu, Zhang Dashan sat in his car stupefied, apparently not recovered from the shooting of Red scorpion by Xiao Luo . Although he was ruthless, he never thought of killing people . However, his good brother Xiao Luo actually shot and killed a living person in front of his eyes . The bloody scene in which the bullet pierced Red scorpion's head was repeated in his mind like a movie .

The door opened and Xiao Luo drilled in and sat down in the passenger seat .

Zhang Dashan looked at him without saying a word . He looked dumb like a fool .

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"I'll give you a few days off, so you can relax . " Xiao Luo said .

He knew what Zhang Dashan was feeling right now, just like after his first murder, it needed a period of buffer .

"Are you Lao Xiao or not?" Zhang Dashan eyed Xiao Luo up and down, and asked .

"It's a fake . "

"But suddenly I think you are very strange . "

Hearing this, Xiao Luo shook his head with a wry smile and sighed, "Dashan, I am still me and will always be your brother . "

He once doubted whether he had been changed by the system, but he finally found out that the system did not change him, but there was such a hidden side in his heart that the system only gave him the ability to have the mood and strength to decide the enemy's life and death .


Zhang Dashan needed a buffer, and Xiao Luo gave him enough time .

However, looking for the reporter who damaged Luo Fang's reputation still needs a better partner . After thinking about it, he thinks that Li Zimeng, the marketing minister, is more suitable . Li Zimeng is familiar with the major stores . Most importantly, after the incident was reported, she tracked down the reporter for a period of time and knew the reporter well .

"Boss Xiao, this is the reporter's information . "

Li Zimeng put a resume-like document on the desk in front of Xiao Luo . She was dressed in a black suit with a white shirt with a flower collar, rolled up cuffs, white arms, and a delicate white watch on her left wrist .

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Her shawl short hair were slightly curled at the end, her facial features like painting, her whole body with a capable temperament .

Xiao Luo also don't know who is the taste buds spy in the company .

Looking at the information under his eyes, the photo shows a man with very small eyes, little flesh on his face, looking thin, wearing a black wool hat, which is very fashionable .

"Minister Li, what kind of person do you think this Chen Jianbai is after contacting him?" Asked Xiao Luo .

Li Zimeng seriously thought for a moment and answered, "He is a very unreasonable person . As soon as he heard that I am from Luo Fang, he immediately issued a marching order . "

"Is it? Then I want to meet him now . "

Xiao Luo smiled . He really wanted to know how unreasonable the other party was .


A Tango Red Audi pulled out from the parking garage of Luo Fang . The driver was Li Zimeng, and Xiao Luo was sitting in the back seat .

To tell the truth, being the boss's driver, Li Zimeng's pressure was a bit high . Most importantly, Xiao Luo didn't say a word since he got in the car, making the atmosphere inside the car extremely embarrassing . She was on pins and needles while driving the car .

"Chief Xiao, how are you going to deal with Chen Jianbai?" She tried to break the silence .

Xiao Luo honestly replied, "Just ask him why he smeared our Luo Fang . "

"He will not admit that it is smearing . He will only say that something has gone wrong with our Luo Fang products and poisoned people . He reported the real situation . Moreover, he seems to be still fraternizing with some gangsters . We just went to find him, I'm afraid . . . "

"It's okay . I'll just talk to him . "

Xiao Luo smiled and crossed the topic . "By the way, you should've need 300,000 to 400,000 yuan for this car . It is comfortable to sit and it is quiet while running . "

Li Zimeng laughed, but her smile was not natural . She was praised by her boss for her good car . "Boss Xiao, your car must have cost millions?"

"My car? I don't have a car . " Xiao Luo said .

No car?

Li Zimeng looked surprised .

"Don't doubt what I said . I really don't have a car . "

Xiao Luo knew what she was thinking and smiled wryly . "No car, no driver, not even a bicycle . "

"Chief Xiao, why don't you buy one?"

"Do you think the current situation in Luo Fang allows me to buy one?"

After being asked by Xiao Luo, Li Zimeng was immediately speechless and did not know what to say . She just thought in her heart: No, it's too embarrassing for a boss to not be able to afford a car!

She secretly took a look at Xiao Luo from the inside rearview mirror, she suddenly feel Xiao Luo to be a little cute .

Yes, he is cute!

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